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Brian Graham

Brian has been helping build Upgraded Points since the very beginning. A lover of travel himself, when the Millers gave him whispers of a better life he couldn’t help but dive into the points world headfirst!

Before starting his points strategy, Brian had enjoyed traveling to a variety of places. But he didn’t start until very late in life…after the age of 23!

Brian’s first ever airplane ride was in a private turbo-prop jet. He was merely an intern boy trying to make a good impression, but it turns out the plane made an impression on him.

It wasn’t until Brian relocated to Dallas, TX, and moved in with an American Airlines employee that he truly discovered how incredible travel could be.

After getting hooked up with the employee travel benefits, he immediately set sail with his buddy around the world. Currently, Brian has visited the following countries:

Canada, the Bahamas, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, France, and Belgium.

That’s not nearly enough to satisfy his tastes, however, and Brian has multiple places on his list for when he can collect enough points!

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