Denver International Airport [DEN] – Ultimate Terminal Guide


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Denver International Airport (DEN) is the fifth-busiest airport in the U.S. based on 2018 passenger numbers.

As the gateway to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the airport was designed with a distinctive roof canopy that mirrors the distant snow-capped peaks.

DEN acts as a major hub for United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Frontier Airlines, with each airline dominating 1 of the 3 concourses.

Quick Information

Airport: Denver International Airport (DEN)
Terminals: 1 main terminal with 3 concourses: A, B, and C
Airport Address: 8500 Peña Blvd., Denver, CO 80249
Distance From Downtown Denver: Approximately 25 miles (40 km)
Phone Number: 800-247-2336
Destinations Served: 160 domestic, 26 international
Number of Daily Flights: 1,600
Flight Information: Departures and arrival information can be viewed here

DEN Terminal Map

Denver International Airport Map
Denver International Airport map. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

Airlines Operating From DEN

Denver International Airport Domestic Flights
Denver International Airport domestic flights. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

Terminal East

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Boutique Air
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

Terminal West

  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • Allegiant Air
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cayman Airways
  • Copa Airlines
  • Denver Air Connection
  • Edelweiss Air
  • Icelandair
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Volaris
  • WestJet

Denver International Airport international flights
Denver International Airport international flights. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

DEN Airport Terminals

DEN consists of the Jeppesen Terminal and Concourses A, B, and C, which are stacked above each other in a clear layout.

Jeppesen Terminal houses check-in facilities, security checkpoints, customs, immigration, and baggage claim, while the concourses are where the departure gates are based.

The east and west sides of the terminal have airline check-in desks and baggage claim split between the 2 areas. There are also separate east and west side parking garages, road access, and ground transportation services depending on which airline you are flying and its corresponding side.

Jeppesen Terminal

The main terminal has 6 floors with levels 1 through 4 mostly consisting of parking facilities. Level 5 has some shops and restaurants, baggage claim, and the south and north security checkpoints.

Level 6 has the upper road system for passenger drop-off, check-in facilities, a food court, and access to a pedestrian bridge to Concourse A.

Concourse A

Denver International Airport Concourse A
Denver International Airport Concourse A. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

Concourse A has 51 gates numbered A26 to A40, A41A, A41B, A42 to A66., A71, A73, A75, A77, A79, A81, A83, A85, and A87.

Concourse A is connected to the Jeppesen Terminal via a pedestrian bridge that offers excellent views of the airplanes as they move around the departure gates. Alternatively, the Automatic Guideway Transit System (AGTS, detailed later in this article) also connects Jeppesen Terminal to Concourse A.

All international flights depart from Concourse A, and there are moving walkways on the pedestrian bridge and around the gates for quicker connections.

Concourse B

Denver International Airport Concourse B Map
Denver International Airport Concourse B. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

Unlike Concourse A, Concourse B cannot be reached via any walkways. The concourse is only accessible by riding the AGTS from Jeppesen Terminal or Concourse A.

Concourse B has 66 gates numbered B7 to B12, B15 to B18, B20 to B29, B31, B32A, B32B, B35 to B37, B38A, B38B, B39, B41, B42A, B42B, B43 to B61, and B80 to B95.

Concourse B is used exclusively by United Airlines, with 2 United Club lounges at either end of the concourse and lots of shops and restaurants.

Concourse C

Denver International Airport Concourse C
Denver International Airport Concourse C. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

Concourse C has 26 gates numbered C23 to C51 and a good selection of shops, bars, and restaurants.

Concourse C is accessible only by riding the AGTS from Jeppesen Terminal or Concourse A.

Inter-Terminal Transport

Automatic Guideway Transit System

The Automatic Guideway Transit System (AGTS) is a free underground train service that runs between Jeppesen Terminal and Concourse C, stopping at Concourses A and B in between.

The train system is within the secure area of the airport, so you must pass through a security checkpoint before you can use the service.

Each concourse has its own station located on level B, with the departure gates situated on the upper levels. Within Jeppesen Terminal, the AGTS is located in the main hall on level 4, and it takes around 6 minutes from the terminal to the furthest point of Concourse C.


You can reach Concourse A by foot from Jeppesen Terminal through the pedestrian walkway located at the north end of the terminal. Moving walkways are stationed along the bridge.

Security and Customs at DEN

DEN has 3 security checkpoints located in the Jeppesen Terminal:

  • A Bridge is just before the pedestrian bridge to Concourse A on level 6 and is open from 4:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Terminal North is at the northern end of the terminal on level 5 (access to the AGTS) and is open from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Terminal South is at the southern end of the terminal on level 5 (access to the AGTS) and is open 24 hours

Security wait times are available on the airport’s interactive map or its security page.

If arriving on an international flight, passengers are required to pass through immigration and customs located on level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal.

TSA PreCheck

There are dedicated TSA PreCheck lanes at the north and south security checkpoints. If you’re eligible, you can utilize this service for expedited security clearance.

DEN has a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center located in Jeppesen Terminal on level 5, so you can submit your application online and arrange an interview the next time you’re passing through DEN airport.

Global Entry

There are Global Entry kiosks at DEN for eligible passengers who have enrolled in the program. If you have submitted your application and need to arrange an interview, then DEN has a Global Entry Enrollment Center inside Jeppesen Terminal.

The airport also participates in Enrollment on Arrival, so if you are conditionally approved, you can complete your interview at DEN without the need to make an appointment.

Hot Tip: Have more questions about Global Entry? Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about Global Entry along with our expert answers to help. 

Mobile Passport

DEN accepts Mobile Passport Control for passengers entering the U.S. from an international flight.

For faster processing, complete the “new trip” section within the app on arrival at DEN and present your electronic receipt and passport to a CBP agent.


There are dedicated CLEAR Security Program lanes at the north and south security checkpoints for expedited security clearance. These are open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. (north) and 4:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (south).

DEN Airport Lounges

DEN has 4 airline lounges and a USO lounge for active duty military. 2 of the lounges offer day passes while the Delta Sky Club is exclusively for premium cabin passengers or eligible frequent flyer members.

LoungeLocationOpening Hours*Day Pass Fee per Person**
American Admirals ClubConcourse A, level 2 after securityDaily: 4:45 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.$59
Delta Sky ClubConcourse A, level 4 after securityDaily: 5 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.N/A
United ClubConcourse B, near gate B32Daily: 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.$50
Concourse B, near gate B44Daily: 5.30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
USO Lounge (free for Active Military)Concourse A, level 4 after securityDaily: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.N/A

*Hours are subject to change without notice. Lounge access may be restricted at times due to capacity.
**Day pass for any passenger. Lounges marked as N/A only allow entry for eligible passengers in their premium cabins, frequent flyer programs, or participating credit card programs.

Hot Tip: Want access to lounges without paying the day pass fee? Here are the best personal and business credit cards for complimentary lounge access to avoid entry fees to airport lounges.

Airport Dining and Drinks at DEN

DEN has 79 open restaurants, cafes, and food stations. With the current closure of the food court in Jeppesen Terminal, most are located within the concourses once you’ve cleared security, so you can relax and grab a bite before your flight.

See the range of restaurants available and their locations on the airport website.

DEN Airport Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

There is free Wi-Fi available throughout Denver International Airport and you can connect by selecting “DEN Airport Free WiFi” from your available connections. No registration or ad viewing is required, which is great for passengers needing to log on quickly!

Charging Stations: Hundreds of charging stations are located throughout Jeppesen Terminal and the 3 concourses.

Hot Tip: Not every airport has free Wi-Fi, so you may want to bring your own when not flying through DEN. Here are the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspots so you’re never disconnected!

DEN Airport Lost and Found

DEN has a lost and found office located in Jeppesen Terminal, on level 5 near international arrivals. Items lost within the public areas of the airport will be sent here for collection, and a claim can be submitted in person, online, or by calling 303-342-4062.

Items lost on an airplane or at a departure gate must contact the relevant airline, and items lost in a shop, restaurant, or other business must contact the business directly.

Additional Airport Information

Information Services

DEN has white courtesy telephones located throughout the airport where passengers can dial 2000 for customer service assistance. Information booths are also located around the airport for details on services and facilities.

Children’s Play Areas

The Admirals Club in Concourse A has a children’s play area for lounge customers only. Unfortunately, DEN doesn’t rank as one of the top 10 kid-friendly U.S. airports.

Baby Facilities

DEN has a dedicated nursing room within each concourse. These are located at:

  • Concourse A in the center of the concourse near Denver Duty Free
  • Concourse B in the center of the concourse near Tuleh Ruche
  • Concourse C in the center of the concourse near Einstein Bros. Bagels

Traveling with a Pet

DEN ranks as one of the top 10 pet-friendly U.S. airports, so DEN has a lot to offer your furry friend when flying.

Pet relief areas can be found at the following locations:

  • Jeppesen Terminal at level 2, outside of door 200 on the north-west side of the terminal
  • Concourse A in the center of the concourse near A Massage and the USPS mail drop
  • Concourse B in the center of the concourse near World Wide Money Exchange and another near gate B16
  • Concourse C in the center of the concourse near Way Out West and the USPS mail drop

DEN is the only domestic airport to offer on-site boarding for pets. Facilities at this pet resort include flat-screen TVs with dog-friendly programs, a bone-shaped swimming pool, and pet massage therapy.

DEN also has the “Canine Airport Therapy Squad” where over 100 dogs (and 1 cat) roam the airport for petting, hugs, and photos with passengers.

Duty Free

DEN has 3 duty-free shops located in the Concourse B mezzanine, near gate B31, and Concourse A in the central area.

Smoking Areas

Designated smoking areas are located outside of Jeppesen Terminal:

West Side

    • Level 4 outside of doors 400 and 416
    • Level 5 outside of doors 500 and 516
    • Level 6 outside of door 616

East Side

    • Level 4 outside of doors 401 and 417
    • Level 5 outside of doors 501 and 517
    • Level 6 outside of doors 601 and 617


There is an interfaith chapel and prayer hall located at the east side of Jeppesen Terminal on level 6.


ATMs can be found throughout Jeppesen Terminal and the 3 concourses. Currency exchange services are located in the center of Concourses A and B, and in Jeppesen Terminal outside of international arrivals on level 5.

Luggage Storage

There are no luggage storage facilities at DEN.

Important DEN Phone Numbers

General Inquiries (phone): 303-342-2000 or 800-247-2336

General Inquiries (text): 720-370-9002

Ground Transportation: 303-342-4059

Parking: 303-342-7275

Travel to and From DEN

Transport Options


The A Line Commuter Train is operated by the Regional Transportation District (RTD), connecting DEN to downtown’s Denver Union Station in 37 minutes. Trains run every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes off-peak (3 a.m. to 5 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.) The cost is $10.50 for an unlimited ride day ticket on the A Line.


RTD Bus: Public buses operate from the DEN Transit Center on level 1 of Jeppesen Terminal. The airport is served by routes AA, AB, AT, 145X, and 169L, operating approximately 3:30 a.m. to midnight. The cost is $9 for a 1-day ticket.

Charter Bus Services: Pick-up is from level 5, island 3 of Jeppesen Terminal, outside of doors 511-513 (east) and 504-506 (west). There is a selection of companies on the airport’s website that will transport you within Colorado and beyond.

Bustang Service: This inter-regional bus service is operated by the Colorado Department of Transportation and carries passengers to/from Denver Union Station where they can then pick-up the A Line Commuter Train to the airport.


Passengers can book shared ride and private ride shuttles. These depart from level 5, island 5 of Jeppesen Terminal, outside of doors 505-507 (east) and 510-512 (west).

Ski Resort Transfers

Prearranged mountain carriers operate from level 5, island 1 with several companies transporting passengers to Colorado’s ski resorts.


You can pick up a taxi from level 1, island 1 of Jeppesen Terminal (both east and west sides). You can arrange a metered journey or flat ride fare to some of Denver’s most popular destinations, including downtown, for just over $55.


Limousines can be prebooked with these approved companies on the airport’s website. If you are expecting a pick-up from DEN, then you need to visit the booth on level 5, island 2 of Jeppesen Terminal, outside of doors 505-507 and 511-513 (east), and 504-506 and 510-512 (west).

Ride Services

Uber and Lyft drivers are permitted to pick-up and drop-off on level 6 of Jeppesen Terminal, outside of doors 615 and 617 on the east side, and doors 600 and 602 on the west side.

Directions by Car to DEN

Arriving From Downtown Denver

Take I-25 North and use the right 2 lanes to take exit 214A for I-70 towards Airport/Limon/Grand Junction. Keep right at the fork for I-70 East/Limon and merge onto I-70 East. Keep right at the fork to continue on Peña Boulevard and follow signs for Denver International Airport. As you approach the airport, follow signs for Terminal East or Terminal West depending on your airline.

Arriving From Colorado Springs (South)

Take I-25 North to exit 194 for CO-470 towards Grand Junction/Limon. Keep right at the fork onto E-470 North and take exit 28A for Peña Boulevard East towards Denver International Airport. Merge onto Peña Boulevard and follow signs for Terminal East or Terminal West depending on your airline.

Arriving From Fort Collins (North)

Take I-25 South and use the right 2 lanes to take exit 228 onto the E-470 South towards Limon. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 28 for Peña Boulevard East and keep right at the fork to continue on exit 28A. Keep left at the next fork and merge onto Peña Boulevard where you can follow signs to Terminal East or Terminal West depending on your airline.

DEN Airport Parking Information

Denver International Airport Parking Map
Denver International Airport parking map. Image Credit: Way

Official Airport Parking

LEN has over 44,000 parking spaces on airport property, and you can choose from convenient short-term parking lots adjacent to Jeppesen Terminal or more cost-effective long-term options.

Short-Term Parking

Short-term garage parking is available within the east and west parking garages with the quickest access to Jeppesen Terminal. Parking is located on level 4 arrivals — convenient for picking up passengers — and costs $5 per hour or $120 per day.

Long-Term Parking

  • Garage parking is in the same east and west garages adjacent to Jeppesen Terminal, occupying the other 5 levels within the garage. This option costs $4 per day or $25 per day.
  • Valet parking is available in the east and west parking garages on level 4 arrivals.
  • Economy parking can be found east and west of Jeppesen Terminal. The parking lot is a 5- to 10-minute walk or 5- to 7-minute shuttle from the terminal with parking fees at $4 per hour or $16 per day.
  • Shuttle parking is available at Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert parking lots. Both parking lots cost $2 per hour or $8 per day and are a 7- to 10-minute shuttle ride from the terminal. These parking lots are currently closed.
  • 61st and Peña is another long-term parking lot situated further out than the other lots. Parking costs just $2 per 12 hours or $4 per day and must be prepaid. No shuttles run to/from this parking lot to the terminal, so passengers must ride the A Line Commuter Train at the cost of $10.50 (11-minute journey).

Hot Tip: DEN offers a free bag drop service for passengers parking in the shuttle parking lots and traveling on domestic flights with United, Southwest, Delta, and American Airlines. Drive up, bag drop, and check in from the comfort of your car, before traveling to the terminal luggage-free. 

Pick-Up or Drop-Off Parking

The cell phone waiting lot is located around 3 miles from Jeppesen Terminal, offering free parking to friends/family picking up passengers from the airport. No waiting is permitted curbside at the terminal so vehicles can wait in the cell phone waiting lot until the passenger is ready to be picked up.

The parking lot has free Wi-Fi, restrooms, and entertainment facilities for children.

Off-Site and Hotel Parking

Off-site parking lots can offer cheap alternatives to official airport parking with prices starting from $5 per day for DEN.

These external parking lots and hotels operate their own shuttle service to/from the airport and can be booked at or similar third-party booking sites.

Parking for Passengers With Disabilities

Parking for disabled passengers can be found in all airport-owned parking lots, closest to the entry/exit points of each lot (excluding level 3 of the east and west side garages).

Parking Contact Number

General parking inquiries: 303-342-7275

Car Rental at DEN Airport

Car rental services are available on airport property, with most offices on East 78th Avenue. Car rental shuttles run between the terminal (east and west sides, level 5) to the location of the car rental company. The following companies operate from DEN:

Hot Tip: Find out which credit cards include car rental insurance as a benefit and avoid paying for expensive insurance through the rental company. 

DEN Airport Hotels

The Westin Denver International Airport
The Westin Denver International Airport. Image Credit: Marriott

Most of Denver International Airport’s hotels are located 4 to 6 miles from the terminal, with most offering a courtesy shuttle service. The only exception is the 4-star The Westin Denver International Airport Hotel that is based at the south end of Jeppesen Terminal.

Other hotels range from 2- to 5-stars, catering to a range of budgets. View a list of popular Denver International Airport hotels below, ordered in distance from the airport.

DEN Airport Hotels — Sorted by Distance

HotelAddress and Phone NumberStar RatingDistance From the Airport (Miles)
The Westin Denver International Airport8300 Pena Blvd., Denver, CO 80249


Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center6700 N. Gaylord Rockies Blvd., Aurora, CO 80019


Hyatt House Denver Airport18741 E. 71st Ave., Denver, CO 80249


Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Denver International Airport7030 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Baymont by Wyndham Denver International Airport6805 Argonne St., Denver, CO 80249


Holiday Inn Express Denver Airport6910 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Holiday Inn & Suites Denver Airport6900 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Quality Inn & Suites Denver International Airport6890 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Courtyard by Marriott Denver Airport

6901 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Airport Marriott6851 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Home2 Suites by Hilton Denver International Airport6792 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


La Quinta by Wyndham Denver Airport DIA6801 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Residence Inn by Marriott Denver Airport/Convention Center6762 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Staybridge Suites Denver International Airport6951 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Embassy Suites Denver – International Airport7001 Yampa St., Denver, CO 80249


SpringHill Suites by Marriott Denver Airport18350 E. 68th Ave., Denver, CO 80249


Hampton Inn Denver-International Airport6290 Tower Rd., Denver, CO, 80249


Sleep Inn & Suites Denver International Airport5980 N. Tower Rd. Bldg. B, Denver, CO 80249


Wingate by Wyndham Denver Airport6670 Yampa St., Denver, CO 80249


Ramada by Wyndham Denver International Airport6210 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


Comfort Suites Denver International Airport5940 Tower Rd., Denver, CO 80249


MainStay Suites Denver International Airport5980 Tower Rd., Bldg. A, Denver, CO 80249



Top 3 Hotel Stays Using Points

HotelAddress and Phone NumberStar RatingDistance From the Airport (Miles)Loyalty ProgramPoint Redemption Cost
Westin Denver International Airport8300 Pena Blvd., Denver, CO 80249


40Marriot Bonvoy40,000 to 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points
Embassy Suites Denver International Airport7001 Yampa St., Denver, CO 80249


35.7Hilton Honors50,000 Hilton Honors points
Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center15500 E. 40th Ave.DenverCO 80239

36IHG Rewards25,000 IHG Rewards points

Located just next to the Jeppesen Terminal, The Westin Denver International Airport boasts over 37,500 square feet of event space as well as an indoor pool. The property has 519 soundproofed guest rooms with views of the airport or mountain and prairie vistas. The Westin also features a lounge for Marriott Bonvoy Elite members, along with great dining options for all guests. The Westin is a Category 6 Marriott hotel with free nights starting at 40,000 points on off-peak nights, 50,000 points on standard nights, and 60,000 points on peak nights.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver International Airport offers guests an indoor pool and spa tub, a restaurant, and a bar. You can save yourself some money by enjoying its complimentary breakfast and airport shuttle. Keep in mind that Hilton no longer publishes an award chart, but on average an award night will cost around 50,000 Hilton Honors points.

The Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center features an on-site restaurant, an indoor pool, and a 24-hour fitness center. Free Wi-Fi in public areas and a free airport shuttle are also provided. Additionally, a bar/lounge, a spa tub, and a conference center are onsite. Relatively speaking, the Crowne Plaza is a real bargain at just 25,000 IHG points per night.

Final Thoughts

Denver International Airport Airfield
Denver International Airport airfield. Image Credit: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation

DEN’s Great Hall is currently going through a renovation project, with the center of Jeppesen Terminal inaccessible to passengers. This has closed the food court, limiting the restaurant options outside of the secure area, but passengers have plenty of choices at their departure concourse.

All security checkpoints and check-in desks are operating as usual, but the airport is recommending that passengers arrive on the east or west side applicable for their airline, as navigating the terminal can take a little longer than usual.

Phase 1, focusing on level 6, is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2021. Phase 2 construction, where the south security checkpoint would move from level 5 to level 6, is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2021.

Frequently asked questions

Can you walk between terminals at Denver International Airport?

You can only walk from Jeppesen Terminal to Concourse A. To reach the other 2 concourses, passengers must ride the Automatic Guideway Transit System from Jeppesen Terminal or Concourse A.

Are DEN and DIA the same airport?

Denver International Airport is referred to as DEN and DIA. DIA is how it is locally referred to, whereas DEN is the official airport code.

Does Denver International Airport have Wi-Fi?

Denver International Airport has free Wi-Fi for passengers in all of its public areas. To connect, select “DEN Airport Free WiFi” from your available connections.

How old is Denver International Airport?

Denver International Airport opened in 1995.

How big is Denver International Airport?

Denver International Airport is 140 square kilometers — twice the size of Manhattan!

Can you smoke at Denver International Airport?

Denver International Airport is a smoke-free airport, including electronic cigarettes. Passengers can smoke in designated smoking areas outside of Jeppesen Terminal before clearing security.

How many gates does Denver International Airport have?

Denver International Airport has 143 gates split across 3 concourses — Concourses A, B, and C. Concourse B is the largest concourse with 65 departure gates.

What level at DEN is passenger pick-up?

Passenger pick-up is from level 4 arrivals at Jeppesen Terminal. Passenger drop-off is on level 6 departures.

How fast is the train at DIA?

The Automatic Guideway Transit System is the underground train that runs from Jeppesen Terminal to Concourse C. It takes around 6 minutes from Jeppesen Terminal to Concourse C.

What terminal is United at DIA?

United Airlines’ ticketing and check-in are located at the west side of Jeppesen Terminal. United exclusively occupies Concourse B for flight operations.

Where is the waiting area at DEN?

No waiting is permitted at the curbside areas outside of the terminals; vehicles can wait for free in the cell phone lot on the outskirts of the airport.

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  1. DEN was the best airport of all.


  2. Dan Passerella November 7, 2019

    Where is customs? Do you get your baggage after you go through customs? Where is the exit from customs? Thank you


    • Catherine Luther November 7, 2019

      Hi Dan,

      International arrival passengers first go through immigration, then baggage claim, then customs. Customs is just before the international arrivals area in Jeppesen Terminal.


  3. Hey, thanks for providing great information about DIA. I did want to make a comment on long-term parking. I recently got back from visiting my family in Texas, and I did not have a ride to the airport so I had to park my car there. I was able to find a space with Stow it, for about $90 per month and it provided a shuttle too. I think about $3 a day was a good deal since I was gone for 2 months. Just a thought for anyone needing any long term parking.


  4. David Greene February 19, 2020

    My partner’s mother and sister are coming in March. My partner will be having surgery for cancer two days after his guests arrive – two organs will be removed. My partner would like to meet his elderly mother (aged 91) at her gate. She’s quite frail. I would want to go along with him to the gate to meet them as my partner is hearing impaired and I’d be his sign language interpreter. I am mobility impaired myself.

    I’d want a wheelchair to accompany John to the gate where his mother will be arriving.

    As the circumstances are unusual, we would like to get a letter of support from the surgeon who will be performing John’s surgery two days after his mother arrives. With this letter we’d like to arrange to have special passes to meet these guests at their gate. They’re only able to stay 5 days because John’s mother has an important medical appointment that will cut her visit short.


    • Hi David,

      I don’t anticipate that there will be any issues in arranging this, but you will need to reach out to Denver International’s customer service team for assistance. You can contact them at (303) 342-2000 or (800) 247-2336.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Is this airport easy to navigate for someone who is traveling alone for the first time? I am flying Southwest and I understand that I will come in the front, go through security, and straight down the stairs on the train to Concourse C where ill find my gate by number. With the renovation going on, how will I know which side of the airport I need to be on in order to get to my gate directly?


    • Hi Ciara,

      There will be posted signs all throughout the airport indicating which direction leads to which gate numbers. If you ever feel like you’re lost then just ask one of the airport workers and they can point you in the right direction.

      Safe travels!


  6. Terina Heidelberg November 15, 2020

    I am flying in on Frontier but have a flight out on Spirit, what’s the fastest way to get my bag and recheck them?


    • Hi Terina,

      Unfortunately, there really isn’t a faster way to get your bag other than heading to baggage claim and waiting for it to come out. If you have a very short layover, you could ask the representative who checks your bag if they can ask the baggage handlers to make it one of the first bags out.


  7. Once you’ve passed through security at DEN, can you go to any concourse you want? If I’ve got an international flight flying out of Concourse A, but I want to check out the food options at Concourse B, can I hop on the train to do that and then return to Concourse A?


  8. Pilar Ryan March 10, 2021

    Where can I wait for a passenger inside the airport and which one is the best parking lot if I do so? Thanks


    • Hi Pilar,

      It will depend on which concourse the person you’re picking up is flying into, but generally speaking Garage East or Garage West will be your best bet. You can wait anywhere in the airport that you’d like that is prior to security.


  9. Brandy Rogers May 2, 2021

    I will be flying in from PDX to DIA arriving at gate B29 and I’ll only have 50 mins to find and get to Gate A85 to catch my next plane. I’ve never been in this airport so I dont know my way around. Can you tell me the fastest way I can get from gate B29 to A85 so I dont miss my next flight.


    • Catherine Luther May 3, 2021

      Hi Brandy,

      You’ll need to take the underground train from Concourse B to Concourse A and walk to the very end of the concourse. The DEN airport map is really useful for detailed directions and it states your journey will take 20 minutes.


  10. robin solomon June 22, 2021

    Where should I arrange to meet someone driving in from Boulder to meet me when my Frontier flight gets in at 8:00 pm? I am feeling very insecure about not knowing where to go in your Denver airport and how to find my ride at an easy location for me to get to. Thank you for your reply.


    • Hi Robin,

      I recommend you have the person pick you up at arrivals as that is where most passengers are picked up from the airport. When you land, just follow the posted signs that say passenger pickup/rideshares/etc. and they will lead you right where you need to go.


  11. Chuck Mai July 7, 2021

    Our flight arrives way earlier than our friend’s. Can we pick up our bags and go to Elways for breakfast?


    • Hi Chuck,

      I do not believe you will be allowed to re-enter Terminal B after picking up your luggage without an onward travel boarding pass.


  12. CHUCK MAI July 7, 2021

    Which restaurants are accessible from Baggage Claim ?


  13. Laura Hall August 1, 2021

    Are there any restaurants on concourse A?


  14. I’ve seen some videos of the DEN airport. It seems the smaller planes don’t use jetways and the passangers need to deplane onto a tarmac. I’m on a skywest flight, E175 plane. It will be cold and I don’t have a coat. Do any of this size jet use the jetway?


  15. Kevin Kennedy October 17, 2021

    The Uber and Left pickups are now from level 4. Level 6, west side at the far end is easier if you can talk them into it.


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