The Global Entry Program – 21 Frequently Asked Questions [2021]

Global Entry card and passport

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Global Entry is an expedited screening program for people entering the U.S. from a foreign country. It essentially pre-screens participants for major red flags and criminal history to judge whether or not they’d be a risk entering the U.S. from a foreign area. 

In this article, we’re going to explore:

  • How to apply for Global Entry
  • How to use Global Entry properly
  • How TSA PreCheck relates to Global Entry
  • What not to do with Global Entry
  • What credit cards you can use to negate the Global Entry fee

Let’s take a look at several of the most popular questions surrounding Global Entry.

1. Does Global Entry come with TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Global Entry does come with TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck is an expedited form of security within the U.S., where members can keep their shoes on, electronics in their bags, and light jackets on their body.

This process usually allows participants to go through a standard metal detector and not a full body scan machine. Just because you have TSA PreCheck doesn’t mean you’ll always get the perks of TSA PreCheck, however.

Members of the program are subject to random full scans where you’ll be sent to the regular security line and asked to remove your laptop, liquids, and shoes, so don’t always assume you’re going to have PreCheck perks when you arrive at the airport.

Bottom Line: Global Entry does come with TSA PreCheck, allowing expedited security screening within the U.S.

2. What should I expect during the Global Entry interview?

The Global Entry interview is done at an enrollment center, which has locations at most major airports. Once you arrive, you’ll be checked in and will watch a video about the Global Entry program, what’s included, and what’s not.

Eventually, you’ll meet with a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. This officer will review your paperwork to ensure everything is in order, and also ask you simple biographical questions to verify your identity and intentions on using the program.

Also  probably the most important part — your fingerprints will be recorded and programmed into the system so when you use the Global Entry kiosk you can be easily identified.

3. What if I’m having trouble making an appointment due to wait times?

Scheduling a Global Entry interview can be tedious — sometimes, appointments aren’t available for months out, and I know several travelers that have personally had problems securing a confirmed appointment.

There are several things you can do to help expedite this process:

  • Check on the Global Entry website for cancellations or openings. People are constantly shifting their schedules and plans, so last minute appointments certainly do open. My understanding is that you can also call your local center to see if there are any last minute openings
  • Go to another nearby airport. For example, in the Washington DC area, both Washington Dulles and Baltimore/Washington have interview appointments, so if you can’t find anything at one airport, consider driving to the next nearest one. There’s no restriction on which airport you can do your interview.
  • Consider making your appointment for while you’re traveling. Let’s say there are no appointments in your home market of New York City, but you plan on traveling to Seattle next week, and there’s an appointment there. You can make an appointment in Seattle and do your interview there.
Global Entry Kiosks
Image Credit: James Tourtellotte via CBP

4. Am I guaranteed not to have any secondary screening with Global Entry?

Not at all. You’re always potentially subject to extra screening or questioning, even without declaring anything. This extra examination could include looking at your bags, asking about where you’re coming from, a search from a drug dog, or other precautionary measures.

Several years ago, I was stopped in JFK Airport upon coming back from a long weekend in Hong Kong (because that’s what crazy people with miles do, ya know?) and I was stopped by CBP officers upon showing my Global Entry receipt when trying to exit. I was told to step into a secondary area and waited while an officer searched all of my belongings, including my entire suitcase and backpack.

Each article of clothing was removed and searched. Eventually, a drug dog was brought over to sniff me and the luggage, but of course, nothing was found.

The entire process took around 15 minutes or so from start to finish and was extraordinarily thorough. For clarification, I was not declaring anything and didn’t mark “yes” to any of the questions on the Global Entry form itself, so I believe this was some sort of random check.

Bottom Line: You are never guaranteed not to have secondary screening when using Global Entry — so don’t think you can get away with anything.

5. Do I need to fill out the customs declaration form on my flight?

You don’t, which is actually a cool benefit.

As a member of the Global Entry program, you are NOT required to fill out the customs declaration form, so as you see the flight attendant walking down the aisle with them, you don’t need to take one. All of the questions on the form you’ll answer on the Global Entry kiosk in the customs area.

6. What’s the process for using a Global Entry kiosk?

As you approach the kiosk, you’ll be asked to insert your passport into the holder. The kiosk will automatically read the information on the passport and identify who you are. Then, it will ask you to scan your fingerprints on a green pad.

These fingerprints will be compared with your passport information to ensure there’s a match. Following this, you’ll be asked to verify which inbound flight you arrived on.

It’s worth noting that occasionally incorrect information pops up on this screen especially if there was some sort of irregular operations and you were re-routed or placed on another flight, etc. Most of the time it is correct, however.

Once you confirm your flight, you’ll then answer the customs declaration questions — which basically ask if you’ve brought food into the country, have touched any live animals, or have brought in soil — the simple stuff. More on this in a minute, but you must declare all food that you’re bringing in. You’ll then confirm your answers are correct, and a receipt will print out of the kiosk which will have your picture on it.

You then proceed to an exit point to present this receipt and passport to a CBP officer. Most times they’ll then wave you through, but occasionally they ask a confirmation question such as “What flight are you coming in from?,” “What countries did you visit?,” or “Are you bringing in any food?”

Once you’re past this point, you can collect any checked baggage and then proceed out of the baggage hall.

Global Entry Kiosk at Newark Liberty International
A passenger uses a Global Entry Kiosk at Newark Airport; Image Credit:

7. Which credit cards pay for your Global Entry membership fee?

There are a variety of premium credit cards that will reimburse you for purchasing Global Entry.

Some of those cards are:

Hot Tip: If you have one of the cards listed above, just apply for the Global Entry process as normal and then use the card to purchase the service. Once you do and it posts to your card statement, the charge will automatically be reimbursed.

8. Do I need to declare all food?

YES. I capitalize that because this is incredibly important, and I’ve seen many people get burned by ignoring this rule.

You have to declare any and all food you have on you — even if it’s a pre-packaged snack. Most people think of “food” as fresh meat, produce, or vegetables, but forget about the bag of chips or cookies in their bag. Anything and everything has to be reported, no matter where you got it from or what you may deem as safe or pre-packaged.

Failure to report even the most minor of food can result in your Global Entry membership being revoked, or you being charged with a crime, so please make sure to tell the officer about anything you may have brought with you.

Bottom Line: ALWAYS declare all food you may have brought with you back into the country.

9. How does Global Entry compare to the regular customs process?

Essentially the premise of Global Entry is an expedited screening for pre-vetted citizens. With your interview and background check, you’re essentially deemed to be an unthreatening person, not likely to bring in anything illegal, lie on any questionnaires, or try to circumvent the customs and border process in any way.

It’s by no means a guarantee — there are plenty of people who misuse the system every year, but based on the statistical analysis, folks who are part of the program are less likely to do anything illegal. 

So, getting back to the differences between the regular line and the Global Entry line — folks in the regular line have not been vetted. These customers must fill out a customs declaration form on their inbound aircraft and physically speak with an officer at a booth upon entering the U.S.

This officer generally asks more probing questions to see why this person is entering the country and examining their form and passport. Because these individuals have not been pre-vetted, the officer needs to make a judgment on whether that person is a threat or not.

Traveler Uses Global Entry Kiosk
Image Credit: Shutterstock

10. What kind of trouble can I get into for misusing Global Entry?

If you lie on any Global Entry questions when you come into the country, it’s almost near certain that your Global Entry will be revoked. Depending on the severity of what you bring in or fail to report, you may also be criminally prosecuted.

11. If I have a criminal history can I still apply for Global Entry?

Interestingly, you can, actually.

Here’s the issue: it all depends on the crime, how much time has elapsed from it occurring, and what judgment was served.

There’s really no hard science to this, however, what is known is that people with previous misdemeanors and even higher crimes have still been able to be accepted into the Global Entry program.

Your background application is reviewed along with the in-person interview, so if you do have some sort of criminal past, you need to fully disclose this without hiding anything. It’s not guaranteed you’ll get approved, but just because you have a criminal past, it’s not an automatic qualifier to get disapproved.

Bottom Line: Just because you have a criminal history does not mean your Global Entry application will be revoked.

12. What is TSA PreCheck and how is it different from Global Entry?

TSA PreCheck is actually a separate program from Global Entry, but because you’ve been through the rigorous background check of Global Entry, TSA PreCheck is automatically given to you without any additional fee. 

Essentially, PreCheck is the domestic expedited screening membership and is only available within the U.S. Most airports within the U.S. have some sort of PreCheck lane, though smaller airports may not use a dedicated lane and instead ask you to present a card to the officer by the metal detector to signal your participation.

At those airports with a dedicated lane, you’ll scan your boarding pass like usual, and the reader will indicate your eligibility for PreCheck. Sometimes, you may be directed to the regular lane as a random security check, though in my experience, it doesn’t happen often.

As you proceed through the security process, you don’t need to take your shoes off and can leave your electronics and toiletry kit in your bag. You can even keep a light jacket on your person, but if it’s a heavy winter coat, it must come off. You’ll then proceed through a normal metal detector and not the full body scan machine. It’s a much quicker security process, for sure.

13. Do I need to carry the physical Global Entry card with me?

No, the card is not required to go through the Global Entry lanes — this information is embedded in your passport number. You can also go through PreCheck without this card. For the most part, this card doesn’t serve a physical, day-to-day function.

That said, the card is a form of government ID, just like your passport or driver’s license. So, when you go through security, you can show your Global Entry card as proof of identity. You can also use it with any other service or company requiring government ID proof.

Some jobs or services require multiple forms of ID, some federal, for you to partake in whatever application or service they’re offering. Along with your passport, your Global Entry card is a second form of valid identification. 

14. What is a Known Traveler Number?

Your Known Traveler Number (KTN) is basically your identifier in the program — it’s the number that carries your Global Entry and your TSA PreCheck. That number has to be on your reservation (PNR) for you to gain access to both Global Entry and PreCheck.

15. Which airlines participate in TSA PreCheck?

The following airlines are currently part of the TSA PreCheck program.

(This table is updated regularly.)

Aerolane Lineas Aereas Nacionales del EcuadorCape AirJapan AirlinesSouthwest Airlines
AeroMexicoCathay Pacific AirwaysJetBlue AirwaysSpirit Airlines
Air CanadaChina AirlinesKey Lime AirSun Country Airlines
Air Choice OneCondor AirlinesKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSunclass
Air FranceContour AviationKorean AirSunwing Airlines
Air IndiaCopa AirlinesLAN Peru S.A.Swift Air
Air SerbiaDelta Air LinesLATAM AirlinesSwiss International Air Lines
Alaska AirlinesEastern AirlinesLufthansaSwoop
All Nippon Airways (ANA)Edelweiss AirNorwegian AirTAM-Linhas Aereas S.A.
Allegiant AirElite AirwaysOmni Air InternationalTAP Air Portugal
American AirlinesEmiratesPAL ExpressTurkish Airlines
Aruba AirlinesEtihad AirwayPhilippine AirlinesUltimate Jet Charters
Asiana AirlinesEVA AirPorter AirlinesUnited Airlines
Austrian AirlinesFinnairQantasVirgin Atlantic
AviancaFlycanaQatar AirwaysVivaAerobus
Azul AirlinesFrontier AirwaysScandinavian AirlinesVolaris
Boutique AirlinesHawaiian AirlinesSeaborne AirlinesWestJet
Breeze AirwaysIcelandairSilver AirwaysWorld Atlantic
British AirwayInterCaribbean AirwaysSingapore AirlinesXtra Airways
Brussels AirlinesInterjetSouthern Airways Express

16. What is the NEXUS program and how does that work with Global Entry?

Good question, because this can get a little complicated.

NEXUS is basically the trusted traveler program for the U.S. and Canada, so when you enter Canada, you receive expedited entry, similar to that of using Global Entry coming into the U.S.

Interestingly enough, NEXUS also gets you Global Entry, so you actually benefit both going out of the country and back in.

That said, Global Entry does NOT get you benefits going into Canada, so NEXUS is actually a better program, but be warned that no major credit cards reimburse that membership.

In addition, because the program is a trusted traveler program of the border between the U.S. and Canada, you can only enroll in cities near those ports of entry.

If you live in Miami, for example, it will be fairly difficult to enroll in NEXUS without flying up to a city in the northern part of the U.S.

Hot Tip: We’ve got an entire piece dedicated to NEXUS if you want to learn more: NEXUS Trusted Traveler Program – Applying, Eligibility, Benefits & More.

17. What is the SENTRI program and how does that work with Global Entry?

So, SENTRI is the trusted traveler program for the U.S. and Mexico. Similar to NEXUS, the program allows expedited entry to and from Mexico, helping you bypass the customs lines.

SENTRI is even more limited about where you can apply. You can only apply in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Like NEXUS, SENTRI is not reimbursed by any major credit card, so unless you frequent Mexico often, it’s probably not the best membership— you’re better off sticking with the “free” (via reimbursement) Global Entry program.

18. What happens if you’re in a group or traveling with multiple people?

Here’s one of the [few] downsides of Global Entry.

If you’re coming off of a flight and are with a family or other large group and not everyone has Global Entry, you must either (a) split up, and you use the Global Entry lane, and everyone else uses the regular lane or (b) everyone uses the regular lane, and you receive no benefit as a Global Entry member. You’re still subject to the same restrictions as always, but you won’t have any expedited entry into the U.S.

In most situations like this, I recommend still going through the normal Global Entry lanes, for those who are eligible, and then wait at the other end for folks in the regular lane. This way, you can collect your bags and take care of any necessary things beyond the border, such as checking in for onward flights.

Customs and Border Patrol Use Global Entry
Image Credit:

19. What is CLEAR and how does that relate to Global Entry and PreCheck?

CLEAR is an entirely separate screening service and is run by a private, third-party company. It is not related in any way to Global Entry. CLEAR members pay an annual fee to go through security without having to show an ID. 

Basically, members walk up to a kiosk and scan their fingerprints as well as a boarding pass. Once the system correlates the two, you’ll be authorized to proceed through security — which is generally just walking past the TSA agent without further verification.

If you have PreCheck you’ll be placed in the PreCheck line, and if you don’t, you’ll be placed in the regular line.

Bottom Line: CLEAR is a third party service that’s not Global Entry and is not PreCheck. You can enroll with CLEAR at

20. How long does the entire Global Entry enrollment process take?

I would plan on it taking about 3 months, end to end.

The Global Entry application process follows these steps:

  • Fill our your application
  • Wait for the application to be approved
  • Schedule and complete an interview with Customer and Border Patrol
  • Look for your Global Entry card in the mail

Bottom Line: Applying to Global Entry is not an overnight task — if you have an upcoming international trip, you want to make sure you apply and get approved with plenty of time to spare.

21. Does Global Entry get you on-the-ground, expedited service or benefits?

Aside from expedited screening in customs coming back into the U.S., there’s no expedited ground handling or other services. For these, you would either need to pay a separate fee with your airline, or have elite status on the carrier you’re flying on, but it’s important to note that just because you have Global Entry doesn’t mean your bags will come out first on the carousel.

Final Thoughts

Global Entry can be a great way to speed through customs on your way into the U.S. and beat the lines. Since it comes with many premium credit cards, it’s a no-brainer to sign up for and allows you to use TSA PreCheck screening when you leave the U.S., too. All around, it’s a great time saver and one that I’d highly recommend exploring if you travel more than a few times a year.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Global Entry come with TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Global Entry does come with TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck is an expedited form of security within the U.S., where members can keep their shoes on, electronics in their bags, and light jackets on their body.

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  1. Hi there,
    Excellent article! Would love to see you add a Pin so that I can share this one:)
    Thanks, Nikki


  2. Pat McDonough August 18, 2019

    My husband and I applied for Global Entry in Feb. 2019 and still have not heard if we are accepted. What do we do now?


    • Hi Pat,

      Have you already had your interview or just submitted your applications?


    • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

      Hope you got approved. You have one year to get application completed from the time you receive conditionally approved status. After that your application will be cancelled and you would have to pay again.


  3. Stephen Loverro September 5, 2019

    I didn’t see anything mentioned about how to renew my Global Entry card. Mine expires in April and I have a few international trip on my calendar before then.


  4. Linda Yaplito September 9, 2019

    How can we obtain a new global entry card? I lost mine and I can’t remember my ID number.


    • Hi Linda, you can request a replacement card by logging into your TTP account and selecting “Manage Membership” and then “Request for Global Entry Card”. There is a $25 fee associated with this.

      Note that you don’t need the card unless you’re using it for identification purposes (aka REAL ID). Thanks for reading!


      • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

        You need it if you want to cross using NEXUS or SENTRI lanes as well.
        For air travel you would not need it. The number is the important part for TSA…your passport, face and fingerprints for Global Entry.


  5. I cant find my global entry card. But I’ve had GE for many years. When I purchase a ticket it asks me for my number if i want tsa pre. How can I get my number? Thanks.


  6. The questions on the kiosk screen do not ask if you are carrying packaged granola bars or cookies. They ask if you have meat or produce. Do you mean to tell about the cookies or chips if verbally questioned? Please answer this.


  7. Paula Middleton October 30, 2019

    I have looked everywhere to activate our global entry cards. No sites say “Activate card”
    Any suggestions?


    • Hi Paula,

      You should not need to activate your Global Entry card, the card should already be valid when you receive it. The card is simply an identification card showing that you’re in the Global Entry program.

      Thanks for reading!


    • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

      Go into your GE account, in the membership area there should be a button to click and activate.


  8. My wife and I applied for global entry at the same time. She got her approval and was ready for an interview 2 weeks after the application. It’s been almost 3 months for me and I haven’t gotten any response from my application. Would you know how long do I still have to wait to set up an interview?


  9. As a British citizen with Global entry, am I able to cross from Mexico to the US using SENTRI (by ground)?


    • Hi Ilena,

      Personas with Global Entry are able to receive expedited entry into the U.S. from International Destinations, including Mexico, by Air, Land, or Sea.


  10. Steven Wells November 12, 2019

    If I have applied for Global Entry and also paid for the TSA Pre but still waiting for “conditional approval” on the application, can I get my TSA Pre while waiting or must I wait?


  11. James Vines Jr November 12, 2019

    My wife and I updated our GE with new passport information at BWI airport office yet when we attempted reentry into the country we were rejected. Do we need an appointment to have someone look into the problem or can we just go back to the office to have someone look into this problem. Thanks


    • Hi James,

      Ordinarily, you would need an appointment, but I would also consider contacting the Global Entry customer service team directly at 347-535-4671 to see what they recommend.


    • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

      Once members, you do NOT need an appointment to discuss updates/changes.
      But…that policy may vary by enrollment center. Best to call before going in.


  12. Samyak Manandhar November 18, 2019

    My wife has Global entry interview in Charlotte airport in December.
    She is a non US citizen but is a permanent US resident.
    The interview confirmation email instructed her to bring her citizenship card along with driving license, US permanent residency card & the passport.
    Since her citizenship card in not in English, I am wondering if taking her citizenship card to interview even makes any sense.
    Has any non US citizen had similar issue?
    Do they ask for English translation of the citizenship card?


    • Hello Samyak. According to the Global Entry website, it may not be needed. Here is what the website states: “You will need to bring your valid passport(s) and one other form of identification, such as a driver’s license or ID card to the interview. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you must present your machine readable permanent resident card.” It makes sense to bring it along just in case but it appears the permanent resident card is most important. Perhaps another reader has some additional insight.


    • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

      She would need her resident card and ALL valid passports (if more than one).
      Usually, you need a license or ID card if one has been issued.
      Some enrollment centers may ask for additional proof of residence – utility bill, mortgage statement, etc.
      Call the enrollment center before going to the interview. The number should be on the email that is sent when you make your appointment…along with directions to the center and the date and time of the interview.


  13. Jesus Hernandez G December 26, 2019

    Is Global Entry card tramit only for individuals or is there any option to obtain a “Family” Global Entry card?


    • Hi Jesus. Unfortunately, you will need to enroll kids separately. For example, even if you have Global Entry, you can’t bring your kids (regardless of age – babies included) through the Global Entry kiosks with them unless they are also enrolled in the program. Thanks for reading!


  14. I have tried to call and make an appointment for an interview at Charlotte but the phone just rings with no answer. Same for the customer service number you provided. Do I just go and take my chances? Should I do something else to increase my chances? There are no appointment available at any time in the near future.


    • Hi Mel. I am aware of just a few options. You can schedule an appointment in the distant future, then check the web site daily for an appointment to open up. I have read that this has worked for some people. You can also take your chances and go to the office and hope that you can get taken as a walk in. The wait could be hours but it might be worth it. You could also schedule an appointment at an airport you may be connecting through in the future. I was able to schedule an interview on a 3 hour layover in Chicago.


      • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

        Many enrollment centers will NOT accept walk-ins…most are understaffed and have full appointment loads. Plus they also have to answer phones and emails and provide services to existing members (name changes, passport changes, address changes, etc).
        Would you recommend the same for a busy restaurant…nail salon…hair stylist…doctor?


        • Hi Leighton. I would recommend a busy restaurant, nail salon, etc. if I looked online and found that others were successful in getting in, even with long waits. It is still an option. Thanks for all your contributions to our Global Entry articles, the information is appreciated.


    • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

      Miami has hundreds of appointments available…


  15. Since TSA Pre – Check is free with Global Entry can my kids both under 12 leverage the TSA Pre-Check line when flying domestic only with me or my wife? We each have Global Entry.


    • Hi Eric,

      In order to use the PreCheck line, each passenger must have PreCheck included on their boarding pass. In my experience, if the tickets are booked together, it is likely that your children may receive PreCheck on their tickets. However, if they do not, then they must go through the standard security line.


      • This is incorrect. Kids 12 and under automatically get PreCheck if the accompanying adult has PreCheck. I have done it many times at many airports.


  16. When they ask what cities you have visited, we never know whether we are supposed to include our layover where we have not left the airport. Say you’re flying from Poland, have a layover and plane/carrier change at Frankfurt, then onto the United States–do you have to declare that you “visited” Germany? We haven’t but then I wondered if we were supposed to. Can you give some information on this topic?


    • Hi Confused,

      While there aren’t any “official” recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security about this, there are discussions on places like FlyerTalk that have a lot of data points to reference.

      In general, people recommend including only those countries where you have left the “secured” area of the airport. In your example, I wouldn’t include Germany either. I would add that it doesn’t really hurt anything to add it though, so if you are wavering, just include it. If you get asked about it in your interview, just mention that you were transiting.

      Hope this helps!


  17. My Global Entry was revoked due to a forgotten food item in my backpack.

    Do I still have TSA Precheck? I can’t find the answer to this on the official sites.

    If I don’t still have TSA Pre, can I be approved for it separately given my GE infraction?



    • Hi Honey. Unfortunately, since your TSA PreCheck was granted due to having Global Entry, you would not have access to TSA PreCheck going forward.

      You can definitely apply separately for TSA PreCheck! Since we aren’t associated with the TSA (who administers PreCheck), we couldn’t say if you would still be approved. Our best advice is to disclose any prior issues and hope that your agent is understanding. Hope this helps.


    • Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

      Hope you sent in an appeal for reconsideration…especially if it was really “forgotten” food.
      Plead your case and they might reinstate you.
      Did they fine you for the food? Usually $300-500.
      Never hurts to ask.


  18. Great article-if you already have a Known Traveler Number through your federal government id card, can you get global entry through a more streamlined process? Thx.


    • Hi Monica, I’m not sure what federal government ID card you are referring to, but from what I can find, it appears that many service members also get access to TSA PreCheck by using their DOD ID numbers. Is that what you are referencing? Here’s some more information about that program if so.

      Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to Global Entry. You would need to go through the same application process as we’ve noted in this article. Hope this helps!


  19. Do you have to declare food that is in your checked bags or just on your person?


  20. Letizia Coppola February 6, 2020

    Hi, I went through the same application actually it was even more detailed and also had an interview to get my PIV card. Now I have to do it again to get global entry?


    • Hi Letizia, since the Global Entry Program is managed by a separate organization, Customs and Border Protection, you will need to go through this entire process to obtain a Global Entry card. Hope this helps.


    • If you mean you filled out an SF86 using eQIP, this procedure is *nothing* as detailed as that.


  21. Jennie OMalley February 6, 2020

    We’ve had our PreCheck number for a few years now. We filled out our forms for Global Entry and our appointment isn’t for a few months. If we travel before our appointment, do we use the Precheck number or the membership number that is on our letter of acceptance on the Global Entry?


    • Hi Jennie, if you haven’t completed your Global Entry interview, then you can’t use your Global Entry number yet. You will need to use your PreCheck KTN until you are approved for Global Entry. Thanks for reading!


  22. I am a snowbird and live in Florida during the winter months and have my mail forwarded to my winter address during this period. I just applied to renew Global Entry. Does anyone know which address I should use when applying?


    • Hi Tony K. Others may chime in with a different answer but I suggest you use your permanent residence address. It would be the state where you insure your car, pay taxes, etc. The only reason I can think of to use the alternative address is if you ordered a Global Entry card and it has to be mailed to you. You’ll want to be at the correct address for delivery. You can always change the address later.


  23. Leighton Cavendish February 8, 2020

    Orlando GE office has relocated, temporarily, to 9043 Tradeport Dr. Orlando,FL 32827
    Phone:(407) 240-4462 x2217
    Right now 7 days 8am-6pm – Yes…Saturday and Sunday, too!
    BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for initial and renewal interviews!!!
    Walk-in for existing GE members needing updates/changes.
    New appointments should open soon for June/July/August.
    Will go back to Orlando International Airport (MCO) main terminal when renovations are complete.


  24. Mine took a year before I got conditional approval

    In all three years. Because first I applied, then I was not in the correct airport, then when I was at JFK there was a government shutdown so I couldn’t interview, and then my application expired. I made a new application, and now after about a year I’ve got conditional approval for an interview, but I need to drive 5 hours to JFK to do the interview because there’s no availability at the airport near me.


  25. Paul from Houston February 20, 2020

    FYI – As of today (Feb 20, 2020) we are going on 6 months and 7 days since my wife applied for her Global Entry. Her application is still pending. Mine sailed through in 5 days. The latest estimate we heard from CBP is 7-8 months. We both applied in mid-August, 2019. The fact that mine sailed through and hers is still pending makes no sense. Either there is a 6-month backlog or there isn’t. We have a trip next month and thought we were applying in plenty of time for that. Now, we’ll get no benefit because I don’t plan to go through customs separately. They shouldn’t take our money until they review the application. It’s very frustrating!


  26. Talk about bummed. My wife and I applied for Global Entry and her approval came within a week. I’ll probably have to wait a year for my approval. Not that that there are any interview locations available.


  27. Alicia Fresquez February 24, 2020

    Hi, I applied for Global Entry August 2019 and have yet to get an appointment for an interview. On the dashboard it just saying Pending Review. I’ve tried to call the number on the website and it just hangs up on you once you hit Global Entry. Who can I call or email for more information. I paid when I did my application. Not sure what is taking so long. Is there a way to cancel it and get your money back. The trip I wanted it for has long came and went.


  28. I did my interview on arrival at IAH feb 11. No problem. But no email, card and site still says conditionally approved, please schedule interview. Is there a phone number or email I can follow up with?


  29. Barbara Baker March 9, 2020

    I have an appointment for this Friday to get an interview with global travel but have yet to receive an email to that effect. What should I do?


  30. Lana Klint March 13, 2020

    Do I still have to get a Real ID by the 10/1/2020 deadline? Or can I just use my Global Entry ID?


  31. Christiana Awofeso April 7, 2020

    I am a 71 year old Senior who has an interview scheduled for May in Houston, Texas. Is there any way to find out if all interviews have been put on hold because of the current Coronavirus situation?. Is there a site to check on this, or a telephone number to call?
    Thank you.


  32. Louise zhang April 20, 2020

    Hi, I did my walk in interview at IAH Houston Dec. 2019. I did fingerprints and took pictures. But no email, card. am still waiting for my Global Entry card. Can you tell me how to query? a phone number or email I can follow up with? Thank you !


  33. I applied 10 months ago, and a couple of months later, I got a notice to get interviewed. My wife’s application did not get a response until recently. Now, we need to get the interview scheduled.
    There is no place close we can get an interview scheduled. They did send emails to us saying we can do Enrollment on Arrival at the airport. Since we are not traveling during the Covid-19 time, can we just drive over to the airport close by and get interviews for both of us? Do we need to go overseas and come back to get interviewed?


    • Hi Chuck,

      I am not certain whether that would allow that or not but you could certainly call the TSA office at your local airport and see if you can set up an interview.


  34. I made a mistake while filling in my place of birth (Autofill).
    I have already submitted the application. How and where should I change this information.


  35. Some information says that you have to take off your glasses when prompted. I have a problem that without my glasses I can not see if I am getting any additional prompts so do not know when to put my glasses back on. Does anyone have the exact steps that you go through when you get to a kiosk? Also once I get a printout from the kiosk how do I find where to go so I don’t have to stand in the long lines to get through customs? (Philadelphia as an example almost always has long waits.) And are the kiosks in other countries the same or a whole different set of steps?


    • Hi Donna,

      You should not have to take off prescription glasses when going through Global Entry. Once you have your printout there will be an expedited lane for you to go through – you will not have to wait in a long line. Global Entry only works when you are re-entering the United States, so these benefits will not apply in other countries.


  36. I applied more than once to get Global Entry but have been denied every time. I had a customs conviction more than 11 years ago for traveling with 20 thousand dollars with a friend of mine. I was searched numerous times after this incident and was never found to have any convictions. I sent this to the Ombudsman requesting reconsideration but this was denied too. Is there any way to have my application reviewed and reconsidered? I am 61 years old and no risk except for this incident.


  37. Except for that one time…at band camp?
    Yeah…major Customs currency violation. You may never get Global Entry.
    Perhaps get TSA pre-check for domestic and use Mobile Passport for the international trips.
    GE is a low-risk, trusted traveler program. You proved that you are NOT low risk for Customs purposes.


  38. Walk-ins are discouraged as most enrollment centers are appointment only and usually booked solid for months in advance.
    The enrollment on arrival (EoA) option is for applicants in conditionally approved status arriving from a foreign country.


  39. The information can be changed when you attend your in-person interview.
    Let the Officer know what needs to be changed at that time.


  40. I applied for my expired GE renewal and have been conditionally approved. I have my KTN and my question is – can I go through TSA PreCheck lanes while traveling domestically as I am waiting for my interview date?


  41. If I apply for Global Entry and while waiting for the Conditional Approval Letter, would I have access to the Pre Check that comes included with the Global Entry? Or would I have to wait until I get my ” Conditional Approval Letter” and completed the Interview? I’m trying not to spend additional money for a TSA Pre Check ($85.00) and then turn around and have to get a Global Entry ($100) next year when I make my international trip.


  42. Randall Baer September 5, 2021

    My wife and I applied for global entry within 1/2 hour of each other on 08/31/2021. She received conditional approval within 2 days 09/02/2021. I am still waiting for mine. Why is that?


    • Hi Randall,

      The approval process for Global Entry seems to be random, as opposed to a sequential process, as there are many people like you who have applied at the same time as someone else but end up being approved weeks apart. It is very strange and the CBP doesn’t publish much info on how they handle outstanding applications.


  43. Holly Williams September 17, 2021

    I received my conditional approval letter for Global Entry that has my Global Entry membership number (KTN) listed. Can I use the KTN for pre-check while I am waiting on my interview? Thank you for your time.


  44. ARLENE FRIEDLANDER October 5, 2021

    I was denied use last week on a domestic trip. I have never received a renewal notice. Can you please help me?


    • Hi Arlene,

      To get started with renewing your Global Entry log in to your account on the website. From your Dashboard, select the Renew button on your Global Entry program membership section and follow the instructions. If you need additional help you can contact your local CBP office and they will assist you.


  45. I applied 5 months ago and still have not heard anything back from them and my mom got it in two months.


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