49 Best Ways To Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for Max Value [2018]

British Airways First Class

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Chase Ultimate Rewards points are easy to earn and offer great redemption opportunities. To get the best value and use your points for maximum value, you’ll certainly want to transfer them to one of Chase’s airline and hotel partners.

Don’t be tempted to use your Chase points for cash-back or on products through their own shopping portal, since your return isn’t as high. Stick to travel-related transfer partners!

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Transfer Chase Points to Airline and Hotel Partners

To take advantage of transferring points to these airline and hotel partners, you need to have a Chase card that charges an annual fee (and those cards always offer the best benefits!)

Recommended Chase Cards (Personal)

Recommended Chase Cards (Business)

Earn points using your Chase credit card on everyday purchases. Try using the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall to get maximum value in popular online shops.

The most lucrative redemptions are available when to transfer your Chase points into a partner loyalty program, since Chase points are highly valuable. Ultimate Rewards transfer out to hotel and airline programs at a 1:1 ratio (see below).

Hot Tip:  A great way to maximize the usage of your credit cards is to use one of the three travel rewards cards for their bonus categories, then use the Chase Freedom Unlimited® for everything else. You’ll get 1.5% cash-back versus just 1% points with the other cards (among other great perks).

Chase Airline Transfer Partners

You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to earn airline miles; just earn a sign-up bonus from Chase credit card offers and do some everyday spending, then transfer those points to miles!

Chase Airline Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer RatioTransfer Time
Aer Lingus AerClub1,0001:1Almost Instant
British Airways Executive Club1,0001:1Almost Instant
1,0001:11-7 days
Iberia Plus1,0001:1Almost Instant
JetBlue1,0001:1Almost Instant
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
1,0001:1Up To 24 Hours
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards1,0001:1Almost Instant
United Airlines MileagePlus1,0001:1Almost Instant
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club1,0001:1Almost Instant

Transfer points to the Chase Ink and Chase Sapphire travel partners in 1,000 point increments.

Chase Airline Transfer Partners

Chase Hotel Transfer Partners

You don’t have to redeem Chase points for airlines; there are hotel partners as well. Trade in your points for IHG rewards nights or stay at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton.

Chase hotel partners are as follows:

Chase Hotel Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer RatioTransfer Time
World of Hyatt
1,0001:1Almost Instant
IHG Rewards Club1,0001:11 day
Marriott Rewards1,0001:12 days

Chase Hotel Transfer Partners

What does this mean for you? If you use a travel reward credit card to earn 50,000 Chase Rewards points, you can transfer to a partner to get 50,000 points with that partner.

The 49 Best Ways To Redeem Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

In this post, you’ll find the best ways to use Chase points for travel redemptions with many of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program partners. These travel partners will maximize the value you can obtain when redeeming for flights and overnight stays at hotels.

You have the option of using your points in the online travel portal, but partner transfers will generally be much more valuable.

Great award redemptions are emerging and disappearing all the time! At the time of this post, these were the best-known redemptions out there for Chase points.

1. Fly Singapore Suites in an A380 (KrisFlyer Miles)

Singapore Suites A380
Looking for the most romantic flight experience out there? Don’t miss Singapore Suites on the A380 with your special someone. Image courtesy singaporeair.com.

Most people transfer points to the Singapore KrisFlyer miles program because they want to experience Singapore Suites —Singapore Airlines’ first class luxury double bed in the sky. You won’t experience a product like this on any other airline!

The least expensive way to experience Singapore Suites is on their New York to Frankfurt route. A one-way Suites Class ticket will only cost 76,000 points. Note that Singapore Suites Class is only available on A380 aircraft.

Generally, awards for Suites Class will cost you 120,000 miles each direction when you are departing from the New York City and flying to Singapore.

When you save up enough Chase points and find availability for Singapore Suites Class, definitely book a ticket or 2!

Another highlight of Singapore Airlines’ program is that they are transfer partners of all of the major transferable points currencies like American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou Rewards.

If you are short on your Chase points, there are other opportunities to earn the additional miles you need to book a ticket with Singapore Airlines.

It’s tough to find 2+ seats on the same flight for Singapore Suites Class. You have 2 options if you’re looking to book travel on more than 1 ticket: book a second ticket for more miles, or waitlist for a second seat at the same price.

Need help booking? See our step by step guide for booking Singapore Suites or first class.

2. Fly United in Business or First Within the U.S. (KrisFlyer Miles)

United business class
United p.s. is the way to go when you have a long flight within the U.S. Image courtesy travelskills.com.

You can also use your Singapore Airlines miles to fly other airlines, like United. A great price point on the Singapore Airlines award chart is for business and first class flights within the U.S. You can redeem 20,000 miles to fly one-way in business class within the U.S., or redeem 30,000 miles to fly one-way in first class.

United charges 25,000 miles one-way for business and 35,000 miles one-way for first, so you can save considerably by using Singapore Airlines miles instead.

3. Fly Between the Continental U.S. and Hawaii (KrisFlyer Miles)

Singapore Airlines also offers good pricing to fly between the continental U.S. and Hawaii in all classes of service. One-way prices are 17,500 miles in economy, 30,000 miles in business, and 40,000 miles in first class.

Again, United would charge you more miles: 22,500 miles in economy, 40,000 miles in business, and 50,000 miles in first to book the exact same flights.

Hot Tip:  Apply for a Chase credit card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card in order to earn the points you need to make this trip. The best reward credit cards come with a sign-up bonus, so make sure to earn it!

4. Fly to Europe From the U.S. in Economy (KrisFlyer Miles)

Don’t miss Berlin on your next visit to Europe! It’s a fun city with so much history. Image courtesy telegraph.co.uk.

In addition to offering good pricing for flights within the U.S., Singapore Airlines offers a relatively low price to get to Europe in Economy – book travel for only 27,500 miles each direction.

The major U.S. carriers (United, American Airlines, and Delta) charge 30,000 miles at the lowest regularly available price.

Hot Tip: Enjoy your trip home from Europe even more with The Platinum Card® from American Express. This card gets you access to the Priority Pass program, which allows you access to over 900 lounges around the world.

5. Fly to the Middle East or North Africa From the U.S. (KrisFlyer Miles)

Ethiopian's business class
It’s going to be easy to wake up from a good night’s sleep after flying Ethiopian’s business class to Africa! Image courtesy ethiopianairlines.com.

If you’re looking to get a little bit off the beaten track, consider using your Singapore Airlines miles to fly to the Middle East or North Africa.

You can redeem your miles for travel on Star Alliance member airlines like United, EgyptAir, Ethiopian, Swiss, Turkish, and Lufthansa to get to the Middle East or North Africa for only 37,500 miles, 57,500 miles, or 75,000 miles in economy, business, and first class, respectively.

Need help booking? Check out our step by step guide to booking first class on Lufthansa.

6. Fly From the U.S. to Central or South Africa (KrisFlyer Miles)

Cape Town, South Africa.
If you want to escape the big cities on your next trip, head to Cape Town, South Africa. Make sure to have a glass of wine for us while you are there! Image courtesy travelstart.co.za.

You can head a little bit further south in Africa for not too many more miles than flying to North Africa. Business class redemptions to the region represent the best value with KrisFlyer miles; you can redeem for only 72,500 miles each way. United would charge 80,000 miles for the same ticket.

Hot Tip:Singapore Airlines does pass on fuel surcharges when booking award tickets. To estimate what the fuel surcharge will be, head to the ITA Matrix and find the flights you are looking to book. In the itemized list of the fare and taxes, look for the line item labeled ‘YQ’ or ‘YR’. Sometimes it’s worth paying more miles to save on fuel surcharges.

7. Fly Between South Pacific Islands (KrisFlyer Miles)

Air New Zealand's business class
You’ll be ready to hit the water swimming when you fly Air New Zealand’s business class between islands in the South Pacific. Image courtesy airnewzealand.com

Using Singapore Airlines miles to hop around the South Pacific Islands is a great use of miles if you can spare the time and be somewhat flexible when looking for availability.

Singapore Airlines charges 12,500 miles in economy, 17,500 miles in business, and 22,500 miles in first for travel one-way within the South Pacific. If you book a round-trip ticket, you’ll be able to make a stopover on another island without paying more miles!

It costs 12,500 miles to book travel on United in economy (the same as Singapore) but a crazy-high 30,000 miles in business class and 40,000 miles in first class.

As alluded to above, availability can be tough, but if you can make it work you will be getting fantastic value out of your miles and the ability to visit some of the most remote islands on Earth.

HT: Travel is Free

8. Fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to Europe (KrisFlyer Miles)

Virgin Upper Class
Use your Singapore Airlines miles to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to Europe and save 30,000 miles over flying Star Alliance Partners in business class. Image courtesy of virgin-atlantic.com.

Virgin Atlantic isn’t part of the same alliance as Singapore Airlines, so you might not realize that it is possible to redeem KrisFlyer miles to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, but it is!

Singapore Airlines only charges 100,000 KrisFlyer miles to fly roundtrip from the U.S. to Europe in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. If you wanted to fly Star Alliance airlines instead, you would have to pay 130,000 KrisFlyer miles to fly in business class round trip meaning that you can save 30,000 miles on a roundtrip!

Need Help Booking? Check out our step-by-step guide to booking Virgin Atlantic Upper Class!

Hot Tip:  The Chase reward credit cards are great for trips on Singapore Airlines, but you can also earn additional KrisFlyer miles using American Express travel rewards credit cards like the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express!

9. Access Luxury with Lufthansa First Class (KrisFlyer Miles)

Lufthansa's luxurious A380 in First Class.
Use your KrisFlyer Miles to book a seat on Lufthansa’s luxurious A380 in First Class.

Another great use of your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles is access to amazing first class products like Lufthansa’s. You can fly Lufthansa First Class for 160,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles round trip and around 400 Euro in fuel surcharges.

It is possible to save on fuel surcharges by redeeming for Lufthansa First with other airlines, like United, but you’ll end up spending a ton more miles! 

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best, make sure you book a flight on Lufthansa’s A380. See Singapore Airline partners award chart for more ideas.

Need help booking? Check out our step by step guide to booking first class on Lufthansa.

10. Enjoy A Stopover on Your Way (MileagePlus Miles)

Stopovers, as we know them, are changing in less than 3 weeks, so if this is something you are interested in, you need to use your United miles to book a ticket before October 6, 2016.

Currently, any time you use your miles to book a round-trip, international itinerary, you can stop over in an additional destination for no extra miles cost. There are some restrictions to what exactly is allowed that I won’t go into here, but it has huge value!

Basically, if you are traveling from the U.S. to South America, you can stop in Lima for a few days and then head to Buenos Aires. It would cost the same if you didn’t stop in Lima – so why not?!

Stopovers are being replaced with the “Excursionist Perk” on October 6, 2016. This perk still has some value, but it won’t be as good as it is now.

When the Excursionist Perk takes hold, your stopovers will not be allowed to be in the zone that your travel originates in, and round-trip travel must end in the same zone where it started. The origin and destination of the Excursionist Perk must also be in the same zone.

For all other best redemptions using United miles, you can make them better by using stopovers until October 6, 2016! After that date, you can still use the Excursionist Perk, but I won’t always mention that detail for all of the upcoming best redemptions.

11. Fly Within Oceania (MileagePlus Miles)

Fiji beaches
The beaches of Fiji surely won’t disappoint. Image courtesy tourismfiji.com.

United charges a pretty reasonable price for flights within Oceania. These flights tend to be expensive if you pay cash, but United charges only 8,000 miles each direction to book travel in economy class for flight under 800 miles.

Flight over 800 miles are a reasonable 12,500 miles for a one-way flight.

12. Fly From the U.S. to Europe (MileagePlus Miles)

United charges 60,000 miles to fly round-trip between the U.S. and Europe. This isn’t the cheapest price you’ll be able to find between these 2 regions, but you don’t need to worry about trying to avoid paying fuel surcharges with United either!

There are many cases where it is worth a few thousand extra miles to avoid fuel surcharges.

13. Fly From the U.S. to Northern South America (MileagePlus Miles)

Copa Airlines business class
Copa Airlines doesn’t have the fanciest business class out there, but if you are headed into South America it might be worth the splurge for the extra space! Image courtesy airlinesanddestinations.com.

United splits South America up into 2 different regions in their award chart: Northern and Southern. If you’re looking to fly in economy class, United only charges 40,000 miles round trip for flights on United or any of its Star Alliance partners.

You’re going to pay more miles in business class, but not that many more. For 70,000 miles, you will get a round-trip business class ticket on United or a Star Alliance partner, like Copa Airlines!

14. Fly Around the Caribbean (MileagePlus Miles)

Caribbean ocean
There’s so much to discover in the Caribbean, both above and below the sea! Image courtesy mycaribbeanlife.com.

United charges 35,000 miles to fly round-trip between the U.S. and the Caribbean. With current stopovers (or after October 6 with the Excursionist Perk), you can visit 2 Caribbean islands for the price of 1.

It is possible to find cheaper redemptions to the Caribbean depending on where you live, but if you want to make a stopover, United miles aren’t a bad way to go.

15. Fly Domestically in the U.S. (MileagePlus Miles)

Domestic travel can be as valuable as international travel when it comes to using your United miles. Round-trip flights at the saver level within the lower 48 cost 25,000 United miles in economy.

If you want to go to Alaska, you can pay 35,000 miles in economy for a round-trip flight.

Hot Tip:  There is no one best travel reward credit card for United trips, but the Chase cards are fantastic starts.

16. Fly to Oceania From the U.S. (MileagePlus Miles)

Flights to Oceania are usually on the expensive side, but you can fly to gorgeous Pacific islands like Fiji with United miles for only 70,000 miles round-trip in economy.

17. Fly to Australia or New Zealand (MileagePlus Miles)

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to this cute Koala?!

Flights to Australia and New Zealand cost a few more United miles than flying to Oceania, but can still be a great deal. If you want to fly round-trip in economy, flights to Australia and New Zealand are going to set you back 80,000 miles.

18. Fly From China to Fiji (MileagePlus Miles)

If you want to visit Fiji but don’t have the miles to do it from the U.S, pick up a cheap fare to China instead (they happen frequently!) and then use 35,000 miles to fly round-trip between China and Fiji. This redemption is great for putting together a really cool trip to multiple destinations.

Check out United’s interactive award chart here.

19. Short Haul Flights (British Airways Avios)

american airlines
Use your British Airways miles to fly short flights within the U.S. for just a few miles!

British Airways reward travel has always been best booked on short-haul flights. Although there have been changes over the past few years, it is still one of the best programs for booking short-haul flights on Oneworld member airlines, and there are a few good medium-haul deals too.

Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer to British Airways Avios at a 1:1 ratio. This is better than the 1.25:1 ratio that American Express Membership Rewards now transfer at.

The Chase British Airways Visa Signature® Card also recently devalued earnings rates from 1.25x to 1x, which makes it slightly more difficult to collect these valuable British Airways Avios. Nevertheless, these deals are still relevant.

You’ll find the best use of your British Airways Avios for short-haul flights outside the U.S. Flights that are 650 miles or shorter will only cost 4,500 Avios in each direction. This can be incredibly valuable in areas where there are short but expensive flights, like in Japan.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to book travel in the U.S. that are 650 miles or shorter for only 4,500 Avios. Any flight that is in the U.S. or abroad will cost 7,500 Avios in economy, which can still be an incredible deal.

Hot Tip: You might find some flights with high fees when you are using your Avios. Instead of flying British Airways, look for American reward travel or flights on Alaska Airlines.

20. West Coast U.S. to Hawaii (British Airways Avios)

Hawaii might as well be a different country considering how different it is from the mainland U.S. You don’t have an excuse not to go considering how few miles it costs to get there!

Flying one-way direct from the West Coast to Hawaii on American Airlines or Alaska Airlines is one of the least expensive ways to get to Hawaii. Flights only cost 12,500 Avios each way in economy; this is the standard for American reward travel.

21. East Coast U.S. to Europe (British Airways Avios)

Medium-haul routes available for redemption with your Avios for good value aren’t plentiful, but they do exist. Fly from U.S. East East Coast to Dublin on Aer Lingus for only 13,000 Avios each way in economy off-peak, with low fuel surcharges.

You can transfer your Chase points to British Airways and then to Iberia, where you’ll save on fuel surcharges. If you want to transfer your miles from BA to Iberia, your account must be at least 90 days old and must have had points activity.

A couple good one-way business class redemptions on Iberia are Boston/NYC to Madrid for 34,000 miles, and Chicago/Los Angeles/Miami to Madrid for 42,500 miles.

Hot Tip:  Earn additional Avios by earning Chase points and then transferring them to Avios. The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is the perfect card for this. You can also transfer in additional points from Membership Rewards, which could be earned with cards like the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express.

22. Miami to Lima, Peru (British Airways Avios)

A foodie paradise – Lima is a must visit! Image courtesy latinflyer.com.

If you want to use your Avios to get somewhere other than Europe, consider Lima, Peru. A flight from Miami only costs 12,500 British Airways Avios in each direction for an economy seat. That’s the same number of miles it would cost you to book a domestic flight with United Airlines!

23. Build in a Stopover To Save Miles (British Airways Avios)

Since British Airways has a distance-based program and they price out each flight individually, you can sometimes add in a stopover and actually save miles. You can also stay in your stopover destination for as long as you like at no additional cost.

  1. Los Angeles to Sydney on a direct flight costs 50,000 Avios in economy. If you stop in Honolulu on the way, you’ll only pay 37,500 Avios in economy (and you can stay in HNL for as long as you like!).
  2. Miami to Santiago on a direct flight costs 25,000 Avios in economy. If you stop in Quito, Ecuador along the way, your flights will cost 22,500 Avios in economy. This savings isn’t as significant, but if you want to visit Ecuador it’s worth it!

In both of the examples above, or any time there is a stop in your British Airways reward travel itinerary, you can stay for as long as you want in the stopover location.

24. Low Fees (British Airways Avios)

If you’re booking a last-minute flight, don’t forget to check availability for booking with Avios. British Airways doesn’t charge a fee for booking at the last minute like many other airlines do.

British Airways also has pretty reasonable cancellation fees. If the taxes on your ticket cost less than $40, your cancellation fee is only the cost of taxes. If your taxes are higher than $40, your cancellation fee will be $40.

In the U.S., taxes are only $5.60 on a one-way ticket…so if you’re not sure about a trip, booking with Avios might be the way to go!

25. Fly From Santiago to Easter Island (British Airways Avios)

Moai monolithic carvings on Easter Island.
Visit the Moai monolithic carvings on Easter Island. Image courtesy travel.nationalgeographic.com.

Getting to Easter Island is usually pretty expensive, the least expensive round-trip flights were around $850. Considering this redemption would only cost 12,500 Avios each way for economy tickets, you can get some great value out of your miles on this route!

26. Fly From Los Angeles to Tokyo (British Airways Avios)

Japan airlines first class
Japan Airlines offers a very nice First Class experience, and you won’t even need to pay excessive taxes and surcharges when you book with your British Airways Avios!

Generally, Avios are not the least expensive currency to use for long flights, but Los Angeles to Tokyo is actually a pretty good value. This flight puts you in the 25,000 Avios distance bracket for economy flights. Don’t forget to always check taxes on these tickets; this one should run you less than $35 each way.

You can fly this same route in business class for 50,000 Avios or First class for 75,000 Avios. These aren’t the best premium cabin redemptions out there, especially if you are looking to connect on to a further destination (since British Airways charges separately for all flights).

However, is still not a bad option if you want to experience Japan Airlines business or first class.

Need help booking? See our step by step guides for booking Japan Airlines first class and business class.

We’ve also covered at length the best ways to fly to Japan using points and miles!

27. Experience First Class on A Short Route (British Airways Avios)

cathay pacific first class
Flying First Class doesn’t always have to break the mileage bank! Redeem your Avios on a short route to see how you like it.

In case you don’t have a lot of miles to spare, but still want the chance to experience First Class, try using your British Airways Avios on a relatively short route. A flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong lasts around two hours and can be booked on Cathay Pacific First Class for only 22,500 British Airways Avios.

You won’t be able to find many less expensive ways to experience first class on a world-class airline!

Need help booking? See our step by step guide for booking Cathay Pacific first class.

28. Fly British Airways First Class and Use Travel Together to Save Even More! (British Airways Avios)

British Airways First Class
Fly British Airways First Class with a companion without paying more miles with the Travel Together Ticket earned via spending on their co-branded credit card.

Fuel surcharges are going to be significant if you want to fly British Airways in First Class, but using your miles is still a great way to access a ticket that would otherwise cost $5,000 or more one-way – especially if you can pair your redemption with a Travel Together Ticket earned by spending on British Airway’s co-branded credit card.

A one-way award ticket from London to Chicago will cost between 68,000 and 80,000 British Airways Avios depend on if the date is during ‘Peak’ season or ‘Off-Peak’ season. You can expect the fuel surcharges and taxes to be somewhere just over $700-$1,000 in each direction.

Now about that Travel Together ticket… You’ll first need to get the Chase British Airways Visa Signature® Card and spend $30,000 in a year on it in order to earn the Travel Together Ticket. 

The Travel Together Ticket will let you take a companion on a British Airways mainline flight originating in and returning to the United States that you have booked with miles. The companion will be booked in the same class as the original ticket – yes, even first! – and will only need to pay taxes, fees, and carrier charges. 

Use British Airways Avios reward flights calculator

Need Help Booking? Read our guide to help you book British Airways First Class using Points!

29. Continental U.S. to Hawaii on Delta in Economy (Flying Blue)

Finding Delta Air Lines reward travel with Chase points is perhaps a little more difficult than other options, but it’s possible! Air France and KLM have a shared loyalty program called Flying Blue, and Flying Blue can be used to book on Delta.

A great redemption using Flying Blue miles is for a flight from the continental U.S. to Hawaii. A round-trip in economy will only cost 30,000 Flying Blue miles and about $10 in fees.

Flights from the East Coast U.S. can easily cost over $500 round trip, so this is a great value redemption that doesn’t require a bunch of miles!

Flying Blue are also partners of the other big rewards programs: Citi ThankYou Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards.

If business class or first class is more your style, you can also book Delta One flights with Air France miles.

Notice: in mid-2018, new Flying Blue award pricing will take effect – the details have not yet been announced.

Need help booking Delta One? Check out our easy to follow booking guide for Delta One.

30. Flying Blue Promo Awards (Flying Blue)

air france business class
Use Flying Blue Promo Awards to get a seriously good deal on flying Air France in business class. Image courtesy airliners.net.

Flying Blue offers amazing pricing on certain routes through their “Promo Awards.” Promo awards change every few months throughout the year, and offer 25% or 50% off economy and business class redemptions from Europe to certain destinations around the world.

Most U.S.-based flyers will find the award between Europe and North American cities to be the most useful. When Promo Awards are offered at 50% off for the Europe – North America routes, you’ll only pay 12,500 miles each way in economy and 25,000 miles each way in business class…a seriously great deal!

Surcharges are on the higher side when using Flying Blue miles, but when you consider how many miles you’ll be saving it’s usually worth it.

31. Make Use of Flying Blue’s Weird Region Definitions (Flying Blue)

Most programs don’t consider Israel to be part of Europe, but Flying Blue does! Now you can visit for even fewer miles. Image courtesy lonelyplannet.com.

You can get a great deal on awards to certain locations because Flying Blue classifies a few countries in slightly strange regions. They consider Algeria, Israel, Libya, Morocco, and the Canary Islands to be part of Europe.

Right away this means you can take advantage of Flying Blue’s regular 50,000-mile round-trips in economy and 100,000-mile round-trips in business class. These destinations also qualify for Promo Awards (#26) between Europe and North American cities, saving you 25% to 50% more.

32. Fly to Mexico for the Same Price as Flying Around the U.S. (Flying Blue)

Mexico is part of the Caribbean/Central America Award Zone for many programs, but Flying Blue has Mexico in the same zone as the U.S. This means that you can fly to Mexico for the same price as flying domestically: only 12,500 miles in each direction.

33. U.S. to the Caribbean (Flying Blue)

Flying Blue’s Caribbean prices are pretty good too! Round-trip flights in economy only cost 30,000 miles. This is a savings of 5,000 miles per round-trip flight over what the major U.S.-based airlines will charge.

34. Insanely Cheap Economy Flights to the South Pacific and Australia (Flying Blue)

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Image courtesy dailymail.co.uk.

Flying Blue only charges 30,000 miles each way to fly in economy between the U.S. and the South Pacific, which includes islands like Tahiti! You can use this pricing to also get a lower priced award to Australia, which normally costs 50,000 miles each way in economy.

It’s possible to route through Sydney on your way to some South Pacific Islands, so just “accidentally” miss your last flight to save yourself 20,000 miles! This trick will not work on a flight returning to the U.S.

Check out AirFrance’s FlyingBlue miles calculator to find out the cost of your award.

35. Fly Around the U.S. and Caribbean for Cheap (Southwest Points)

Southwest Airlines Night Gate
The Southwest Companion Pass is one of the best ways for two people to explore the United States and the Caribbean.

Southwest offers some very inexpensive fares between certain city pairs. The number of points needed for Southwest flights usually depends on how much the flight costs, though Southwest has become a little bit less transparent about exactly how much points are worth over the past couple of years.

You’ll frequently be able to find one-way Southwest flights on sale for 6,000 Rapid Rewards Points or less. You can get even more out of your Rapid Rewards Points by qualifying for the Southwest Companion Pass. Having this pass will allow a companion to fly with you for only the cost of additional taxes.

Hot Tip:  The Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card can earn you additional miles in Southwest, along with getting you closer to earning a Companion Pass to double your redemption value!

36. Book Tickets You Might Want To Cancel (Southwest Points)

If you’re not completely sure about your travel plans, Southwest is a great airline to start looking at. Southwest does not charge a fee to cancel your ticket, right up until the time a flight is set to leave.

The points you use will be returned to your Southwest account and you’ll receive a voucher with the value of the taxes for use on a future flight.

Other airlines generally require you to purchase a much more expensive ticket if you want to be able to cancel it, and will charge a fee to cancel award tickets unless you have status with that airline.

See Southwest’s destination finder here >>.

Hot Tip: Interested in earning all the SWA points? Check out our great tips on earning Southwest Points without even flying!

37. Use Miles for Hotel Stays (Virgin Atlantic Miles)

Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi
Stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi, Vietnam for only 5,000 points per night. Image courtesy Hilton.com.

Virgin Atlantic doesn’t have one of the best award redemption charts for flights. In fact, it’s pretty awful when you compare to some of the other redemptions you can make from this list.

However, one of the best redemptions you can make with Virgin Atlantic miles actually has nothing to do with flying.

Virgin Atlantic has partnered with Hilton Honors and offers a 2:3 transfer ratio between the programs. This means that you can transfer 10,000 Chase points to 10,000 Virgin Atlantic miles, and then transfer those 10,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to 15,000 Hilton points.

With Hilton, 15,000 points was enough for a 3-night stay in a Category 1 Hilton hotel. Category 1 hotels are lightly sprinkled around the world, but there are many of them in Egypt.

However, as of 3/1/17, Hilton no longer offers a list of hotels by category, so you will need to search the area to find which ones are available and at what price.

38. Certain U.S. Cities to Europe (Virgin Atlantic Miles)

Virgin Atlantic does have a few decent options to use their miles for flights. Namely, you can fly from certain U.S. cities including Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to Europe in economy class for 42,500 miles round-trip.

Virgin Atlantic does charge higher fees that can be avoided by using other types of miles, but if you have Virgin miles and there’s availability it’s not a bad deal.

39. Fly Business Class From Washington, DC to Senegal (Virgin Atlantic Miles)

South African Airways Business Class
If you find yourself on one of South African Airways new Airbus A330s in business class, you’ll enjoy a nice lie-flat seat with direct aisle access. – Image courtesy of AusBT

Flying from the states to the anywhere on the continent of Africa isn’t always easy and it’s rarely cheap. Fortunately, the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club program provides a particularly interesting option if you would like to visit Senegal—or use it is as a jumping off point to visit more of Africa.

For 50,000 Flying Club miles, you can book a round-trip award ticket on South African Airways in business class from Washington-Dulles (IAD).You can also book a one-way business class award ticket for half the round-trip cost at just 25,000 Flying Club miles.

If economy class is more your style, the award rate is 40,000 miles for a round-trip ticket. However, unless you’re really in a pinch, why not just use an extra 10,000 miles for the comfort of business class.

We recognize that most of you don’t live in or near Washington, DC, but it might be worth positioning to IAD for such an amazing redemption option.

40. Travel within African Continent on South African Airways (Starting at 20,000 Miles)

South African Airways' business class
Enjoy South African Airways’ business class service while exploring the continent of Africa. Image courtesy of www.flysaa.com
Flying Club provides rather lucrative options for award travel within South Africa as well as between South Africa and the following African destinations:

Beira, Mozambique; Blantyre, Malawi; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; Gaborone, Botswana; Harare, Zimbabwe; Lilongwe, Malawi; Livingstone, Zambia; Lusaka, Zambia; Maputo, Mozambique; Maseru, Lesotho; Matsapha, Swaziland; Ndola, Zambia; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Walvis Bay, Namibia; and Windhoek, Namibia.

Round-trip economy tickets on these routes come to 20,000 miles, and business class tickets are 30,000 miles.

A slightly higher cost of redemption applies to award flights booked between South Africa and the following destinations:

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire; Dakar, Senegal; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Entebbe, Uganda; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Lagos, Nigeria; Luanda, Angola; Mauritius; Nairobi, Kenya; Accra, Ghana; Pointe-Noire, Congo; Cotonou, Benin; Brazzaville, Congo; and Douala, Cameroon.

Round-trip tickets on these routes would be 40,000 Virgin miles for economy, and business class tickets come to 50,000 miles.

Open-jaws are allowed, but the point of origin and return must be the same. A maximum of 4 legs are allowed.

41. Round-Trip First Class To Tokyo On All Nippon Airways (Virgin Atlantic Miles)

ANA First Class Cabin
Enjoy one of ANA’s first class suites. – Image courtesy of airlinereporter.com

Perhaps the best way to book a first class award ticket to Tokyo is by using Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles to fly with All Nippon Airways (ANA). You can book a round-trip first class award for 110,000 Flying Club miles from the west coast and 120,000 from the east coast and the central U.S.

It’s important to remember that these bookings must be round-trip and any connections will require more miles. For this reason, it’s best to book non-stop flights between the U.S. and Tokyo. Fortunately, there are several U.S airports from which ANA operates including Chicago-O’Hare (ORD), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), New York City (JFK), San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), Seattle (SEA), and Washington-Dulles (IAD).

Hot Tip: If you’re interested in jetting off to Tokyo, check out our Ultimate Travel Guide for the best things to see, do, eat, etc!

42. Cheap Economy Class Flights To Dublin From Several U.S. Cities (Aer Lingus AerClub)

Aer Lingus A330
Aer Lingus AerClub provides a great way to use Avios for cheap economy class award tickets from several cities in the United States.

As with British Airways, you can use Avios to book award flights through the Aer Lingus AerClub program—you can also use Avios to book through Iberia Plus. This is because all three of these carriers are owned by the holding company International Airlines Group (IAG).

However, each frequent flyer program is different and has some sweet spots. With Aer Lingus AerClub, you can use 26,000 Avios to book a round-trip economy class award ticket. As this is a distance-based award chart, you can book at this rate from Boston (BOS), Chicago-O’Hare (ORD), Newark (EWR), and New York City (JFK).

43. Fly To Casablanca From New York City In Business Class  (Iberia Plus)

Royal Air Maroc Dreamliner Business Class
If you’ve ever wanted to visit Casablanca, using Iberia Plus to book with Avios is a great way to try Royal Air Maroc’s business class on a flight from New York City (JFK). – Image courtesy of USA Today (J. David Buerk)

Another fun way to use Avios is through the Iberia Plus program to fly from New York City (JFK) to Casablanca (CMN) in Morocco. As we discussed earlier, getting cheap flights (including award tickets) to Africa is not always easy but this is a great option if you want to fly to the northern part of the continent.

For 46,000 Avios, you can book a one-way business class award ticket on Iberia’s partner Royal Air Maroc. If you want to book the same award flight in economy class, it will only be 23,000 Avios for a one-way award booking. Regardless of your preferred class of service, it’s going to be tough to beat these redemption rates.

44. Luxury Hyatt Hotels (World of Hyatt)

Park Hyatt Maldives
You’ll love your free stay at the Park Hyatt Maldives! Image courtesy Hyatt.com.

The award chart for World of Hyatt is one of the best out there for hotel stays. You can use your Hyatt points to stay at a standard room in a Category 1 Hyatt hotel for as little as 5,000 points.

These low category hotels are not usually expensive, so even if it is good value to use your points, it might worth it to save them for a luxury redemption.

You can redeem your Hyatt points for luxury hotels like the Park Hyatt Maldives or Park Hyatt Sydney for 30,000 points per night; these hotels can easily be $800+ per night otherwise.

Or, you could stay at the Andaz 5th Avenue in New York City for only 25,000 points per night.

45. All-Inclusive Hyatt Hotels (World of Hyatt)

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Jamaica
If you use your points at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Jamaica, you’ll have food and drinks included in your stay! Image courtesy Hyatt.com.

Hyatt also has a handful of all-inclusive hotels where you can use your points. Depending on the hotel, a standard room with single or double occupancy will only cost 20,000-25,000 points per night. A night in a suite at an all-inclusive will cost 32,000-40,000 points.

You can add additional people (up to 4 total) for 10,000-12,500 points per night. You’ll have all of your meals and drinks included at these hotels in addition to your room, so while the cost is quite high, consider the whole package value!

46. Upgrade Your Room at a Hyatt (World of Hyatt)

Hyatt’s upgrade chart is really reasonable and can present some great value. An upgrade to a Club Room costs 3,000 points per night. This will give you access to the lounge, which will probably mean some free snacks and drinks. What an easy way to save yourself some money at the bar!

It’s also possible to use your Hyatt points to upgrade your room to a suite. The cost is only 6,000 points per night, and you’ll also have access to the hotel lounge if your hotel has one.

47. Save Some Points With a Points + Cash Rate (World of Hyatt)

In addition to having a great all-points award chart, Hyatt also gives you the option to redeem points and cash for a stay. The points cost is half of what the cost would be in full points, and there is a cash portion to make up the difference.

There are a couple of great reasons to redeem your Hyatt points this way. First, the value per point is often higher. Second, these nights count toward qualifying for elite status, and you can also use benefits of elite status like Diamond Suite Upgrades on your room.

On a full points rate, you are not able to use Diamond Suite Upgrades. Check out the World of Hyatt award calculator for more info.

48. PointBreaks Hotels for 5,000 Points (IHG Rewards Club)

IHG PointBreaks are a great way to get deals on your upcoming trips, however, they’re only available in 2 month periods, so be sure to check often!

IHG stays generally cost between 10,000 and 50,000 points per night, but special deals with hotels listed on their PointBreaks list will get you a night’s stay at an IHG hotel for only 5,000 points.

IHG has a 2-month rotating roster of hotels on the PointBreaks list, and if these hotels line up with your travel plans, they make for a fantastic redemption at only 5,000 points per night!

Generally, the hotels on the PointBreaks list are mostly mid- or low-tier hotels, but every so often a higher tier property will make an appearance. Popular hotels sell out very quickly at the PointBreaks rate, so you have to be ready to book!

49. Stay at A Marriott or Ritz-Carlton (Marriott/Ritz-Carlton Rewards)

Marriott and Ritz-Carlton basically share a rewards program, but using your points with them is likely going to be make it difficult to find good value when compared to all of Chase’s other transfer partners.

You might find that Points + Cash stays have some value, and you might want to upgrade your room starting at 5,000 points per night. Generally, you’ll get much better upgrades with Hyatt, though, and their upgrades don’t cost as many points.

If you are looking at staying at a Category 1 Marriott hotel and it’s available at a PointSavers rate, you can book the room for only 6,000 points per night. Generally these rooms are not going to cost very much, so make sure to check the value you are getting from your points before you book.

How to Transfer Your Ultimate Rewards to Airline and Hotel Transfer Partners

1. Navigate to Chase’s website and log in to your account.

2. Select ‘Go To Ultimate Rewards’ on the right hand side of your account screen.

chase ultimate rewards balance

3. Select the account with the points you would like to use.

4. At the top of the screen, hover over the ‘Use Points’ drop down menu and select ‘Transfer to Travel Partners.’

5. Select the program you would like to transfer points to. In this case we will do Air France/KLM Flying Blue.

chase transfer partners

6. Add your member ID and select “Continue.”

7. Enter in the number of miles you would like to transfer and select ‘Continue.’

8. Review your transfer details. Remember that once you initiate the transfer, you will not be able to have your miles returned to your Chase account. Click ‘Confirm and Submit’ when you are ready to complete your transfer.

Final Thoughts

You should know a little more about the best ways to use Chase points now!

While you could use one of the many online travel portals to find cheap cash flights, use points for statement credit or gift cards, transferring points to partners using a Chase card offers the amazing travel opportunities outlined above.

Chase points will get you domestic and international flight travel, domestic train travel, and hotel stays across the world for maximum value when transferring to partners, but only if applied strategically.

With a little planning, you’ll be flying to Australia and Fiji for free, or enjoying a trip across the U.S. with your family for only a handful of points!

If you need more of these points for your next award, you can utilize one of the six Ultimate Rewards cards, which include the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Chase Freedom Unlimited®, or Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card.

Photo Credit:  Hotel Deal Tablet:  Natasa Adzic / Shutterstock


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  1. Arthur Szczepkowski · September 21, 2017 · Reply

    Any advice on flying from US (Houston) to New Zealand From late December to mid-January? I’ve tried searching all of the main partner websites and nothing seems remotely worth the points.

    • Finding award space a few months before departure to Australia/New Zealand during the holiday season is difficult as it’s a very popular time to travel. Returning mid-January should be easier. If you’re looking for premium cabin award space, that’s going to be really tough.

      United miles will be your best bet if you can find award space. Using British Airways Avios to book AA is possible but I’m only seeing economy space prior to 12/14.

      If you can position to LAX, China Eastern has economy space in late December which can be booked for 50k Flying Blue miles. i’d definitely consider other airport options if you are okay positioning to them – Southwest can be useful with this.

  2. Steve · May 18, 2018 · Reply

    #11 – Can you explain how to find award flights for Oceania flights for 12,500 united mileage plus points? Example from USA to Fiji. Could not find anything close to that.

    • Michael McHugh · May 19, 2018 · Reply

      Hi Steve

      If you are wanting to fly from the North America (USA) region to Oceania (Fiji, French Polynesia, etc.), United requires 35,000 miles one-way in economy. If you are wanting to fly intra Oceania, United requires 8,000 miles one-way for an economy flight less than 800 miles, and 12,500 miles for an economy flight more than 800 miles. Here’s the interactive award chart if you want to check it out.

  3. Froide · July 16, 2018 · Reply

    Would you please confirm or disconfirm my understanding that redeeming Ultimate Rewards miles requires one to make the following choice:
    Redeem via Chase Travel (which is actually Expedia, a 3rd party vendor) to get 1.5 points/$1 but lose elite status because most vendors don’t honor status booked via 3rd party vendors,
    Transfer Ultimate Rewards points to travel partners to retain elite status but at a 1:1 rate.

    • Christine Krzyszton · July 16, 2018 · Reply

      You have the option to redeem your Ultimate Rewards Points for travel on the Chase travel portal but it is the same as purchasing a ticket with cash. If the fare class qualifies, you earn elite miles. I purchase most of my tickets with Ultimate Rewards Points and have earned elite miles on every ticket.

      You also have the option to transfer Ultimate Rewards Points to airline travel partners and receive miles with that partner airline which you can use towards award flights. Award flights, however, do not earn miles that count towards elite status.

  4. What is the difference between United Business and United First when flying domestically? I thought it was all Economy, Economy Plus, or First?

    Is it recliner vs. lie-flat?

    • Michael McHugh · July 30, 2018 · Reply

      Hi Joel

      You’re correct. United has United First (recliner seat) on most domestic routes and United Premium Service Business (lie-flat) on domestic transcon routes. I’d recommend using seatguru.com to see what United is offering on the route you are looking at.

  5. J. L. Sprole · August 24, 2018 · Reply

    I now have 57,136 points on my Visa card – other than travel, how can I convert them to something useful to me ?

  6. Kerry Andersen · September 18, 2018 · Reply

    hello, I have 110,000 Chase ultimate rewards points in addition to another 17,000 points on a capital one credit card. I would love to take my son to South Africa to visit family over the Christmas holidays. Is this feasible? Is it better to buy one ticket and use the points to purchase the second or buy two tickets for cash and use the points to upgrade both of us?. or should I try to book points travel to North Africa and then fly domestically when I get there? New to all of this. I’m also considering signing up for the new citi rewards card with a 60,000 Point bonus to pad my miles even more . Thank you so much.

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