The JetBlue Plus Card — Full Review [2021]

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The JetBlue Plus Card — Full Review [2021]

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"JetBlue Points You Can Count On"

Earn major points to redeem for JetBlue flights and more! Earn up to 6x points in various categories and a yearly point bonus.

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You can’t complain about spending so much time with your head in the clouds when JetBlue makes it so easy! Whether booking flights for business or pleasure, they are your go-to airline every time.

Between free entertainment (DirectTV, SiriusXM), Wi-Fi, and unlimited snacks and (non-alcoholic) beverages, what’s not to love?

Now, you can earn and redeem points for those flights when you sign up for The JetBlue Plus Card. It allows you to earn free flights even faster than The JetBlue Card and comes with some pretty nice features too!

The JetBlue Plus Card — Snapshot

  • Welcome Bonus & Info (Partner Content)
    • Limited-Time Offer: Earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 on purchases and paying the annual fee in full, both within the first 90 days.
    • Earn 6X points on eligible JetBlue purchases 2X points at restaurants and eligible grocery stores and 1X points on all other purchases.
    • Earn 5,000 bonus points every year after your account anniversary
    • Enjoy Mosaic benefits if you spend $50,000 or more on purchases each calendar year with your card.
    • Enjoy an annual $100 statement credit after purchasing a JetBlue Vacations package of $100 or more with your JetBlue Plus Card.
    • 50% inflight savings on cocktails and food purchases.
  • Card Categories:
  • Rewards Center
  • Customer Service Number
  • Login Link

The Ideal Cardholder

For the frequent JetBlue flyer, you will likely want to consider this premium JetBlue card to add some extra points and travel benefits to your experience! Image Credit: Freedom_Studio via Shutterstock

Sign-Up Bonus, Categories, and Earning Points

Sign up for the card and get the sign-up bonus listed in the card summary table above.

The typical bonus value offered by the credit card issuer more than offsets the $99 annual fee!

Then, earn a whopping 6 points per dollar spent on JetBlue and 2 points per dollar spent at restaurants and grocery stores. You’ll also get 1 point per dollar on everything else you put on the card.

Bottom Line: The JetBlue Plus card earns 6x points on JetBlue, 2x points on restaurants and grocery stores, and 1x points everywhere else for a $99 annual fee.

Card Benefits

This rewards card offers no shortage of benefits, starting with a free first checked bag for you and up to 3 companions when you fly JetBlue. This offer is even good for award flights!

Considering it will cost you $25 to check a bag at the airport when you purchase a Blue fare, the benefit is worth up to $100!

Next, you’ll automatically earn 5,000 rewards points every year on your account anniversary.

As if that’s not enough, you will get 10% of your rewards back every time you redeem them so you can use them for your next redemption. For example, redeem 30,000 points for a flight, and you’ll get 3,000 back.

Unlike other credit cards, there’s no limit to how many rewards you can get back during the year. Talk about increasing the value of your points!

And that’s still not all! When you sign up for the card, you typically also get an introductory APR on balance transfers. If you have a balance on a high-interest card, you can transfer it over and save some money!

Bottom Line: Get a free checked bag for up to 3 companions, a 5,000-point anniversary bonus, a 10% rebate every time you redeem points, and an intro APR on The JetBlue Plus card.

More Credit Card Perks

Purchase a JetBlue Getaways vacation package with the card and receive a $100 statement credit. This benefit is good once per year, as long as the package is $100 or more.

As an owner of this airline credit card, you also save 50% on in-flight purchases. That’s 50% off cocktails, beer, wine, meals, and JetBlue movies on flights operated by JetBlue.

To give you an idea of what this benefit is worth, alcoholic beverages on JetBlue flights currently cost $6 – $9. That means you’ll pay only $3 – $4.50 when you use the card!

Just like with all JetBlue Barclaycard credit cards, there are no foreign transaction fees. You also receive $0 fraud liability protection.

TrueBlue points never expire and can be used for any seat on any JetBlue flight–no blackout dates!

Bottom Line: The JetBlue Plus card earns a $100 statement credit when you purchase a JetBlue Getaways vacation package, good once per year. You also save 50% on in-flight purchases!

Unique JetBlue Programs

JetBlue offers a couple of terrific programs for members of the TrueBlue loyalty program.

With Family Pooling, you and your family can earn and share rewards together. In fact, JetBlue is one of the only airline programs that doesn’t charge families for this service.

Up to 2 adults and 5 kids can collect points individually and then combine them together to redeem for a large group award.

The JetBlue badges program is also worth joining. Earn badges for accomplishing social media and travel goals throughout the year to receive points and prestige.

There are more than 400 badges to earn in the following categories: loyalty, travel, and partner. For instance, link your TrueBlue account to Facebook to receive 50 bonus points.

You must sign up for the program to see all of the badges, but here is a sample:

 BadgePurchase & Fly in 1 Calendar YearEarn
Take 3 Badge3 round-trip JetBlue flights5,000 pts.
Lucky 7 Badge7 round-trip JetBlue flights7,000 pts.
Go Long Badge10 one-way JetBlue flights (min. 1,600 miles each)10,000 pts.

While JetBlue doesn’t have an official elite status program like you might find on United Airlines, they do have the Mosaic Badge.

We’ll go into more details on the Mosaic Badge in the Best Way To Maximize Points section, but just to give you an idea: it includes 15,000 bonus points and an additional 3x points for JetBlue flights!

You usually need to reach 30 segments and 12,000 base points (or 15,000 base points alone) to unlock the Mosaic Badge.

However, as a member of The JetBlue Plus card, you automatically earn the badge when you spend $50,000 or more on purchases in the calendar year!

Bottom Line: JetBlue TrueBlue is one of the highest-rated loyalty programs out there, and has unique ways to earn rewards such as Family Pooling, the badges program, and Mosaic status. Add value to your frequent flyer experience with The JetBlue Plus card.

Which Is Better: The JetBlue Card or The JetBlue Plus Card?

We’ll look at the math later on in this article, but The JetBlue Plus card clearly has more features and benefits than The JetBlue Card, even if it does have a $99 fee each year.

When you consider the sign-up bonus, annual 5,000 bonus points, and 10% bonus points returned on redemptions, there is no question of value in the higher tier card.

You also get 6 points per dollar on JetBlue purchases, which is double that of The JetBlue Card!

Bottom Line: If you fly JetBlue frequently, The Plus Card will provide much more value even though it has a $99 annual fee. The JetBlue Card is a great card for those who don’t travel as much but want to earn some extra rewards.

Great Card If

  • You want a big sign-up bonus
  • You fly JetBlue frequently
  • You usually check bags

Don't Get If

  • You fly a wide variety of airlines
  • There is no JetBlue hub close by (i.e. you live on the West Coast)
  • You don’t want to pay for your credit card each year

The JetBlue Plus Card — Fees

  • Annual Fee
    • $99
  • Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Interest Rates
    • 15.99%, 19.99% or 24.99% variable
  • Late fees
    • Up to $40
  • Balance Transfers
    • 0% introductory APR for the first twelve billing cycles following each balance transfer that posts to your account within 45 days of account opening.
    • After that (and for balance transfers that do not post within 45 days of account opening) your APR will be 15.99%, 19.99% or 24.99% variable
    • Fee: Either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.
  • Cash Advance APR
    • 25.24% variable

Best Way To Maximize JetBlue Points

Clearly, the best way to get premium value from this rewards credit card is to use it to purchase JetBlue flights.

You will get 6x bonus points for using your card, another 3x bonus points for being a frequent flyer member, and then 3x-5x points (depending on fare class) for purchasing your tickets through That’s a total of 12x-14x points!

However, we developed a list of additional ways to earn TrueBlue points below:

Tip #1: Sign up for the TrueBlue Dining Program to earn rewards for dining out. There are more than 11,000 restaurants worldwide in the program.

You’ll receive 1 point for every $1 spent eating at participating establishments. If you have earned the Mosaic Badge, you’ll get 2 points per dollar.

Tip #2: Earn rewards for shopping at the ShopTrue Mall and with other retailers.

Choose from over 700 online retailers at the ShopTrue Mall including Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples. You’ll even find bonus offers and coupons on the site.

JetBlue also has a wide variety of financial and home partners such as LifeLock (sign up for 4,500 points), NRG Home (7,500 points after 2 months of active service), and much more. Check out all your options at the TrueBlue website.

Tip #3: Transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to your JetBlue account at a rate of 250:200. Keep an eye out for special offers that give you even more value for your Membership Rewards.

We found a recent offer that allowed you to transfer at a 1:1 ratio.

Tip #4: JetBlue has a ton of travel partners that offer bonuses to TrueBlue members.

For instance, earn 2 points per dollar spent on JetBlue Cruises. Or rent a car with Avis, Budget, or Payless to earn bonuses. You can also earn points with Carmel, Zipcar, and the Parking Spot.

See the table below for hotel partner offers:

Marriott BonvoyVaries (see link)IHG Rewards ClubVaries (see link)
Rocketmiles1,000 to 10,000 per night
La Quinta Inns & Suites250 (750 through 3/31/2016!)

Finally, while JetBlue is not a member of an airline alliance, you can still earn points by booking with their partner airlines. All you have to do is add your membership number on the passenger info page at the time of purchase.

Partner AirlineTrueBlue Point Accrual
Hawaiian Airlines1.5 pts/2 mi in Business F and P
1 pt/2 mi in Business A and Economy Class (W, Y, Q, B, N, M H)
0.5 pt/2 mi in Economy Class K & L
Emirates Skywards1 pt/1 mi + 50% bonus in First
1 pt/1 mi +25% bonus in Business
1 pt/1 mi in Economy Flex
1 pt/2 mi in Economy Saver
Singapore Airlines1 pt/1 mi in Business
1 pt/2 mi in Economy
South African Airways1 pts/1 mi + 25% bonus in Business
1 pt/1 mi in Economy
1 pt/2 mi in Discounted Economy
Silver Airways250 TrueBlue pts per segment

Tip #5: Earn the Mosaic Badge for a host of benefits. As we mentioned earlier in the review, you can automatically earn the badge by spending at least $50,000 on the card in a calendar year.

Otherwise, you must reach 30 segments and 12,000 base points (or 15,000 base points alone) to qualify.

With the Mosaic Badge, you receive 15,000 points plus a 3x bonus when booking a flight. This brings your total possible rewards to 12x-17x!

However, earning the Mosaic Badge gets you more than just points. You can book Even More Space seats (with additional legroom) and receive 2 pieces of free checked luggage for you and anyone traveling within your itinerary.

Other benefits include complimentary alcoholic beverages during your flight, an expedited security line, early boarding, and a dedicated customer service line.

There are no charges for making changes or canceling your itinerary as a Mosaic member either!

Earn bonus TrueBlue points when you use the ShopTrue Shopping Portal. Use a JetBlue credit card to pay for the purchases and earn additional bonus miles on top of the offer! Image Credit: Stock Rocket via Shutterstock

Best Way To Redeem JetBlue Points

Redeeming JetBlue points for the highest value after earning them with this card is a little more challenging than on some other airlines, since there are no fixed-value awards for flight redemptions.

Instead, the amount of rewards required for a trip is tied to current fares. When fares drop, so does the number of points required for redemption, which can be a good thing.

To redeem, visit and sign in to your account. Then you can search for flights using points and dollars.

There are also plenty of other ways to get value from your redemptions.

Tip #1: Donate to a charity of your choice. You can explore the charities under the categories of youth & education, community, and environment at the TrueBlue website. It’s important to note that point donations are not tax deductible.

Tip #2: Subscribe to magazines and newspapers using your points. Magazine redemptions start at 400 points.

Newspaper home-delivery redemptions vary by zip code and include the Dallas Morning News, Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Tip #3: Use your rewards to fly on Hawaiian Airlines, the only JetBlue airline partner that redeems TrueBlue points. Book through 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

Tip #4: Book a JetBlue Getaway (air + hotel) plus optional car and activities using a combination of cash and points. Visit or call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and choose option 3 to redeem.

Note that you cannot use rewards only for a Getaways package; it must be a combination of cash (or credit card) and points.

However, if you need more to qualify for using a cash and points option, you can buy them. The minimum purchase is 1,000 points for $37.63, and you can buy up to 30,000 in increments of 500.

Many airlines, hotels, and travel programs partner with JetBlue to offer bonuses:

Airline Partners: Emirates, Silver Airways, JetSuiteX, South African Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines

Hotel Partners: VOILA Hotel Rewards, Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards Club, Hotel Tonight, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Rocketmiles, Marriott Bonvoy

Getaway Partners: JetBlue Getaways, JetBlue Cruises, Adventure Canada

The Gritty Details: Everything Else You Need To Know

The card is pretty simple to understand, but check the TrueBlue loyalty program’s Terms and Conditions if you have any questions.

There are some things to keep in mind when using the card:

You will receive 5,000 points on your anniversary as long as the credit card is open, active, and in good standing. It takes 4-6 weeks for the points to post to your frequent flyer account.

In order to receive the free first checked bag for you and up to 3 travel companions, you must all be on the same reservation and all tickets must be purchased with the card under your TrueBlue member number.

To qualify for the Mosaic offer, you must make $50,000 in net purchases during the calendar year (January-December billing statements). It takes 4-6 weeks for the benefits to take effect after qualifying.

Then, you will be eligible for the remainder of the current year and the following calendar year. See the TrueBlue website for Mosaic details.

Your 10% rebate on points spent posts 4 to 6 weeks after the redemption is processed.

Other Unique Features

The JetBlue Plus card is a World Elite Mastercard, which means it comes with many travel and shopping benefits that add value to the card straight from the credit card issuer.

  • Lyft — Get a $10 Lyft credit (once per month) when you take at least 5 rides in a month
  • Boxed — Earn 5% Cash Rewards on Boxed orders (through March 31, 2021)
  • Shoprunner — Receive a free ShopRunner membership offering free 2-day shipping and free return shipping at specific online retailers
  • Fandango — With every 2 movie tickets purchased, get $5 off future movie tickets or at-home purchases (through double points on Fandango VIP)
  • onefinestay — Save 10% on rental homes and villas (through March 31, 2021)
  • World Elite Concierge — Enjoy 24/7 concierge service that acts as a personal assistant to secure reservations or help with shopping
  • Golf Concierge Services — In partnership with the PGA TOUR, enjoy exclusive golf offers and experiences
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection — Monitor your credit file for changes, get alerts with suspicious activity, and receive ID theft resolution
  • Cell Phone Protection‎ — Your card comes with $1,000 in yearly coverage (up to $800 per claim, 2 claims per year) should your cell phone get stolen or need certain repairs
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection‎ — You’re not responsible if someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card
  • Global Emergency Services‎ — Get emergency assistance anytime in any language

Frequently asked questions

What is The JetBlue Plus card? Why should I sign up for it?

JetBlue has 3 credit cards: The JetBlue card, The JetBlue Plus card, and The JetBlue Business card.

All 3 cards are great for people who frequently fly on JetBlue and want to earn points to redeem for flights and other rewards.

Benefits include first checked bag free, 5,000 points on your anniversary, and a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles.

How does the card work?

When you use the card for JetBlue purchases, you get 6x points. Grocery store and restaurant purchases earn 2x points, and all other purchases earn 1x points.

You also get other benefits as well, most of which are automatically added as a cardholder (like the free checked bag).

Is The JetBlue Plus card a 0% APR card?

The card is not typically a 0% APR card for purchases. However, it typically comes with an introductory APR on balance transfers.

What are JetBlue badges?

You can earn more than 400 badges in JetBlue’s Badges Program for bonus points and prestige in categories such as loyalty, travel, and partner. For instance, link your account to Facebook to receive 50 bonus points.

The Mosaic Badge is worth 15,000 bonus points plus an additional 3x bonus points for booking flights, along with several other perks.

As an owner of The JetBlue Plus card, you can earn the Mosaic Badge automatically after spending $50,000 on the card in a calendar year.

Otherwise, you need to fly 13 segments and earn 12,000 base points (or earn 15,000 base points alone) to get this badge.

Which is better, The JetBlue Plus card or The JetBlue card?

The JetBlue Plus card earns 6x points for JetBlue purchases, 2x points for restaurant and supermarket purchases, and 1x True Blue points for everything else.

You also get a 5,000-point anniversary bonus, 10% rebate on point redemptions, and a sign-up bonus (see card summary table for current offer). This card does carry a $99 fee.

The JetBlue Card is similar, but it has no annual fee and you only earn 3x points on JetBlue purchases. It also does not have a 10% rebate on point redemptions, and the sign-up bonus is typically smaller.

If you simply want a card with no annual fee, The JetBlue Card would be the best option.

How long does it take for JetBlue TrueBlue Points post to your account?

Points post to your account 4-6 weeks after earning them.

When do TrueBlue Points expire?

As long as your account stays current and active, TrueBlue points never expire.

Does JetBlue have any airline partners?

Yes, JetBlue has several airline partners that allow you to earn TrueBlue miles, including Silver Airways, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Emirates, JetSuiteX, and South African Airways. You can also redeem miles on Hawaiian Airlines.

What is the annual fee for The JetBlue Plus card?

The fee is $99 per year.

Do I have to pay a foreign transaction fee with The JetBlue Plus card?

No, there are no foreign transaction fees with any of the JetBlue cards.

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  1. I understand the $50K in a calendar year spending to achieve Mosaic, but I have a question:

    If I get the JetBlue Plus card and spend $25K, and also get the JetBlue Business card and spend $25K, then do I meet the $50K threshold to earn Mosaic? Or does the $50K need to be all on one card?


  2. Harrison Davis May 3, 2019

    How can you tell you’re earning the full 12x points when booking on (for a base level fare)? From what I saw, it looked like I was only getting 6x points in TrueBlue. When I inquired, JetBlue told me that 6x points came from them but then 6x points would come from Barclays (the issuing bank for the card). When I contacted them, they basically redirected me to JetBlue but also said that sometimes the points can take 3-4 weeks after the billing cycle to show up. I use this card as my main charge card now so it’s next to impossible to determine if I’m getting the full 12x points on just the purchases on JetBlue, but it looks more like I’m only getting the 6x. Any ideas/tips?


    • Hi Harrison, we asked one of our experts on this subject and this is what they had to say:

      “It seems like Harrison might have spoken with a misinformed CSR at Barclay, as there’s no reason they should have directed him back to JetBlue when inquiring about points from his card earning.

      The JetBlue Rep was correct that 6x points per $1 are awarded from JetBlue upon completion of the flight, and 6x points per $1 are awarded from Barclay by using his JetBlue Plus card for the flight.

      IME, credit card reward activity is almost always coded properly… so I would wager that he is receiving those points. However, it seems like perhaps the dashboard for his card doesn’t differentiate how his points were earned. This is speculative though as I’m not very familiar with the Barclay dashboard as it pertains to points activity.

      However, simply calling in and speaking with a competent CSR from Barclay should be able to review his past statements and points activity to ensure that he is, in fact, receiving the 6x on his flights.”

      Maybe there are some other readers out there that can address this topic as well?


  3. Rodolfo Lasparri April 17, 2021

    Does the Barclays Jetblue Plus credit card enable carry on bag with a Blue Basic fare (the “no frills” ticket)?

    This would compare with the Chase United Explore card, which enables a carry on bag with a Basic Economy ticket.

    Both cards carry a $100 annual fee.


    • Hi Rodolfo,

      The JetBlue Plus card offers a free checked bag (not a carry-on) regardless of what fare class you purchase as long as you pay for your flight with the JetBlue Plus card.


  4. Christine Henrikson May 11, 2021

    I booked a flight for my husband and I using the JetBlue Plus Card. We entered that we would be checking one bag each on our RT flights to/from FLA. We were charged for the checked bags. How do I receive a credit for the fees already paid? How do we avoid this charge in the future when making online reservations using the JetBlue Plus Card?


    • Hi Christine,

      As long as you paid for the flight with your JetBlue Plus card, you should not have been charged for the checked bags. I recommend you contact JetBlue directly to figure out why you were charged and so they can reimburse you for those baggage fees. The JetBlue customer service number is 1-(800)-538-2583.


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