The 6 Best Business Credit Cards for Amazon “FBA” Sellers [2021]


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Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is one of the most interesting, unique businesses you can start. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it’s a program offered by Amazon to third party merchants that allows them to get their products on Amazon’s website and leverage its global fulfillment network to help you scale your e-commerce business.

This is a huge simplification to be clear, but still, lots of people have made healthy livings as well as large fortunes with Amazon FBA, and it is built on one of the most trusted brands in the world.

If you have an Amazon FBA business, you should know the best credit cards to use to make the most of your business spending.

We’ll show you all the best choices and help you make a decision that helps your business get rewarded as much as possible. Let’s take a deep-dive into the best cards for Amazon FBA sellers!

What To Look for in a Business Credit Card for Amazon FBA Sellers

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller, you can actually save a bunch of money that you’d normally have to spend if you were selling goods on a different platform.

For example, Amazon FBA sellers get Amazon’s customer service and returns network, free shipping, and so much more.

In return, Amazon charges selling plans (based on the number of units sold), referral fees (usually between 8% to 15%), fulfillment fees, and other incremental costs.

So what do you have to pay for?

The biggest costs for Amazon FBA sellers besides Amazon fees will likely be on inventory, advertising within Amazon (similar to Google Ads), and packing supplies (to send your products to Amazon).

Ideally, you want to find a card that rewards you on all 3 of the above items, but this probably isn’t possible. The next best thing is to pick a card that rewards you in the categories you happen to spend the most on!

Well, let’s start with some cards that you should avoid. You should not use these cards for most Amazon seller transactions:

The reason why is because you’ll only earn the bonus cash-back on purchases at, and not for any seller fees or Amazon Advertising purchases.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s have a chat about the best cards for Amazon FBA sellers.

Best Overall Business Cards for Amazon FBA Sellers

The best overall cards for Amazon FBA are going to be the ones that offer large bonus categories on advertising, packing supplies, and inventory.

Because inventory categories will vary wildly depending on what you’re selling on Amazon, we won’t focus on those expenses.

As an Amazon FBA seller, you’re probably spending a handsome sum of money on advertising costs. Amazon has its own internal media company called Amazon Advertising that allows you to advertise on, similar to Google Ads’ pay-per-click (PPC) system.

The catch with ads on Amazon is that American Express doesn’t currently count Amazon Advertising as an eligible advertising merchant, which is a disappointment.

And while Amazon will take care of fulfilling the goods to the customer, you’ll still need to procure, package, and send the products to an Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center. So you’ll probably be buying a lot of boxes, packing materials, tape, and more.

Cards that offer bonus rewards on these categories in addition to other important benefits like fraud and purchase protection will be the secret sauce to maximizing your rewards as an Amazon FBA seller.

Let’s look at our top card picks!

1. Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Credit CardKey Benefits & Info
Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card
Learn More
(at Chase's secure site)
  • Earn 100,000 bonus points after you spend $15,000 on purchases in the first 3 months.
  • $2,000
  • Earn 3 points per $1 on the first $150,000 spent in combined purchases on travel, shipping purchases, internet, cable and phone services, advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines each account anniversary year
  • Earn 1 point per $1 on all other purchases—with no limit to the amount you can earn
  • 25% more value when redeeming points through Ultimate Rewards® travel
  • Good to Excellent Credit Recommended (670-850)
  • Annual Fee: $95

Must Reads: For more info on the Ink Business Preferred, see our guides on its benefits, 7 things to do as a new cardholder, and our full review. This is our favorite Chase business credit card.

Our top winner is the Ink Business Preferred card, which is one of Chase’s most popular business credit cards for good reason!

This credit card packs a ton of benefits into a business credit card, and it will surely allow you to scale your business while also scaling your rewards!

The Ink Business Preferred card currently has a generous welcome bonus, and the bonus alone could be worth at least $2,000, according to our points and miles valuations.

On top of this massive bonus, you will earn 3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent on up to $150,000 in combined purchases every cardmember year on the following bonus categories:

Let’s talk about the last bonus category — because of how flexible the bonus category is, Amazon Advertising purchases code to the advertising category.

By maxing out the $150,000 in 3x earning, you could end up with 450,000 Ultimate Rewards points, worth around $9,000.

The Ink Business Preferred card also offers fantastic cell phone protection insurance if you tend to lose or damage your phone often. This policy allows you to get reimbursed up to $600 per claim up to 3 times per year with a $100 deductible per claim!

The credit card also offers purchase protection, primary rental car insurance, extended warranty coverage, and travel insurance.

Bottom Line: Overall, the Ink Business Preferred card is one of the kings of business credit cards thanks to its ability to earn 3x points on numerous bonus categories, including an advertising category under which Amazon Advertising counts, a gigantic welcome bonus, and numerous other credit card benefits. You’ll get all of this for a low $95 annual fee!

Why We Like Earning Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

We love Chase Ultimate Rewards points because they can be reinvested into your business via statement credits and cash-back, used for merchandise and gift cards, or redeemed for phenomenal value on business and first class flights or 5-star hotel stays through airline and hotel partner transfers.

Of course, you can stick to the tried-and-true method of redeeming your points for 1.25 cents per point through the Chase travel portal.

These points are among the most valuable in the world, worth approximately 2 cents per point, according to our valuations.

2. The Business Platinum Card® from American Express

The Amex Business Platinum card is arguably the best card for businesses in the entire world.

First of all, you’ll find a huge welcome bonus that’ll immediately get you started with racking up rewards quickly. You’ll also earn 5x points on flights and prepaid hotels at Amex Travel.

Amazon Advertising isn’t included in eligible advertising providers at the moment, but this can change at any time.

But if you think earning 5x points and a mega welcome bonus is all this card offers, wait until you see all of the travel benefits!

With this card, you’ll earn a $200 annual airline fee credit, up to $200 in statement credits for U.S. purchases with Dell, a Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee credit, complimentary Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy Gold status, access to Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts, 35% points rebate on select flights, and much more.

But perhaps the most impressive benefit is its unparalleled access to the phenomenal American Express Global Lounge Collection that includes the following lounges:

If you’re a prolific drop-shipper with large expenses, listen to the next benefit, which is absolutely essential.

The Amex Business Platinum card isn’t a normal credit card because it doesn’t have a preset spending limit. One of the small issues with the Ink Business Preferred card is that you might hit the maximum credit limit if you have a big drop-shipping business.

With the Amex Business Platinum card, your spending limit actually adjusts fluidly to accommodate your spending habits, and this results in potentially huge spending power, as long as Amex thinks you’re able to pay off your bills in full.

Other benefits include travel and purchase protection, a 50% points bonus (1.5 points per $1) on eligible purchases of $5,000 or more, and no foreign transaction fees.

Why We Like Earning Amex Membership Rewards Points

Amex Membership Rewards points are our most valuable points currency, worth around 2.2 cents per point.

We love Amex points because you can use them for out-of-this-world first class flights when redeeming via transfer partners.

Also, you can utilize Amex points for charity, gift cards, merchandise, statement credits/cash-back, and travel bookings made through Amex Travel.

3. Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

The Ink Business Cash card is a fantastic credit card for small business owners just starting out in their niche.

This card is a spectacular card for those looking for mega rewards and no annual fee, and those who are fine without travel benefits like lounge access or supplementary insurance policies like cell phone protection.

If you’re laser-focused on a card that rewards you for your spending and aren’t really interested in the other fringe benefits, this card could be a great choice for you.

The Ink Business Cash card will earn you 5% cash-back on up to $25,000 spent in combined purchases every account anniversary year on the following categories:

  • Office supply stores
  • Cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services each account anniversary year

The first category could amount to a huge portion of your overall business spending because you’d need to procure packing materials to ship your goods to Amazon fulfillment centers.

You’ll also earn 2% cash-back on up to $25,000 spent in combined purchases at gas stations and restaurants, as well as 1% cash-back elsewhere.

You’ll enjoy a 0% introductory APR period, as well as travel insurance, purchase protection, and no-additional-cost employee cards.

And if you have an Ultimate Rewards card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, you can convert your 5%, 2%, and 1% cash-back to 5x, 2x, and 1x Ultimate Rewards points, which would basically double your return on spending.

4. The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express

The Amex Blue Business Plus card is one of the most rewarding business credit cards out there. The credit card offers 2x Membership Rewards points for the first $50,000 in purchases per account year, and then 1x points thereafter.

This card gets you access to Membership Rewards without an annual fee, and you’ll also receive purchase protection, extended warranty protection, and the ability to add employee cards at no additional cost (see rates and fees).

5. Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

The Ink Business Unlimited card is offered by Chase, and it allows you to earn simple, uncapped rewards.

We love this card because it comes with a huge welcome bonus right off the bat without an annual fee!

On top of this, you have the ability to earn an unlimited 1.5% cash-back on your purchases, regardless of spending categories.

If you have an Ultimate Rewards credit card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, your 1.5% cash-back is convertible to a 1.5x Ultimate Rewards points earning structure, which then becomes worth a 3% return on spend.

You’ll also enjoy a great 0% introductory APR benefit, zero liability protection, fraud alerts, no-additional-fee employee cards, and great travel coverages like primary rental car collision damage coverage.

Lastly, you’ll enjoy purchase protection and extended warranty protection when shopping for your business.

6. American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card

Not interested in points or travel? The Amex Blue Business Cash card offers some solid cash-back rewards structures without the complexity of points.

This card earns 2% cash-back on all eligible purchases up to $50,000 per calendar year, then 1%. All cash-back earned is automatically credited to your statement.

You can then use the cash-back to reinvest into your business. Additional benefits include travel insurance, purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, and much more.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous credit cards that’ll offer rewards for your Amazon FBA business. However, you should always avoid Amazon’s co-branded credit cards because they will not offer you bonus cash-back on Amazon seller fees or Amazon Advertising purchases.

Our absolute favorite card is the Ink Business Preferred card that can earn you 3x points, worth a 6% return on spend.

There are other fantastic card choices including the Amex Business Platinum card, but you’ll need to keep in mind that Amex doesn’t currently count Amazon Advertising as an eligible advertising provider, so you wouldn’t get bonus points under the advertising category with these purchases.

Hopefully, you found this informational guide useful to help you pick out the best credit cards for your Amazon FBA business!

The information regarding the Amazon Business American Express Card, Amazon Business Prime American Express Card, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, and Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card was independently collected by Upgraded Points and not provided nor reviewed by the issuer. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Amazon credit card good?

The Amazon cards issued by American Express and Chase are great for Amazon purchases (like at AWS or, but it’s not a good idea to pay for Amazon FBA seller fees or Amazon Advertising as an FBA seller.

The best credit card, in this case, would be the Ink Business Preferred card that offers 3x points on select business categories, including advertising.

This reward structure is equal to a return of around 6%, but this number can be much higher depending on how you redeem your points.

What is the best credit card for small business owners?

The best credit card for small business owners will depend on where you spend most of your money as a business.

For advertising, you can’t go wrong with the Ink Business Preferred card or the Amex Business Gold card.

For travel, you’ll find tons of value in the Amex Business Platinum card.

For small businesses who need low fee options and the ability to earn lots of rewards quickly, the Amex Blue Business Plus card and the Ink Business Unlimited card offer unfussy rewards, no annual fees, and the potential to convert those points into incredible value when booking luxury travel.

Does Amazon offer a business credit card?

Yes. The Amazon Business American Express Card and The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card are both business credit cards. You can earn cash-back on categories like Amazon Business,, AWS, and more. 

How much does Amazon charge for FBA?

The exact structure will fluctuate wildly depending on what you’re paying for. You can learn more here.

Is selling on Amazon FBA worth it?

As with starting any business, it depends! If you have the ability to invest time and money, then Amazon FBA selling has much lower barriers to entry than traditional businesses.

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  1. “If you have an Ultimate Rewards credit card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, your 1.5% cash-back is convertible to a 1.5x Ultimate Rewards points earning structure, which then becomes worth a 3% return on spend.”

    Is this accurate? I assumed 1.5 points at 1.5x bonus effectively equals 2.25?


    • Hi Jack,

      Yes and no. If you use your Ultimate Rewards points through the Chase Travel Portal with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, with the 50% bonus 1.5 points would be worth 2.25 cents. However, we value Ultimate Rewards points at 2 cents per point because of their ability to be used with airline and hotel transfer partners (like Hyatt and United), which allows you to get value that greatly exceeds 2 cents. But given that, 1.5 points to us would be worth 3 cents at a 2 cent per point valuation.

      I hope that makes sense!


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