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Adventure & Activity Essentials for Your Next Vacation [2023]

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If you want to stay active on your next vacation, there is a wealth of useful accessories that you can take with you. From investing in larger pieces such as your own snowboard, surfboard, fishing gear, or even a boat, to finding the perfect rash guard or sunglasses, having your own gear with you will enhance your performance and turn a week away into an awesome outdoor adventure.

From items to keep you safe to those that just make life a little bit easier, every item on our list is designed to enhance your experience and is perfect for anyone who wants to do a little bit more than just lounging in the sun.

Climbing and Mountaineering

Chalk Bag

These little bags do exactly as their name suggests and are used by climbers to carry chalk powder to help increase their grip. Chalk bags hold a small reservoir of your own choice of chalk and can be positioned within easy reach while you climb.

Available in a choice of compact and lightweight sizes, these bags are usually waist-mounted and are available in cylindrical or tapered shapes to suit the amount of chalk you want to carry with you. As with all types of climbing equipment, there are plenty of different features to consider.

From stiffened rims that hold the bag open to fleecy linings that help to reduce clouds of chalk dust, these bags are a must-have for climbers of all abilities and some even come with useful extra compartments for your everyday essentials.

Climbing Harness

A climbing harness is a complicated but necessary piece of gear that connects your body safely and securely to your climbing rope. Made up of waist and leg loops, buckles, belay loops, tie-in points, and gear loops, harnesses must be snug enough to keep you safe while suspended without being super tight or uncomfortable.

There are different types of harnesses available to suit a wide variety of different terrains and weather conditions, with sizes to fit every climber. These harnesses can help to distribute your weight should you fall and keep you safely suspended until you are ready to climb again.

Hot Tip: Where possible, invest in the best harness that your budget can stretch to, so you can ensure increased comfort and safety while you climb.

Climbing Helmet

Designed to protect your delicate head from the common dangers of climbing, including knocks, bumps, and even falling rocks, these helmets are lightweight enough to not hold you back while still being solid enough to keep you safe.

Usually made with a tough polycarbonate shell and molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam internal layer, these helmets are lightweight and well-vented enough to keep you comfortable while still being durable enough to protect your head while you climb.

Also featuring an adjustable headband, side straps, and a buckle strap for underneath your chin, your climbing helmet can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly, ensuring that it offers the maximum protection you need while you climb.

Climbing Rope

Climbing rope is made from superstrong synthetic materials and is designed to be resistant to fraying and wear.

With different types and sizes available, most climbers will choose between single, half, or twin dynamic ropes that are designed to stretch and absorb the impact when a climber falls, or static ropes that are more commonly used for caving adventures or when hauling a heavy load.

Available in a choice of different lengths and thicknesses, you can buy climbing ropes that attach directly to your bag, ones that can attach to your clothing, and even ones that are hidden away in the guise of a bracelet.

Protect your hands from rope burn and feel reassured that your rope won’t snap or fray with a dedicated climbing rope.

Climbing Shoes

Designed to keep you stable and safe on rough terrain, a dedicated pair of climbing shoes offers a close fit and increased traction to ensure that you really can put your best foot forward when you climb.

Designed to feel as lightweight as possible, they are made from durable leather or synthetic materials and often feature padding at the heel for increased comfort and mesh linings for enhanced breathability.

With Vibram-style soles and incredible flexibility, climbing shoes offer you grip when you need it without ever weighing you down. Many climbers size down from their regular shoe size to ensure the closest fit possible, so keep this in mind when you buy.

Crash Mat

These oversized cushions are designed to offer a soft and safe landing when you are climbing or bouldering. Made from several layers of impact-absorbing dual-density foam with water and weatherproof linings, they help to ensure a soft landing when you hit the ground.

Most mats can be folded up when not in use, and they are designed to be lightweight enough to take with you while still offering an exceptional level of protection on the ground.

Available in a wide range of sizes and materials and with varying features to suit the nature of your climbing trip, a crash mat is a must-have for adventurers of all abilities.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Bike Bag

Bikes are built for speed but not so much for storage, so finding a way to keep your most essential items close at hand can be tricky. Modern-day bike bags can be strapped directly onto the frame and are just the right size for carrying your gloves, keys, and wallet without the need for a separate backpack.

Made from durable and water-resistant materials, these compact, rigid bike bags sometimes offer the additional benefit of being able to hold your smartphone where you can see it.

Perfect for loading maps on your phone, they come in different sizes to suit all makes and models, and with TPU touch screens and integrated visors, you can easily activate your GPS, map your ride on Strava, and even answer the phone.

A tech-friendly solution to an age-old problem, these top-tube handlebar bags are designed to withstand light impact while also being able to protect your items from the elements.

Bike Cover

Keep your beloved bike protected from the elements with a purpose-made bike cover. If you cannot keep your bike in your garage during the colder months, a portable bike cover will help keep it protected from harsh frosts, heavy rain and even prevent fading from the sun.

Made from lightweight yet durable synthetic materials, these bike covers help protect against rusting. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit every make and model of bicycle.

Before you choose a cover for your bike, look for one that offers a water-resistant coating and can be securely attached all the way around your bike to prevent it from blowing open in high winds.

Bike Lock

Protect your bike from theft with a dedicated bike lock. There are many different makes and models to choose from, and they range widely in terms of shape, size, and security certifications. Most work on the presumption of affixing your bike to a stationary object and locking the wheels.

Provided that the object can’t be unscrewed or dismantled and your bike can’t be lifted over the top of it, even the most basic bike locks should help keep your bike safe when you need to leave it somewhere public.

Some work like a padlock with a key code, while others are opened with a key. Made from super-tough materials that cannot be cut or tampered with by would-be thieves, a good bike lock will ensure that your bike stays safe.

Bike Mudguard

Nearly all types of bikes come with a mudguard. Attached just above the wheels, this equipment is designed to stop water from coming off of the wheels and onto the body of the bike.

This, in turn, helps to protect your legs and lower body from getting too splashed up as you ride. In general terms, the longer the guard, the better coverage and protection it offers.

If you are riding during the winter, these extra hubs for your bike wheels help to keep salty water away from the mainframe of your bicycle to reduce the risk of rust and paint damage.

Bottom Line: While you can ride your bike without a mudguard if you really have to, bent and broken ones can be easily replaced.

Bike Pump

A bicycle pump is an essential part of your everyday biking gear, and you can easily attach a portable model to your bike to ensure that it stays with you at all times. Easy to use, these long, thin pumps come with a connection or adapter for use with all of the most common types of bicycle valves.

For those who like to cycle often, a mini pump offers all the extra air you need without taking up too much space on your bicycle. The capacity of the pump you choose will be suited to different types of bikes, with 90 psi models being better for mountains or comfort bikes and 120 psi models offering faster inflation.

Meanwhile, the larger 160 psi pumps are ideal for everyday road bikes. Whatever type of pump works best with your bike, be sure you keep it with you on every outing.

Bike Rack

Take your bike with you wherever you may go with a dedicated bike rack attached to your car. Made from super-tough metal materials, you can choose from rear-mounted, roof-mounted, or tow point-mounted models that can hold anything from a single bike up to multiple cycles for family days out.

Whether you opt for an easy-to-fit and inexpensive rear-mounted model or a top-of-the-range electronic tow-point carrier, there are many different ways to transport your bikes on your car.

Before you invest, you should also consider the weight limits of the bike rack you chose, if it allows for access to your trunk, and how easy it is to remove when not in use.

Hot Tip: For more options to store your gear on your car’s rooftop, check out these cargo carriers.

Bike Tire Repair Kit

A compact repair kit is a must-have for every rider. Punctures can happen even in the most gentle of terrain, and getting caught out could mean a long walk home carrying your bicycle.

Small enough to be carried in your rucksack or tucked into your saddlebag, these kits usually offer tire levers, multi-tools for emergency repairs, hand pumps for quick inflation, and patch kits for repairing small holes from sharp objects.

While these kits only offer the bare minimum, they will ensure that you are able to ride back home or to your local repair shop where you can take care of the problem on a more permanent basis.

Cycling Backpack

A good-quality cycling backpack offers you enough space to carry everything you need on your next ride out. Most will offer main compartments that have enough space for a couple of days’ worth of clothing, extra zippered pockets for your everyday essentials, and water bottle holders to keep you hydrated.

Made from strong yet lightweight materials, these backpacks often have water-resistant coatings, and some may even come with their very own rain cover built-in.

With well-padded and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort, even when full, and additional support across the chest or even the hips, these day packs can be worn while you cycle while also offering a convenient hands-free way to carry your gear.

Cycling Computers

These clever little devices sit mounted on your bicycle and display all kinds of useful info to help you measure your speed, distance, and a wealth of other useful statistics.

Usually attached to the handlebar for easy viewing, they come in a wide variety of sizes, and they can be wired or non-wired depending on how advanced you need your bike computer to be.

Even the most basic device will be able to measure your speed, distance, and time, but more elaborate models could also measure your heart rate as you ride, record changes in cadence and elevation, and may even feature a built-in GPS system that will show you where to go.

Easier to use while moving than a smartphone or handheld navigation tool, there are cycling computers out there to suit all abilities and every budget.

Cycling Glasses

Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun without compromising on clarity and vision with a pair of dedicated cycling glasses.

Designed to be worn in all weathers, these glasses usually feature a wraparound design to ensure they stay flush against your face as you ride and often come with reactive lenses that darken as the sun gets brighter.

Made from lightweight yet durable, high-performance materials, these cycling glasses come with anti-fogging coatings, UV protection, and tinted lenses and are designed to repel dirt and water while protecting your eyes from low-lying foliage or unwanted projectiles.

With millions of different types and designs to choose from, there are cycling glasses for riders of all ages and abilities.

Cycling Gloves

Perfect for use all year round, these specially designed gloves will keep your hands protected from the weather and offer maximum grip at all times.

Made from moisture-wicking materials, these stretchy gloves can have full or half-length finger coverings and often benefit from additional features, including padded palms and extra cushioning to make your ride more comfortable.

Tough modern fabrics provide protection for your skin should you fall, and for more serious cyclists, some gloves come complete with a soft fabric surface that can be used for wiping noses and perspiration.

While cycling gloves can help to dim the vibrations as you hit the ground, they can make your hands feel hot and sweaty, so whichever ones you buy, be aware that you will need to wash them in between uses.

Cycling Helmet

These helmets are designed to help minimize the impact of a fall from your bike or a painful collision. Featuring expended polyester liners, these helmets act like a shock absorber that helps to soak up the energy from any impact, in turn keeping your delicate head, neck, and facial areas protected from serious injury.

Most cycling helmets have a tough outer shell made from crash-proof synthetic materials, and with adjustable headbands and chin straps with buckles, you can easily find the perfect fit for the size and shape of your head.

Available in a huge variety of styles and designs, it is really important that you wear a cycling helmet on every outing, and with increased ventilation and water-resistant coatings, your cycling helmet can and should be, worn all year round.

Cycling Jacket

Designed to keep you warm on the open road, cycling jackets come in a wealth of different styles and with a wide array of features, but 1 thing they all have in common is the ability to ensure that you remain comfortable while you ride.

Made from synthetic materials, they usually feature a water- and wind-resistant outer shell made from a microporous membrane fabric such as GORE-TEX and additional internal base layers of fleece or merino wool to keep you warm while also wicking away moisture.

In order to be practical, your jacket not only needs to be warm, but it must also be highly breathable in order to help control your body heat and allow sweat to evaporate.

Cycling Jersey

Designed to make your ride more comfortable and to help keep your temperature well-regulated, cycling jerseys are a must-have for every serious cyclist.

Made from lightweight, sweat-wicking synthetic materials that often incorporate merino wool, these tight-fitting t-shirts will keep you cool and dry.

Available in long or short-sleeved designs, they can be worn all year round, and they are often longer in the back than the front to ensure that they won’t ride up when you are leaning the handled bars.

The tight fit is not only more streamlined, but it also helps to reduce air resistance, and many come complete with zippers to allow for instant ventilation when you are working up a sweat.

Cycling Lights

Cycling lights not only help you to see the road ahead of you when the light fades, but they also help to ensure that other road users can see to keep you safe. Perfect for riding on or off-road at night, there are lots of different styles and designs to choose from.

As a general rule of thumb, anything that provides over 700 lumens will offer you a good level of visibility on even the darkest of nights, and many modern lights contain lithium-ion batteries that offer exceptional battery life and quick and easy charging.

Usually positioned on the front handlebar of your bike, you can also have additional red lights on the back of your bike that looks much like the rear brake lights on a car.

Bottom Line: Stay seen and safe with an easy-to-attach cycling light.

Cycling Multi-Tool

Incredibly useful to have by your side while you are out on the road, a multi-tool can easily solve numerous everyday problems in a flash.

Compact but highly capable, these little tool kits usually contain repair tools such as a socket wrench, screwdriver, extension rod, flat wrench, and hex keys, as well as repair patches, valve stem caps, tire levers, and metal rasps all neatly contained in its own box or tool bag.

Designed to keep you safe on 2 wheels even in the event of a puncture or minor damage, these are lightweight enough to carry with you on every outing and are a must-have for anyone who likes to cycle off-road.

Cycling Pants

The beauty of your bicycle is that you can take it anywhere with you, wearing whatever you want to. But, for high-performance biking, your clothing can make a great deal of difference to the way you perform.

Made from skin-tight, breathable, and moisture-wicking synthetic materials, cycling pants are aerodynamic and incredibly comfortable.

With flat waistlines that sit comfortably against your skin, additional padding around the backside and crotch area, and reinforced knees that are resistant to rips and tears, these full-length cycling pants are perfect for wearing in the cooler months or when riding in extreme conditions.

If you think of cycling as a full-body workout on wheels, it makes sense that you will want to wear the right apparel on the road.

Cycling Shoes

Purpose-built for life on a bike, there are lots of different types of cycling shoes designed to suit every kind of adventure. With soles that are far stiffer than regular sneakers, your cycling shoes are designed to spread the force that you are putting on the pedals.

Made with tough yet flexible uppers that undulate as you pedal, they often come with Velcro fastenings making them quick and easy to take on and off.

Many cycling shoes feature cleats on the sole that clip directly onto the pedals of MTB bikes, road bikes, and even indoor spinning bikes, and those that don’t may instead come with sticky rubber that grips flat to the pedals.

If you are planning on spending many hours in the saddle, investing in a pair of cycling shoes will help you stay well-aligned on the bike, which will help to better protect you from ankle, knee, and hip injuries on the road.

Cycling Shorts

Tight and stretchy, cycling shorts are a common sight on the streets these days and the perfect piece of clothing to ensure a more comfortable ride.

Usually made from a comfortable blend of Lycra and nylon, these tight-fitting, thigh-length garments will prevent your legs from chafing against the bike while also providing a soft layer that sits against your skin.

Many dedicated cyclists opt for shorts that have some level of built-in cushioning in the form of a soft pad or liner around the crotch, making long journeys on small seats a pleasure.

Experienced riders will know that the very best cycling shorts are worn without any additional underwear, helping to ensure that there are no seams or extra bits of cloth to rub against your skin. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, these skin-tight shorts will quickly become your most used piece of cycling gear.

Mountain Biking Knee Pads

Protective and cool-looking knee pads are a useful addition for anyone who likes to ride on rugged terrain. Mountain biking can be tough, and making an impact with sharp rocks can be painful at best and cause long-term damage to the ligaments at worst.

Long gone are bulky and heavy kneepads that distract from your ride, and instead, modern makes are made from lightweight, protective, and incredibly durable materials that are resistant to the weather and conditions around them.

Easy to pop on when needed and remove again when you want to head away from the trails, mounting bike knee pads are sporty-looking, incredibly protective, and a must-have for downhill trailblazers.

Reflective Vest

Worn over your clothing, these day-glow vests are loose-fitting and designed to help you stay safe and seen in low lighting. Made from fluorescent material with reflective tape or shapes added for extra visibility, these jackets are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Made from water- and wind-resistant fabric, these lightweight vests are ideal for use when riding at night or in damp and foggy conditions, and offering very little extra warmth or weight, they can easily be folded up and carried around with you.


Chest Waders

Loved by many, a good pair of chest waders will let you mooch around in the water while keeping your clothes and skin dry and comfortable. Made from breathable and lightweight materials, these full-length pants come with a bib at the front and straps that pop over your shoulders, offering full protection in the water.

Available in a wide range of styles and colors, they can be made from rubber or neoprene, and with adjustable braces or straps, they can be made to comfortably fit fishermen of all heights.

Perfect for wading in shallow water, you can enjoy a much more intense fishing experience if you are able to be in the water to unhook your line, sift and clear weeds, or simply spend more time on the bank without the worry of getting soaking wet through.

Fishing Backpack or Bag

Most fishing trips require a lot more gear than just a fishing rod and a box of bait. With so many awesome extras available to make your fishing experience more successful than ever before, a fishing bag or backpack offers all the room you need to keep your necessities close at hand.

Made from tough and water-resistant materials, these bags and backpacks come in a variety of sizes and are most popular in khaki or camo colorways.

With lots of zippered compartments and extra pockets for smaller items, as well as external straps or webbing for attaching smaller pouches or clothing, these rugged outdoor bags and backpacks will keep all of your fishing gear well-organized while you fish.

Fishing Boat

Hopping onto a small boat in the early hours of the morning offers you the most peaceful and serene fishing experience. Head out onto the open water, cast your line, and then let it back and float on the water until you feel a pull.

Not cheap to buy, your own personal fishing boat is an investment that will give you many hours of unbridled pleasure and much-needed solitude. From single man inflatable boats through to roto-molded polyethylene boats that can easily be stored when out of the water, every angler and saltwater fisherman knows the value of being in the water to catch their greatest haul.

Look for models that offer enough room for you and your crew, and some even come with holders for your rods. Easy to set sail on and safe enough to use sensibly in still waters, a fishing boat is a highly desirable item for serious fishermen.

Fishing Cooler

While the cooler you use for picnics in the park may be able to keep your drinks and snacks nice and cold, you may want to consider something a bit more hardy for fishing trips.

The cooler you choose will need to be able to stand up to long hours spent standing in wet and inclement conditions and be incredibly easy to clean on the inside. Made from tough and solid materials, your fishing cooler should also have an effective drain plug and tight seals to keep the ice well and truly frozen.

Easy to carry or wheel along beside you, your fishing cooler can be used to keep your catch nice and cool out on the ocean or for keeping your bait, food, and drinks cool throughout the duration of your trip.

Fishing Flies

Fly fishing is a popular form of fishing that is enjoyed the world over. By using specialist fly fishing equipment, anglers use a lure or bait reminiscent of a fly that sits on the top of the water attached to a line.

Unlike normal bait, the fly doesn’t allow the bait or line to sink into the water, but instead, it is made from a thin hook with feathers or synthetics attached to attract the fish to the surface.

Dressed with brightly colored feathers and fur, you can buy pre-made fishing flies to take with you, or you can join in with the many millions of fly fishers who enjoy making their own.

Fishing Floats and Bobbers

Because fish feed at every level of the water, sometimes it can be helpful to find an easy way to attract them up towards the surface so that they are more likely to take your bait.

Commonly used by anglers, these colorful floats and bobbers can be used to suspend your chosen bait at a depth of your choosing, or they can be used to float your bait into otherwise inaccessible areas of the water.

Some anglers also choose these as simple but effective bite indicators to let them know that something is happening at the hook end of your fishing rod.

Bottom Line: Available in a wide range of styles and colors, anglers should have a selection of float or bobbers in their fishing tackle box.

Fishing Gloves

Not just for keeping your hands warm on chilly days, specially designed fishing gloves can also protect you from any bacteria that the fish may be carrying, as well as offer you a better grip on scaly skin.

With different types of gloves available for different styles of fishing, you can choose from open-fingered designs that allow you to maintain the dexterity you need to work with hooks, tie knots, and sort your rigs, or full-glove designs that really are a must-have when handling fish or removing hooks.

Made from tough yet supple materials, most fishing gloves come with reinforced panels, UV protection, and fasteners around the wrist to stop the water from sneaking in. Available to suit all budgets, a good pair of fishing gloves will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Fishing Hat

These bucket-style hats are made from thick and durable material that protects your head from the elements while still offering enough ventilation to stop your head from getting sweaty on hot days.

With a wide brim that hangs low around the forehead and a deep crown, these hats are comfortable to wear and suitable for use in all weathers, and chin straps and toggles ensure that they stay firmly affixed to the head even when the wind blows.

Available in different colors and styles to suit all budgets, your fishing hat should be soft enough to fold down for easy packing when not in use and offer a good fit that will keep you comfortable for the duration of your fishing trip.

Fishing Jacket

Designed to cope with whatever the weather throws at you, your fishing jacket should be hardy enough to keep you warm and dry without being so heavy that it restricts your movement.

Most modern fishing jackets feature a waterproof and windproof outer shell and a breathable, lined inner layer that wicks moisture away from your skin.

With built-in hoods that stay upright, longer-length designs to cover you better, and adjustable wrist fixings, they keep the weather out at every turn. A good fishing jacket is worth its weight in gold.

Very popular in khaki or camouflage colors to ensure you blend in with the scenery, these fishing jackets are often also worn by outdoor adventurers who appreciate the value of a well-fitted, insulated jacket for all seasons.

Fishing Kayak

If you want to head on out to the middle of a lake to cast your reel, a fishing kayak will offer you the stability you need to stand and fish on the water.

Intended for the most part to offer you a solid base on the water, these types of kayaks aren’t designed for speed or to carry you over long distances, but they are spacious enough to carry all of your fishing gear and rods out on the water.

They also feature dedicated rod holders that set them apart from regular kayaks, which allow you to securely rest your rod while you sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. Designed to be sat on and not in, these lightweight vessels are easy to haul out of the water and can be carried on top of your vehicle from 1 lake to the next.

Fishing Life Jacket

Offering the fashionable good looks of a flak jacket, these sleeveless floatation devices can help to keep you safe should you hit the water in an unexpected way.

Featuring a wide range of pockets and zipper compartments, you can keep your most important items close at hand, and being lightweight enough to wear all day long allows for complete freedom of movement for casting and reeling in.

Available in a wide range of colors and designs, these life jackets are usually made from nylon or similar waterproof materials, and with replaceable EPE foam on the inside, they offer superior buoyancy.

Fishing Line

Used by anglers of all ages and abilities, a fishing line is a long, thin string usually made from nylon or braided polymers that comes in various lengths. Depending on your own individual needs, different types of lines offer varying breaking strengths, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and visibility in the water.

Fishermen tend to know what type of line they prefer to suit their chosen way to fish. Still, in general, monofilament lines are cheaper, easy to use, and recyclable, making them a firm favorite. At the same time, copolymer lines are an upgraded version of the same with finely-tailored characteristics for the more discerning fisherman.

Threaded through the pole and around the reel, your fishing line is the most important piece of gear you need to catch fish, so choose carefully when you buy.

Fishing Net

Undeniably one of the most instantly recognizable pieces of fishing kit, these nets bags with handles are designed to be run through the water to catch a fish.

With lots of different types of fishing nets to choose from, the most common type is a hand net that is held open by a hoop and placed on the end of a stiff handle. Often referred to as a landing net, they are used for sweeping up fish near the surface of the water.

Made from thin mesh that is usually made from synthetic materials, you can buy cheap little nets or splash out on a more expensive model if you wish to, but every fishing net is a useful little addition to your fishing kit.

Fishing Pole

Used for centuries by fishermen to catch fish in all kinds of waters, modern-day poles may be made from fancy materials, but they still work on the same basic principles as fishing poles of old.

The pole itself is made from tough yet flexible materials that are simple by design while still being strong enough to handle the pull of your personal best.

With a hook on 1 end and a simple reel to pull the line back in, a fishing pole is not as involved as a rod that comes with more complicated whistles and bells, but it is a tried and tested way of catching fish on open water.

Fishing Pole Case

Keep your poles well-protected with a dedicated fishing pole case. Made from strong and durable materials like ripstop nylon, they are long and thin and often padded to help protect your delicate fishing pole in transit.

These soft bags come with long shoulder straps, tough zippers, and even additional pockets for keeping accessories close at hand. Some models come with additional space to hold your reel, while others are large enough to fit more than 1 pole in at a time.

You could also opt for a hard-sided case or tube that offers even greater levels of protection if you are planning on taking your poles a long way away with you. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are protective pole cases to suit all budgets.

Fishing Reel

Mounted on the handle of the fishing rod, this cylindrical metal device is used for casting and retrieving the fishing line with ease. There are many different varieties to choose from, and each type is specifically designed to be used for different types of fishing.

Beginner fishermen would benefit from the use of a fixed spool spinning reel that is suitable for use on almost every kind of water, and as you grow in confidence and skill, you could switch up to a center pin reel for fly fishing or even a multiplier reel that is used for casting bait and sea angling.

Some modern fishing reels also come with fittings that can help you to cast more accurately, even at long distances, and fishing enthusiasts all have their favorite types of casts to use on the water.

Bottom Line: Whatever type of reel you choose to use, they all work on the theory of a pulley-based system and make it much easier to pull in prizefighters from the water.

Fishing Rod Holder

While most lakes will insist that you never leave your rods alone, there are some occasions where you need to step away from the water.

In these instances, a fishing rod holder will keep your rod exactly where it should be while allowing you to step away or concentrate on sitting back and taking in the tranquil setting ahead of you.

Made from lightweight but incredibly sturdy aluminum materials, these simple pieces of equipment can be anchored into the ground and often come with adjustable screws that allow you to angle your fishing rod.

Easy to set up and disassemble, you can also buy alarms that fit onto the rod holders to alert you when movement is detected.

Fishing Scale

Every angler wants to know how much their prize catch weighs, and there is a wide range of scales available that will accurately calculate your personal best.

You can choose to use ones that look similar to your kitchen scales with stainless steel weighing pans and digital displays, or keep it old school with a simple measure attached to a hook for weighing.

Most come complete with a water-resistant casing or coating, and the popular hanging scales are easy to use by simply holding the fish by its mouth and attaching the hook to the gill plate under the mouth. Lightweight and compact enough to fit in your fishing bag, no angler would ever want to be without one.

Fishing Sunglasses

Certain types of sunglasses will offer better protection and clearer vision on and around the water. Polarized lenses are the preferred choice as they will eliminate any glare that can come from the water’s surface and help you see fish and any other objects that are swimming beneath.

While some fishermen have a preference for green and amber lenses for inshore fishing, or yellow lenses for use in overcast weather, the truth is that any polarized lenses will help to improve the clarity of your vision and reduce glare when fishing.

You can choose your own style to suit the size and shape of your face, but your sunglasses should also offer excellent protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun and be tough enough to handle the rugged outdoor lifestyle that many fishermen enjoy so much.

Fishing Tackle Box

Every angler knows that your tackle box will quickly become one of your most valuable pieces of gear. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, these boxes contain lots of smaller compartments that are just the right size to hold your hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, and so much more.

Lightweight and inexpensive, these handy boxes are usually compact enough to be carried in your fishing bag while still offering enough well-organized space for all of your bits and pieces.

Made from water-resistant and weatherproof plastics with durable closures and lockable compartments, every fisherman needs a tackle box.


Golf Club Covers

Golf club covers offer individual protection for your clubs on the go. Despite their tough exteriors, your expensive golf clubs are really quite delicate and can be prone to damage from knocks and bumps while being carried from the garage to the car or from the green to the clubhouse.

Made from a variety of protective materials, from nylon right up to leather, each headcover is made to fit the size and shape of your golf club exactly.

Whether you chose a set of sleek and modern covers that ooze sophistication on the green or inject a little fun with golf club covers that could double up as stuffed animals, your club will be much better looked after with a little investment into some well-fitted and highly protective golf club covers.

Golf Flask

A round or 2 of golf is a great way to take in the fresh air, enjoy beautiful locations, and enjoy a spot of friendly sportsmanship. Taking a slow meander from hole to hole is as much a part of the enjoyment as the game itself, and a golf flask makes it that little bit more sociable along the way.

Available in a range of styles, these hip flasks are perfect for a quick sip to keep the cold at bay as you work your way around the greens. As traditional and sophisticated as the game itself, these flasks are made from high-quality metals and can be monogrammed for a more personal touch.

Fill your golf flask with the liquid of your choice and slip it in your pocket for easy access on the go.

Golf Glove

If you watch pro players, you may notice that they often wear a single glove. This isn’t because they’ve left 1 back in the clubhouse, but instead because they focus all their attention on their swing hand to increase their chances of a hole in 1!

Golfers tend to wear a glove on their lead hand, giving them a far superior grip on their golf clubs. Golf gloves are made from high-quality materials and offer superior performance, breathability, and traction.

Designed to create more friction between your hand and the grip, they often come in white or black designs and feature Velcro straps to ensure a perfect fit.

Often made from leather or synthetic materials, a right-handed golfer should wear a glove on the left hand, and a left-handed golfer should invest in a right-handed one.

Golf GPS

Modern technology is changing the face of the golfing greens, and with the use of a GPS, you will not only never get lost, but you can also calculate every aspect of your game with ease.

Compact enough to slip into your pocket or clip onto your belt, these handheld GPS devices allow you to determine the exact distance between holes and offer different views that include hazards, lay-up distances, green views, and exact yardages.

Giving you the benefits of having your very own caddy and digital yardage book neatly tucked away in your pocket, these devices can really give you an edge.

Suitable for use in all weathers and on greens of all shapes and sizes, these handheld GPS devices are water-resistant and come with extensive battery life and the option to download more maps and information.

Golf Hats and Visors

To ensure that you are on your very best game on the greens, you need to be sure that you aren’t being blinded by the sun. A golf hat or visor will help to protect your eyes from the sun, as well as offer protection against harmful UV rays.

Many golfers choose to wear a cap-style hat that offers full coverage across the crown and a classic curved peak for better all-round vision. Many are adjustable to perfectly fit the shape and size of your head, and modern designs allow for air holes that increase ventilation to stop your head from getting too sweaty on the green.

Visors offer a similar level of protection but are just a visor on a headband without any coverage on the top of the head.

Golf Jacket

Because not every day on the greens is like a PGA tour in a tropical climate, you should definitely consider investing in a golf jacket. Much like any outdoor garment, you’ll want something that is resistant to the elements while still being lightweight enough to offer you a full range of movement while you play.

Most golfers prefer to wear slim-fitting items that won’t flap around in the wind, and the best way to keep warm on really cold days is to layer up from the inside out.

With outer shells that offer superior weather resistance and warm, soft fleece or merino linings, your jacket will keep you feeling snug while offering moisture-wicking properties to stop you from getting too hot while you play.

Golf Organizer

Your beloved collection of golf gear is not just a financial investment but also one that you are incredibly proud of. In order to keep your gear perfectly safe and neatly organized when they are not in use, you could consider a golf organizer for your car.

These storage systems are designed for storing balls, shoes, tees, and any other golf accessories all neatly in 1 place.

Bottom Line: Perfect for use in your car, a golf organizer will let you grab everything you need when it’s time to head to the golf course.

Golf Push Cart

These handy 3- or 4-wheeled push carts make it easy to steer your gear around the greens. Made from strong and durable materials, you can attach your golf bag to the frame and easily push it around from the 9th to the 18th without having to worry about carrying all your gear on your back.

With adjustable handles to suit your height and extra hanging space, you will see plenty of these kinds of pushcarts on the golf course. With the ability to fold down nice and compact when not in use, a golf push cart will quickly become your best friend on the golf course.

Golf Rain Jacket

Made from waterproof and windproof materials such as GORE-TEX, these all-weather golf jackets are an excellent investment for players who like to enjoy a few rounds no matter what the weather.

With sporty good looks and a comfortable design, these jackets usually feature a stand-up collar, useful pockets, built-in hoods, moisture-wicking linings, and adjustable cuffs.

Designed to offer enough room to allow for a full range of movement so as not to restrict your swing, these lightweight waterproof jackets look stylish and smart while keeping you dry in the rain.

Golf Rangefinders

Rangefinders are great tools both for practice and for use during a game, and they are designed to help you to measure the distance between holes. You can choose from 2 types of range finders that utilize distinctly different kinds of technology, but both are effective and helpful on the course.

GPS rangefinders take very little time to determine your distance as they use measurements to known points on the course, while laser rangefinders do not need the course to be mapped, but they can take longer to get an accurate measurement. Whatever kind of rangefinder you opt for, you will enjoy the benefits that they offer.

Golf Shirt

With collars a must at most courses, golf shirts are designed to look smart while still offering a full range of movement. Usually made from a blend of cotton and polyester, these shirts are designed to wick away moisture and perspiration from the skin to help you feel cool and fresh on the green.

Available in a wide range of different shapes and colors, they make a statement of their very own, and with double-seamed collars, seamed loose cuffs, and often a breast pocket built in, golf shirts have their own distinctive look and offer incredible comfort and practicality.

Golf Shoes

Designed to keep you steady and stable on the greens, golf shoes are smart, sensible, and comfortable enough to be worn all day long. To excel during your game, your focus needs to be completely on your swing, and slippy shoes will make it hard to produce prize-winning shots.

With spikes, cleats, or molded soles, these special shoes help to keep your feet planted while you swing without causing any damage to the turf on the greens.

The extra grip also makes it easy to navigate potential hazards such as grassy slopes or sandy verges, and most golf courses will insist on you wearing them to play.

Available in a wide choice of designs, you should easily be able to find the perfect golf shoes to suit your budget.

Golf Shoe Bag

Your golf shoes have been specially designed to make it easier to navigate your way across the golf course and will help to improve your stability and balance on the greens.

Offering improved performance over regular sneakers and training shoes, it makes sense that you would want to keep your golf shoes neatly separated and tucked away. Golf shoe bags are made from protective and water-resistant materials and are ventilated to help keep any unwanted odors at bay.

With a large main compartment to pop your shoes in, and further pockets for smaller items such as balls and tees, these dedicated golf shoe bags come in a variety of designs and are available to suit all budgets.

Golf Shorts

Most golf clubs will insist upon a dress code that usually involves collared shirts and tailored trousers. When the weather warms up, most clubs will allow knee-length shorts to be worn, provided they look smart and are well-fitted.

Golf shorts will need to have the same tailored fit as your long pants and should always come with a waist belt as your shirt will need to be tucked in. The most popular colors tend to be cream, beige, khaki, gray, and tan, and they are usually made from cool cotton material and come with pockets.

Designed to allow the air to circulate around your lower legs on hot days, you will still need to wear socks with your golf shoes in order to be allowed on the course.

Golf Skirt

Women’s golf has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there is an army of women who love nothing better than a round or 2 of golf.

With this in mind, many modern golf clubs have adjusted their dress codes to suit, and golf skirts are now a suitable alternative to slacks on the green.

Made from Lycra or cotton materials, these skirts often come with a pair of shorts built in to protect one’s modesty when taking a swing, and they are available in longer lengths to make them suitable for even the most conservative of private clubs.

Golf Towel

These compact and highly absorbent little towels make a very useful addition to your golf equipment, and although the main purpose is to clean and dry off your clubs should they get wet or dirty, there are also numerous other great reasons to keep 1 with you.

Your towel can also be used to wipe off wet balls, dry off the grips on your golf clubs, and even mop a sweaty brow when it gets a bit too hot out there.

Measuring around 18 x 8 inches, these towels are compact enough to throw into your golf bag, and some even come with a fabric hook that can be hung from your bag.

Golf Travel Bag

Taking your golf clubs around with you requires a suitable vessel in which to keep them safe. Golf travel bags are padded and spacious and offer enough room to hold your favorite irons and a selection of accessories.

The most common place travel bags are made from tough, durable, water-resistant synthetic materials like nylon, and they come with adjustable handles that make light work for longer journeys.

Built-in padding helps to protect your clubs in transit, and the bag expands to hold all of your clubs before folding up flat for easy storage when not in use.

Bottom Line: Many bags also come with 2 wheels on the bottom that can be used to pull your bag through the airport terminal, as well as additional storage pockets for your smaller golfing essentials.

Golf Umbrella

These oversized umbrellas are as well-loved on the golf course as they are for picnics in the park, sporting events, and other outdoor occasions.

Much larger than regular umbrellas, the ones designed to be used on the golf course can have extensive rib lengths measuring as much as 34 inches.

Plenty big enough to cover both and your golf cart, these umbrellas open and close super quickly, and they come in a wide range of bright colors and designs that decorate the golf course on a rainy day.

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpacks are available in a huge variety of sizes, styles, and designs for every outdoor activity.

If you are planning on camping out in the backcountry, there are backpacks with over 70 liters of capacity that offer dedicated spaces for your sleeping back, hiking poles, and even your tent, as well as lots of space to hold your clothes and essentials.

For weekends away or road trips, 30- to 60-liter backpacks will comfortably carry your clothing, tech, and other essentials, and for everyday use, a day pack that offers up to 25 liters of storage space is perfect for overnight stays, school, or college.

Made from tough and durable materials, most come with comfortable padded shoulder straps, and larger models have sternum and chest straps to help evenly distribute the weight of your gear.

Allowing you to keep your hands free while traveling, the humble backpack remains a must-have item for every adventurer.

Hiking Boots and Shoes

Designed to last for as many as 800 miles before they need replacing, hiking boots and shoes are heavier and sturdier than regular sneakers or trail shoes and offer better protection for your feet and ankles.

Stable and easy to wear, modern-day hiking footwear is lightweight enough to never weigh you down while still offering excellent water resistance, ergonomic insoles, and rugged outsoles that will provide you with increased traction even on wet or slippery surfaces.

While boots offer higher cuffs that help to support your ankles, shoes also offer enhanced protection that molds to the shape of your feet. Designed to be breathable enough to reduce moisture and odors, a good pair of hiking boots or shoes will totally transform your outdoor experience.

Hiking Pants

Perfect for outdoor adventures in all weathers, outdoor hiking pants will keep your legs well-protected from the elements without weighing you down.

Made from waterproof and windproof materials, you can choose from cargo pants with large pockets or opt for a more fitted silhouette that allows for excellent freedom of movement.

With a comfortable waistband, reinforced knees, and even fleece linings for more extreme weather, a pair of hiking pants will allow you to walk without restrictions, and some even have zip-off bottoms that will transform them into long shorts for hikes in milder weather.

Hiking Poles

Designed to help reduce the amount of pressure on your joints when traversing up and down hills and to help you to keep pace even on flat surfaces, hiking poles come in a variety of styles and designs to suit every type of hiking enthusiast.

Made from super lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum, you can choose from foldable or telescoping poles that can be adjusted in height and enjoy the comfort of ergonomic handles that are designed to wick away moisture while you walk.

With a selection of pole tips and baskets available to suit different terrain and weather conditions, a good pair of hiking poles are suitable for use all year round on every kind of outing.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on the go is a must for anyone who likes to enjoy long walks in the great outdoors. With a wealth of different designs to choose from, there are plenty of ways to carry your water with you.

You can choose from insulated water bottles that have double-thick walls to keep your drink at the perfect temperature all day long, ergonomic sports bottles that let you sip as you speed across the trails, collapsible bottles that help to save space, or metal canteens that offer retro styling and clean lines.

However you choose to carry your water with you, always choose bottles made with BPA-free, food-grade materials to ensure that there are no nasty odors or tastes to your water, and look for leak-proof lids and bottles with enough capacity to hold as much liquid as you need.

Horseback Riding

Horse Riding Boots

Elegant and slim, horse riding boots are designed not just to make you look good on your horse but also to improve the way you ride. Choose from traditional leather for a chic silhouette or synthetic materials and rubber that are practical and protective both on your horse and around the stables.

Riding boots should always have a small heel and a thin, closed-toe to ensure that they fit securely in the stirrups, and they should never come up over the height of your knee to ensure that you can move your legs easily.

Many come with additional insulation to allow you to ride all year round, and additional waterproofing will keep your feet nice and dry as your go.

While traditional riding boots often come with laces, modern boots often have elasticated panels and full-length zippers, making them easy to get on and off in an instant.

Horse Riding Gloves

Grip slippery reins and protect your hands in all weather with a sturdy pair of riding gloves. Made from high-quality materials such as real leather, synthetic leather, spandex, Lycra, wool, or even polyester mesh, a pair of well-fitting riding gloves will mold to the shape of your hand and protect you against blisters and chafing.

Modern gloves also come with grip dots for better adhesion to the reins and extra patches that cushion your hands, as well as wrist closures that help to prevent any water from sneaking in.

Your riding gloves should fit well and be suitable for use in all weathers, and you can even buy lightweight, breathable ones that will still protect your hands without making them sweat in the summer.

Horse Riding Helmet

It is important that you always wear a protective helmet when you are around horses. Majestic as they may be, horses can be unpredictable, and it is important that you remain safe.

With a hard outer shell made from ABS plastic or glass fiber and a high-grade polystyrene liner, horse riding hats are designed to absorb the impact of any fall or kick to reduce bruising and damage to your head. To be effective, your hat must fit you firmly but still feel comfortable while you ride.

The hat should sit level on your head, covering your forehead, and you should be able to shake your head without the helmet moving. If your hat is ever involved in an accident or an impact of any kind, you will need to replace it.


Dry Bag

While it’s nice to get away from it all out on the water, there are some essential items that you may want to take with you. Water will splash into the hull of your kayak, so it’s important that you find a way to keep your belongings dry while you sail.

A dry bag is designed to do just that, and they are made from tough yet lightweight waterproof materials to keep your gear dry.

With sealed seams and watertight closures, these bags are made from high-quality nylon or PVC materials with additional TPU coatings to ensure complete protection, and many will even stay completely watertight in the event of a brief submersion in the water.

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, you can easily find the perfect dry bag for your next kayak adventure.


If you are planning on taking a kayak with you on your next vacation, you should consider where you are going and how you will be using it.

Made from strong but lightweight materials, these small, narrow paddle boats are perfect for use on inland bodies of water, and some can also be used out on the ocean. There are many different types to choose from, with some being better suited to paddling on calmer waters, while others are ideal for more extreme adventures.

Designed to be sat in or sat on depending on the design, these 1- or 2-person boats offer excellent stability, ease of movement, and an awesome way to get out on the water.

Bottom Line: While most pleasure kayaks aren’t built for speed, they can easily be transported on the top of your vehicle, and with many different types and sizes to choose from, your waterside vacation won’t be complete without one.

Kayak Paddles

Designed to help you make your way through the water, these boating paddles are usually made from lightweight, composite materials and are a must-have for adventures out on the water.

Unlike the oars used for sailing boats, kayak paddles do not rest on the boat but are instead completely controlled by the user, and there are many different varieties to choose from to suit the sort of water you will be paddling in.

With varying shaft diameters, cranks, lengths, and blade angles, you should easily be able to find a paddle that exactly suits your size and personal preference.

By simply dipping the paddle in the water alternatively on either side of the kayak, you will be moving along nicely in no time at all.

Kayak Trolley

While kayaks move beautifully on the water, it can be a bit more tricky to get them around back on land. Made from durable metal and with puncture-proof wheels, these trolleys will help you to get your kayak from the car to the water and back again.

With rubber grips to rest your kayak on and an adjustable strap to keep it in place, these 2-wheeled trolleys are suitable for recreational, touring, and expedition kayaks.

When not in use, these clever little carts can be folded down to sit neatly in the stern or bow hatch of most kayaks and can be quickly reassembled when it’s time to exit the water.

Life Jacket

Wearing a life jacket on a recreational vessel could literally save your life should you capsize or fall into the water. The type of life jacket you would wear with a kayak is slightly less bulky and cumbersome than full-size models but equally as protective.

They are designed with reduced foam thickness in the back of the jacket to help accommodate the shape of the kayak seat while still having enough foam to ensure excellent floatation should you hit the water.

Easy to slip over your head, these vests are made from tough, water-resistant materials and filled with foam, and they often feature straps to wrap around you to keep the vest secure, as well as a whistle to attract attention on the water.

With a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, you can find one that suits your size and shape perfectly, but whatever you do, don’t go out on the water without one.

Wet Shoes

These lightweight, slip-on shoes are perfect for wearing in your kayak and back out on dry land. Made from breathable neoprene fabric, they fit tightly around the foot in the form of a shoe or bootie, and with a very thin sole, they offer an element of traction to help you stay upright in slippery conditions.

If you think of these shoes as a wet suit for your feet, they work wonders by trapping a thin layer of water between the foot and the insulation that helps to keep the water away from your skin and your feet feeling dry.

With a hard sole to help protect your feet from sharp rocks and shingles and a close-fitting design, these wet shoes are a much safer alternative to bare feet in your boat and out on the water.

Lake and River Vacations


Giant lake floats are great fun on the water, and there are plenty of different styles and sizes to choose from. You could opt for a basic mat or raft design that is perfect for serene sailing on the water, a party-size fun float for you and your crew, or rapid river-style floats for high octane rafting.

Inflatable by design, you will want to be sure that you have a good quality electric pump with you, and you should also invest in a repair kit in case of punctures.

Suitable for use at pools, lakes, and rivers, research the use of floats on any individual body of water before you get there, and you should always ensure that minors or those who are not strong swimmers wear life jackets at all times.

Available in lots of fun designs and with useful extras like canopies, drink holders, and characters for the kids, a float is an affordable and super fun way to get out on the water.


Perfect for days out on the water while you are on vacation, a raft offers enough space to carry 2 or more people and is easy to transport from home to the waterfront. Designed for recreational use only, these rafts are durable, versatile, and great fun to use.

There are lots of different styles and sizes to choose from, with some looking like inflatable dinghies and others as simple and plain as a giant pool float.

Made from strong and puncture-proof materials, these rafts can be inflated using an electric or foot pump, and the sophisticated inner tube designs will ensure that you don’t start to deflate out on the water.

Whatever type you choose to use, you will need to ensure that you have life jackets close at hand and a repair kit just in case you sail over something sharp. Life on the lake can be infinitely more fun with an inflatable raft, provided you use it safely.


As the name suggests, these inflatables are designed to be towed behind a water ski or boat to have you bumping and flying through the water for awesome amounts of wet and wild fun.

Towables can come in the form of single-person floats with handles that you lay face down on to inflatable ring doughnuts, inflatable chairs and sofas, and even the familiar banana boat.

Made from tough nylon materials, these inflatable fun crafts are brightly colored and cleverly designed and can be used by a single rider or 2 or more at a time.

Great fun to ride on, you can take your own with you or hire when you get there, but do be sure to carry your own lifejackets with you as riding on a towable can be a high-octane adventure.


River tubing has become an increasingly popular way to enjoy high octane thrills on the water, and with the help of a giant-sized inflatable rubber disk, you can launch your tube, climb in, and let the water carry you with it.

River tubes are made from heavy-duty material and have welded seams. Some have an open center that lets you dangle your feet through, while others are closed in to create a seated area.

Available in different sizes, you can accommodate as many as 4 passengers in 1 tube, and with single or dual tow points, some can even be pulled along behind a jet ski or boat.

For the ultimate in laid-back vacationing, some tubes even feature armrests and cup holders, too. Stay safe on the water with life jackets close at hand, and always choose a tube that is designed to stay stable and safe on the type of water you are planning to head out on.


Wakeboarding is a modern-day water sport that is loved by many. Using a specially designed board, the rider is fastened tightly and towed by a motorboat to achieve speeds of up to 30 miles per hour for the ultimate thrilling water ride.

With a stiff core made from foam, fiberglass, and carbon, these boards can bounce and glide and are available in long or short sizes, with longer ones offering more control in the water.

Often, wakeboards have a rocker design underneath, which offers a smoother and faster ride and allows you to carve through the water seamlessly for a higher octane experience.

Bottom Line: With boards available to suit the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced wakeboarders, this is a sport that is pretty addictive, and once you get the bug, you will want to buy your own board to take on vacation with you.

Wakeboard Rope

Wakeboard ropes are designed to have virtually no stretch to help the rider propel themselves through the wake.

Made from a range of materials, including polyethylene, Dyneema, or Spectra rope, these lines can measure between 55 to 75 feet, giving enough strength and length to allow you to feel confident on the water. In order to wakeboard proficiently, you will need a handle that can stand up to the knocks and bumps of being on the water.

Made from EVA, aluminum, or even carbon fiber, these handles are incredibly strong while being lightweight and comfortable, with integrated grips to ensure you never accidentally let go.

The right rope is an important element of your overall wakeboard experience, and different types and lengths are suited to different kinds of boards and waters.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you are likely to be spending a lot of time in and around the water, it would be worth investing in a waterproof phone pouch.

With lots of different styles and designs available, most models are made from synthetic, see-through materials with a TPU coating and feature superstrong seals the help to keep the water out.

Some come complete with an underwater rating, meaning you can use them while submerged, while others are designed to protect your phone in damp and wet conditions.

Nearly all models are thin enough to let you use the touch screen on your smartphone meaning that you can still use apps, make and receive calls, send text messages, take awesome photos and videos, and even browse the internet in damp or watery environments.

With different sizes available to fit a wide range of models from different manufacturers, many also come with a neck strap to allow you to keep your hands free in the water.



A handy tool to have with you on any adventure, a good pair of binoculars gives you the opportunity to enjoy incredible landscapes and unusual wildlife close-ups. There is a myriad of different types of binoculars to choose from, all of which will help you see with incredible clarity.

When choosing the best pair for your outdoor adventure, look for those that are lightweight and compact enough to be carried around with you while still offering excellent focus and a wide field of view.

Those with a good grip and a water-resistant coating can be used all year round, and different makes and models are better for use when capturing moving targets like wildlife, while others are better suited to capturing stunning landscapes close up.


Layering up is the key to successful packing for your next adventure and activity vacation. Whether you are hitting the beach or climbing up mountains, some items of clothing should be an essential part of your travel wardrobe.

A good shirt, for example, can go anywhere with you. A basic shirt can be layered up to add warmth or worn on its own for casual styling, and many are made from soft, breathable fabrics that are easy to clean and quick to dry.

If you are planning on enjoying some strenuous activities, look for shirts that are made from moisture-wicking fabrics to help reduce the risk of sweat and unwanted odors.

Shorts are another must-have for any style-conscious traveler, and from cargo shorts to tailored shorts, they offer plenty of protection for your legs without covered them fully and come in a wealth of different designs and fabrics.

Pockets are also a useful addition to your shorts, as they allow you to keep your phone, wallet, and other essentials close at hand.

Safari Hat

Intended to be worn in hot weather, you don’t need to be exploring the jungle to appreciate the benefits of a stylish and practical safari hat.

Most commonly made out of cotton or synthetic material, these wide brim hats are designed to protect your head and face from the harmful UV rays of the sun while helping to keep you cool.

Adding an instant touch of vintage style to any outfit, the safari hat features a medium to high crown, a gently sloping brim, and a center dent that harks back to the original pith helmets worn by explorers of old.

Modern hats have small vents to allow the air to circulate around your head and prevent the build-up of sweat, as well as adjustable chin straps to ensure your hat stays firmly on your head no matter how breezy it gets.

Available in traditional khaki, beige, and even camouflaged designs, the humble safari hat is versatile enough to be worn all year round, and the soft cloth design makes it easy to fold up and pop in your backpack or jacket pocket.

Scuba and Snorkeling

Snorkel and Scuba Bag

Keep your fins and mask all together with a specially designed scuba bag. Longer in length, they will fit your fins to keep them safe, while the extra depth or separate compartments allow for your snorkel mask to be gently placed beside them.

Often made from heavy-duty rubber mesh material, these bags allow your gear to drip dry, and as the excess water runs out of the bottom of the bag while hanging up, you can alleviate any concerns about dampness or mold forming in your bag.

With padded shoulder straps and additional zippered pockets for other essential items, a snorkel and scuba bag is the only holdall you need for the beach.

Snorkel Fins

Swim like a fish in the water with a pair of snorkeling fins. Design to help propel you more efficiently through the water, these fins are worn over bare feet and are a must-have for anyone who wants to explore underneath the water.

Designed to give you the power in your legs to navigate with ease without having to overexert yourself, they are made from high-quality rubber materials and come with an open heel or full-foot design, and you can buy them in different sizes to ensure a secure fit.

Most come with an ergonomic foot pocket that keeps them feeling comfortable while snorkeling and modern-day designs are flexible enough to allow you to walk over the sand while still wearing them.

Snorkel fins will dramatically enhance your performance in the water and are an affordable addition to your snorkel kit.

Snorkel Mask

Snorkel masks come in 2 different designs. The traditional snorkel mask covers your eyes and nose and the snorkel itself clips onto the mask straps.

More beginner-friendly full-face masks combine the practicality and protection of snorkel and diving goggles in 1 easy-to-wear piece of equipment. Without the need for a separate mouthpiece, you can breathe freely through your mouth and nose, making them a more comfortable choice for snorkelers of all abilities.

With lots of different makes and models to choose from, look for a mask that fits your face well, and with additional features such as anti-fog coatings, dry snorkels, and built-in GoPro mounts, you can spend every second in the water exploring the wonderful world in front of your face.

Ski and Snowboard

Ski Bag

A ski bag is a safe cover for your beloved skis that will keep them protected in transit. You can buy your bag based on your needs and the length of your journey, and options are available in sleeve, coffin, or hard case designs.

While simple fabric sleeves work well for long car journeys, you may want to consider a hard-sided case if you are flying with your skis. Available with or without wheels, these long, thin bags have enough room to hold at least 1 pair of skis, with additional pockets for your gloves, bindings, and other much-needed accessories.

With long handles to throw over your shoulder, grips for pulling wheeled bags behind you, and a huge variety of different styles to choose from, a well-padded and protective ski bag is a must-have for every skier.

Ski Balaclava

These full-face coverings are an excellent way to keep the cold wind and snow off of your face and come in a huge variety of styles and designs to suit your own preference.

Made from soft and warm fabrics such as fleece or merino wool, these face masks usually have holes for your eyes, mouth, and nose and fit over the top of your head to offer excellent coverage.

Perfect for slipping under your hood, hat, or ski helmet in wintery conditions, a specially designed ski balaclava has a large open space around the eyes to accommodate your goggles.

A simple but effective way to keep warm even in the harshest of conditions, your ski balaclava will quickly become one of your favorite things.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduce glare from the snow. They can also act as a barrier in blizzards and high winds while helping to keep your vision clear enough to see the mountain trail ahead of you.

Chunky and rugged, many ski goggles have a dark grey, dark brown, yellow, or rose-colored that work better in high or low light conditions to eliminate glare and feature a distinctive mirrored or polarized finish.

With heavy-duty elasticated straps that fit over your helmet and around your head, as well as crash-resistant frames and silicone seals, a good pair of ski goggles should be comfortable enough to wear all day.

Ski Helmet

While it is not compulsory to wear a ski helmet on the slopes in most resorts, it certainly is a really good idea.

Designed to protect your head in the case of an impact, these helmets have a tough outer shell usually made from a type of moldable plastic called ABS and a protective foam core that is made from shock-absorbing materials.

The strength and absorbency of the outer shells and inner lining help to slow the force of any impact to reduce injury and better protect you from rotational forces.

Available in a wide range of styles, it is very important that your ski helmet fits you properly in order for it to be effective, and you should have it fitted by a professional before you buy it.

Bottom Line: With chinstraps, fit adjusters, ear pads, and ventilation devices, a ski helmet is a practical and highly effective way to stay safe and comfortable on the slopes.

Ski Socks

These special socks are thick, warm, and designed to protect your feet from any potential discomfort caused by your ski boots.

Made from soft merino wool, nylon-polyester, or a blend of the 2, these socks usually come up quite high on the calf and have elasticated cuffs to ensure that they stay put, even in your boots.

Some socks feature additional padding under the toes or reinforced ankles to help prevent blisters while you ski. Many also claim to offer moisture-wicking properties that will help stop your feet from getting sweaty and hot, which will reduce odors.

Available in different sizes and a huge variety of colors and designs, your ski socks will give you the comfort your feet need to let you ski all day long.

Snowboard Bag

Spacious enough to carry your snowboard and ski accessories, a snowboard bag is an excellent way to keep your board well-protected in transit.

Available in a variety of styles and designs, they range from simple sacks with straps that you can throw over your shoulder all the way up to padded bags with extra compartments and wheels for ease of transportation.

Given the wider nature of snowboards, the bags that house them often have enough additional space to carry your ski helmet, gloves, and even boots, and most airlines will allow you to check your snowboard bag into the hold the plane, meaning you never have to hire a less than perfect board ever again.

Surfing and Paddleboarding

Rash Guard

These t-shirts and tank tops are designed to be worn both in and out of the water and are typically made from nylon, lycra, spandex, neoprene, and polyester, or a combination of the same.

Close-fitting and designed to offer maximum protection, rash guards help swimmers avoid the pain and discomfort of sunburn by offering excellent UV protection and can also help prevent heat rash and skin irritation caused by saltwater and other environmental factors.

Available in a huge range of styles and designs, these t-shirts and vests are easy to wash and quick to dry, and a good rash guard will make your day surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, sailing, or even just chilling in the sun a much more pleasant experience.

Stand-Up Paddleboard

This upright alternative to regular paddleboarding is a fun way to get out on the water while still enjoying a full-body workout. When buying a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), you must find one that works for your size.

By considering the board volume and weight capacity, as well as the length, width, and shape of the hull, you should be able to find a SUP that works for you. You will further need to decide whether you are looking for a planing board or one that displaces the water as you ride.

Once you have found your perfect SUP, grab your paddle and get out there to enjoy an awesome field of vision and complete control of your movement out on the open water.

Surf Wax

Surf wax is designed to give you all the grip you need to ride your board by adding a little bit of sticky traction that will easily enhance your performance.

Made from natural or synthetic paraffin wax, it comes in easy-to-use soap-like bars, and each application will help to prevent you from slipping off your board.

You should top up your surfboard with a little bit of wax every time you surf, but in order to keep it cutting through those waves, you will need to fully clean and re-apply every 3 months or so.

With so many types available, you will need to find a wax product that suits the temperature of the water you are headed out in, and to keep things simple, just remember that hard wax is best for warm water and soft wax is better for cold water.


Ride the waves with your very own surfboard on your next vacation. Made from fiberglass cloth, epoxy, and expanded polystyrene (EPS), modern-day surfboards are so much more than just a narrow plank to surf the waves on.

Measuring between 5 to 15 feet long, there are many different designs to choose from, and generally speaking, the length, width, and depth of the surfboard can directly affect the surfer’s performance in the water.

While longer-length surfboards offer more stability for beginner surfers, shorter surfboards are generally used by more experienced surfers looking to perform aggressive maneuvers and ride faster.

Whatever your ability of preference, there are many awesome surfboards out there to choose from, with lots of additional features to be found to help enhance your performance.

Surfboard Leash

Offering a safe and secure way to keep your board by your side, a surfboard leash will protect your board from being smashed on rocks or bumping into other surfers while also saving you miles of swimming back and forth to go grab it.

Ranging from 4 feet long up to as much as 12 feet long, the leash you choose should be equal in length or slightly longer than the length of your surfboard.

There are also other considerations to be made in respect of the size of the leash cuff, the design of the leash swivel, the construction and thickness of the leash cord, and the use of a rail saver.

While not all surf leashes look the same, their performance is very similar, and no surfer will want to hit the waves without one.


Swim Cap

While these caps may not be the height of fashion, they are a useful tool in the pool. Not only will a swim cap help to prevent your hair from getting in the way while you swim, but some pools also insist that swimmers wear them to prevent hair from blocking the filters and to improve hygiene.

From a performance standpoint, a tight-fitting swim cap can also help reduce drag while you swim and help you be more hydrodynamic in the water, and for increased safety, a swim cap can help you be seen better by other swimmers and even rescue crews.

Made from silicone, latex, or Lycra, your cap should be tight enough to stay on your head but not so tight that it hurts.

While they can be tricky to get on and off, if you place the cap at the back of your head and pull it over towards your forehead, you will soon be a master at tucking your hair in and getting ready to dive in.

Swim Diapers

Usually worn by babies or toddlers, swim diapers make it possible to let your little ones enjoy the water even before they are potty trained. Swim diapers are designed to take on minimal water to prevent adding extra weight while still being able to keep any “accidents” firmly in the diaper to reduce the spread of germs.

You can choose from disposable or reusable swim diapers, and they can be worn on their own or under your child’s favorite swimsuit. Easier to take off when wet than regular diapers would be, the diaper must be changed if it becomes soiled, and you would be wise to take extra diapers with you for a day at the beach.

Soiled diapers should be taken home with you and properly disposed of (or cleaned if they are reusable), as leaving dirty diapers at the beach or in public changing rooms is a definite no-no.

Swim Shirt

Similar to rashguard shirts and tees, swim shirts can be worn both in and out of the water. Made from soft nylon and spandex, they often have a loose-fitting design and can be worn over your swimsuit to offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

With many offers offering a UPF rating of 50+, these shirts are popular with beach lovers looking to participate in a wide range of water sports, beach activities, and even when out sailing.

Easy to clean and quick to dry, swim shirts have chafe-free seams for increased comfort in the water, and with more fashionable looks than most rash guard shirts offer, they are also an excellent way to protect your skin when walking on the beach, stopping for lunch or even just strolling along the boardwalk.

Swimming Goggles

Designed to help you see better underwater while also helping to protect your eyes from the chlorine in the pool, a pair of swim goggles is essential for anyone who wants to enjoy being active in the pool.

Featuring shatter-proof polycarbonate raised lenses that won’t distort your view in the water and silicone or foam seals, most goggles are comfortable enough to wear and easy to clean.

The lenses can be clear or tinted, and some offer UVA and UVB protection, making them an excellent choice for wearing in outdoor pool settings.

With silicone or rubber straps that can be adjusted to fit the size of your head, look for those with split or double strap designs as they seem to stay in place better, even when you dive in.

Bottom Line: Available in a huge variety of styles and different sizes for adults and children, once you find a pair that suits your needs, you won’t even want to enter the water without them.


Swimsuits come in all shapes and sizes, and from 1-pieces to separates, they are the perfect piece of clothing to wear in the water and on the beach.

Made from 100% synthetic materials such as nylon and spandex, swimsuits are tight-fitting with plenty of stretches to cover your curves and are super fast-drying in the sun.

Machine washable between wears, you can wear your swimsuit on its own in the pool or ocean or wear it underneath water sports garments such as wetsuits or rash guards.

With millions of styles, designs, and colors to choose from, you won’t want to go on an active vacation without one, and many women choose to take a selection of swimsuits with them to rotate through each day.

Hot Tip: You may also want to consider packing a pair of swim shorts.


Yoga Mat

Used to provide a portable, slip-free surface for yoga sessions on the go, your yoga mat is perfect for meditating in the open air.

Made from soft and flexible PVC, rubber, or TPE materials, they can be rolled up for easy transportation, and while thin, they still offer a layer of cushioning on hard ground.

Yoga mats can have an almost sticky feel to them that is designed to help increase traction while you work your way through your favorite poses, and while many hotels and classes provide their own yoga mats for your to use, it may be wise to take your own with you as shared mats can easily harbor bacteria.

Available in a wide array of colors and designs, most mats come complete with a carry handle or strap, making it easy to take your yoga mat away with you.

Yoga Pants

Stretchy and comfortable, yoga pants are perfect for wearing both on and off your yoga mat. A popular choice for busy women, gym enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers alike, they are usually made from cotton or bamboo blends, polyester, nylon, or other technical fabrics.

With the ability to help to wick away moisture, they will help to keep you feeling fresh even when working out, and strong seams and double gussets allow for full freedom of movement. With wide and double-layered waistbands, they sit nicely against your skin and are designed to stay up no matter how hard you work them.

Available in a huge choice of colors and designs, there is a perfect pair of yoga pants for women of all shapes and sizes.

Final Thoughts

Vacation time is precious, and if there is an activity you really love, why not spend your time away dedicated to honing your skills?

From high octane water sports to a gentle round of golf or some quiet meditation, getting better acquainted with your favorite pastime is exactly what activity and adventure vacations are all about.

With the right equipment, you can conquer anything, and whether you want to climb or descend a mountain, hit the slopes, or even just spend time being active at the beach, you will get far more out of your vacation knowing that you have everything you need to really excel at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do adventurers carry?

The type of gear adventurers carry really depends on the environment in which their trip takes place. While there might be specialized equipment needed for things like water or climbing adventures, the essentials should include a good pair of footwear, sunscreen, water, navigation, and a first aid kit at the very least.

What should I bring on a surfing trip?

A surfboard, leash, and spare fins are essential for a surfing trip. You’ll also need a wax comb and repair kit in case of any knocks. For clothing, a comfortable rash guard and board shorts are a must, and you should not hit the beach without waterproof sunscreen.

What should I bring on a mountain bike trip?

In addition to your bike and protective gear, you should take a compact multi-tool, spare inner tubes, a mini pump, a puncture repair kit, and a first aid kit.

What basic fishing gear do I need?

For beginners, it is easy and inexpensive to get your fishing gear together. Aside from a rod and reel, the only other essentials you need are bait, hooks, weights, and floats. Once you get into fishing, you might start investing in fishing carts, backpacks, scales, rod holders, or even chest waders.

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