Citi® Double Cash Card — Full Review [2021]

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Citi® Double Cash Card — Full Review [2021]

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"1% Cash-back when you buy, plus 1% when you pay"

Great card for the average spender with no specific focus category; worry-free 2% cash-back on everything!

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The world is becoming a busier and busier place. With so much going on, many of you don’t have the time to constantly be finessing your points’ strategies.

Your Citi® Double Cash Card is here to the rescue! Perhaps one of the most valuable cash-back credit cards out there, Citi has delivered a card that’s easy to use for the everyday person.

If you are the type who spends a little on groceries, a little on dining out, goes to the movies, maybe travels once a year, then this card might just be for you.

Card Snapshot

The Ideal Cardholder

Busy People Walking
In the busy world we live in, some people aren’t interested in making every little decision. The Double Cash card is a great card for earning rewards without having to think about it! Image Credit: Sean Pavone via Shutterstock

Sign-up Bonus and Cash Back Details

While there is no cash value sign-up bonus, you do get an introductory APR.

Since the typical user of this card is not spending heavily in any given category, they may want to use this card as a way to float some cash.

There is absolutely no hassle as long as you pay the minimum fee each month (go to the Citibank Login right away and set up autopay), allowing you to accrue some quick cash if you need it.

If you’re using the intro APR, just be sure you’ve got a plan to have the cash available by the end of the introductory offer; the APR will be retroactive for anything not paid off by that time.

Having no specific focus allows you to comfortably and easily earn with your Double Cash card. You simply earn 1% cash-back when you purchase, and 1% cash-back when you pay it off.

Bottom Line:  The Double Cash card comes with an intro APR offer, and it earns 2% cash-back (1% when you purchase and 1% when you pay it off).

Collecting Your Double Cash Card Cash-Back Rewards

All the cash-back you earn with the card accrues into the cash-back bank in your Citi account.

This card makes it easy for you to get your rewards. Simply log in to pay your card, and the “Redeem” button will be right there for you to click.

We suggest directly paying off your balance with your rewards, but you can also choose to get a check, direct deposit it into an account, or even redeem it for gift cards if it’s Mother’s Day and you forgot to buy something!

Choose any method, because it’s the same value no matter which way you choose to redeem your cash-back.

Bottom Line:  The Double Cash card cash-back accrues in your account, which can be accessed at

Other Benefits of the Double Cash Card

While this card is a fairly simple, no-frills card, there are a few more benefits worth mentioning.

First, there is no maximum to the double cash-back you can earn. Whether you spend $1,000 or $100,000 a year, you’ll still earn 1% + 1% cash-back.

Next, you get a pass on your first late fee. So if you’ve forgotten to set up your autopay, you’ll get one mulligan!

Third, you get access to the Citi Private Pass. Private Pass gives you access to tickets for a variety of events.

Finally, you can utilize Apple Pay when you use your card and get access to the Citi Concierge Services; they have also added a free FICO score to most Citi cards.

Bottom Line:  The Double Cash card has many extra benefits, including Citi Private Pass, Citi Price Rewind, trip cancellation insurance, travel accident insurance, Apple Pay, and more!

Card Drawbacks: Some Not So Great Things

When redeeming, you have to do so at a minimum of $25. So if you won’t spend a lot on the card, you may want to reconsider. To get to $25, you will have to spend AND pay off $1,250 on the card.

The cash-back on the card can be used for statement credit, direct deposit, a check, or on gift cards or can be transferred to Citi ThankYou points and used for travel.

Finally, the double cash-back value is great, but the fact that you don’t get the additional 1% until you pay off the balance means your extra 1% cash-back will take longer to post to your account.

Bottom Line:  The cash-back on the Double Cash card can only be redeemed at a minimum of $25 at a time.

Great Card If

  • You’re spending evenly among many different categories of items
  • You do not travel much
  • You hate calculating out your rewards strategy and don’t want to track a variety of credit cards and points programs
  • You are looking for a intro APR card to float some cash

Don't Get If

  • You spend heavily in a particular category, and that category has another specific rewards card (e.g., travel, gas, supermarkets, dining)
  • You are a low spender and won’t accrue more than $25 cash-back (there’s a $25 minimum spend on the cash-back redemption feature)
  • You’ll be traveling internationally (of course, you could just use another card)

Double Cash Card — Fees

  • Annual Fee
    • $0
  • Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Interest Rates
    • 13.99% - 23.99% Variable
  • Balance Transfers
    • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers for 18 months
    • After that, the variable APR will be 13.99% - 23.99%.
    • Balance transfer fee applies with this offer: 3% of each balance transfer; $5 minimum.
  • Cash Advance APR
    • 25.24% Variable
    • Fee: 5% of each cash advance; $10 minimum

Best Way to Maximize Cash-Back Rewards

For those of you interested in getting the most out of your Double Cash card, we put together the following list to outline how to use the card:

Tip #1: If you’re only going to use this credit card, then make sure to put everything on the card you can: bills/autopay, insurance, doctors’ visits, gift cards, etc. You will earn 2% back everywhere!

Tip #2: If you’re going to combine this with other specific category cards, then you still can’t lose. Simply use this card to pay for everything else you don’t get mega-bonuses for with your other cards.

For example, put all of your U.S. supermarket purchases (up to $6,000) as well as gas on your Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express, then spend the rest on the Double Cash card.

Tip #3: Always pay off your balance! No card holds its value if you fail to pay off the balance; the late fees make sure of that!

Tip #4: Remember that you won’t get your additional 1% cash-back until you pay off your balance.

If you’re using the intro balance transfer period to float a little loan, just remember to pay it off by the month in which this introductory APR ends, or you’ll be hit with interest up through the day it was bought!

Tip #5: Use cash-back for statement credit. This pays off your balance and activates the 1% cash-back that has been waiting.

Guy Appreciating Cash Back
The Double Cash card is all cash-back, and you’ll enjoy the 2% rewards you earn using the card! Image Credit: Manczurov via Shutterstock

Best Way To Redeem Cash-Back Rewards

It’s simple: just go into your Citi account and apply your cash-back to your account balance. You will still get your additional 1% cash-back, and you’ll lower your required cash outlay for the month.

If you try to purchase the gift cards, you’ll have to wait to use those (or give them away). Remember that if you do use the gift cards you purchase, then you’re not earning 2% on your Double Cash card…so don’t do that!

By using direct deposit, you’re going to get some additional cash, which can be helpful if you’re using the intro APR offer to invest in something and pull some cash flow forward (maybe to spend to get additional points on other cards!).

However, if not, then you’ll just be wasting time and resources before transferring the money back to Citi to pay off your balance.

Reasons Not to Take a Check or Account Transfer

If you opt for a check, you’re likely going to wait a few weeks to receive it, and then you have to go through the trouble of putting it into your bank before finally using it for purchases.

This option seems unnecessarily cumbersome, but if you can think of a reason this would be beneficial then please let us know.

Note that if you take your cash-back as a check or bank account transfer, you may end up having to count that as income and pay taxes on it, so we don’t recommend those methods!

Since this is cash-back only, there are no partners with this card.

The Gritty Details: Everything Else You Need To Know

There isn’t much restriction on the card, besides the typical restriction of cash-back not applying to late fees, interest, or other penalties.

This card is virtually risk-free assuming you pay off the balance. The drawback is that if you are not able to pay off the balance, you could get hit with some pretty hefty interest rates and late fees.

The double cash-back is actually 1% when you purchase the item and 1% when you pay it off. So if you don’t see your full 2% right away, this is why.

Actually, this is a pretty smart way on Citi’s part to ensure it is rewarding its best customers while creating an incentive for those on the edge to keep their bills paid.

How to Redeem Your Cash-Back: Step by Step

To redeem your cash-back, it will take 3 clicks. (1) Go into your Citi Account. At the top right or in the right sidebar, there should be a button to view/redeem cash-back; click that.


(2) On the next screen click “redeem” to bring you to the final screen, (3) which asks you how you want to redeem.

We suggest just getting statement credit. If you get other forms of redemption, you may be legally responsible for taxes on that. Why not just use it where you need it?


Other Unique Features

Below are the remainder of the features and benefits you get for having the Double Cash card in your wallet. Some are fairly standard, some are pretty cool, and many are never used or forgotten.

However, there is value down here, so take a look and see if you can pull some value out of these benefits!

Tip: You can view which benefits are on your Citi cards by signing in to your account and finding them under the “Benefits” section.

Flexible pay dates – You can freely choose your billing date on any date of the month. This allows you to align your statement with your paychecks or other credit cards/bills more easily.

Chip technology – The EMV chip is a new security feature being added to all cards that helps prevent identity theft. It also makes the card easier to use when you are overseas (although with a 3% fee, we don’t recommend using this card).

No longer do you have to be embarrassed for not knowing French, only for them to finally say “chip?” after wondering why they won’t take your card…(OK, it was ONE time!!)

Late fee pass – Missed your first payment because you forgot to set up that autodraft? It’s on Citi this time! Take the free pass on fees for your first missed payment; just don’t make it a habit.

Citi Private Pass – This program provides event tickets for Citi members. Use it to find tickets to your favorite band, possibly even getting VIP or pre-released tickets before they sell out elsewhere!

Lost wallet service – You’d never lose your card would you? If you happen to fall victim to this frustrating experience, Citi will get you a card replacement typically within 24 hours, and an emergency cash advance based on your limit if needed (APRs and fees do apply).

Citi cards with Apple Pay –  Use your Apple device to pay for things with your card. No more of that tiresome swiping!

This is a neat convenience option if you’re into it; just look for places with the contactless Apple Pay system and put your device near it to quickly pay.

24-hour fraud protection – Like most companies, Citibank will be monitoring your account for fraudulent charges and notifying or inquiring about them if they occur.

$0 liability for unauthorized charges – Again, you won’t be on the hook for unauthorized charges!

Frequently asked questions

Is the Double Cash card worth it?

The card is a great beginner card for those looking to get started in the credit card points world.

Though the card only earns cash-back that can be applied as statement credit, there are no other drawbacks to owning the card (no annual fee, etc.).

The card earns the equivalent of 2% cash back: 1% when you make the purchase, and the other 1% when you pay the balance off.

What are the benefits of the Double Cash card?

This card only has a few benefits beyond it’s 2% equivalent cash-back. First, it comes with no annual fee, making it great for the casual user.

Next, it has Citi Price Rewind. This is a tool that allows you to register an item you purchase to try to find a lower price.

Citi will look over the next 60 days for lower prices at all retailers. If one is found, you have to go back into the account to claim your reimbursement. You can get up to $300 reimbursed per item, and up to $1,200 per year.

It also comes with flexible pay days, a free pass on your first late fee, Apple Pay, and access to Citi Private Pass. These may be useful to you depending on your personal situation.

Finally, a slew of insurances are included: car rental, trip cancellation and interruption, travel accident, extended warranty, and damage and theft protection. See the Gritty Details for more information.

What is the Double Cash card login?

The Citibank login is the same as the login for all other cards.

How does the Double Cash card work?

For every purchase you make with the card, you will earn 1% cash-back, which will accumulate into your account. From there you can use the cash to redeem for statement credit at any time.

However, the minimum redemption is $25. When you pay off your balances, you’ll earn an additional 1% cash-back.

Does the Double Cash card have a 0% APR?

Typically, yes (see card summary table for current offer).

What is the Double Cash card annual fee?

$0; there is no annual fee on this card.

What is the Double Cash card foreign transaction fee?

The foreign transaction fee on the card is 3%.

Can you use the Double Cash card for travel?

Not really. You can only use the cash-back for statement credit on your card.

If you purchase travel on the card, then pay it off with cash-back, that could be considered “using it for travel.” However, the cash-back cannot be used in any other way.

What's the difference between the Double Cash card vs Discover it Miles Card?

Both cards are essentially the same thing. They earn at different rates (1.5x vs 2x equivalent), but both cards accrue the equivalent of cash-back in their accounts.

Whenever you want, you can apply the cash-back to the cards as statement credit.

The nuances here are that the Discover it Miles Card calls their cash-back “miles” and only allows you to use it for travel purchases. However, you can apply it at any time in any amount.

With the Double Cash Card, you can use its double cash-back for anything at any time, but the minimum redemption is $25.

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    I thought the Warranty is added by 2 Years. In fact, if you purchase an extended warranty from the shop then Citi’s warranty kicks off after extended warranty.


  2. Absolutely Terrible. Good luck with the dispute process – this company has horrible customer service that talks to you like you’re a piece of trash. They do not defend the customer. The process for a dispute is easily a full-time job. I had a receipt from the merchant handwritten and an email showing exactly how much money they owed and they still failed the dispute and gave it to the merchant which is more than enough evidence than any average person would have.

    Horrible company that forwards calls overseas to rude people in other countries. I will never use them again. American Express and Visa, here I come all over again. I will never deal with Citi again and if that’s MasterCard’s process I will never deal with them either. Not worth the hassle for the 2%… better off sticking with a 1.5% card and not having to deal with them.


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