The Amex Business Platinum Card – 29 Frequently Asked Questions [2021]

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The Business Platinum Card® from American Express is one of the most distinguished, well-known cards in the entire world. American Express is the pioneer of ultra-premium cards, and its loyal customers are big spenders, prolific business owners, and world travelers.

In this guide, we will be walking you through all of the most frequently asked questions about this incredible business card. These questions include:

  • How to qualify for the Amex Business Platinum card
  • How much credit limit you might get
  • What benefits you have access to
  • How to earn bonus points on the Amex Business Platinum card
  • How to use your Amex points

Table of contents

Table of Contents

General Information

To start off, you’ll want to learn a bit of the most surface-level knowledge about the Amex Business Platinum card. That’s what this section is dedicated to!

1. What Is the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Amex Business Platinum
Image Credit: American Express

The Amex Business Platinum card is an ultra-premium travel rewards card that is geared towards jet setting business owners who have high expenses or want to enjoy some of the best travel benefits in the world.

This card is made for those who are always on the go, need luxury travel perks, and need to put big purchases on a card.

2. Is the Amex Business Platinum Card a Charge Card?

In the past, Amex referred to these flagship cards as charge cards. However, these have since been relabeled as cards.

The Amex Business Platinum card is a card, and it was known formerly as a charge card.

3. Is the Amex Business Platinum Card Metal?

The Amex Business Platinum card is metal! It also weighs a whopping 19 grams and is one of the strongest cards out there.

You can definitely feel the heftiness of this card, which is slightly heavier than the personal version, The Platinum Card® from American Express.

4. Does the Amex Business Platinum Card Report to Credit Bureaus?

The Amex Business Platinum card almost never reports to your personal credit bureaus.

Since this is a business credit card, the credit and payment history you build is tied to your business credit report.

However, when you apply for the Amex Business Platinum card, you may see a hard inquiry or hard pull on your personal credit report. This is because Amex wants to get an idea of the creditworthiness of the authorizing individual.

5. How Do I Get or Qualify for the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Qualifying for a business card, even a big-name one like the Amex Business Platinum card, is easier than you might think.

You don’t need a complicated business structure, tons of employees, or millions of dollars in revenue.

In fact, you can qualify for business cards, even if you’re just starting a brand-new business. As a sole proprietor, freelancer, or independent contractor, you can get a business card.

Of course, your approval is contingent on a number of factors, like your credit score, any bank-specific application rules, your income, and your payment history (if applicable) for your other Amex credit cards.

But if you have a business, no matter how big or small, and have great credit, then you stand a good chance of getting approved!

6. What are the Credit Score Requirements for the Amex Business Business Card?

We recommend a credit score of 700 or more to maximize your approval chances. Don’t forget that if you’re applying with an EIN, your business credit score matters too.

7. What Is the Credit Limit for the Amex Business Platinum Card?

One of the biggest differences between the Amex Business Platinum card and other cards is that this card doesn’t have a preset spending limit.

This doesn’t mean that you can spend a billion dollars immediately, but rather, Amex uses software, artificial intelligence, and other algorithms to determine and adjust your spending limit.

So if you’re a large spender for your business, you will not have traditional credit limit ceilings. If Amex believes you have the ability to pay your balances in full, they may extend you much more purchasing power than you need.

8. Are There Any Benefits for Active Military Members With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

You will still enjoy the same benefits as any other holder of the Amex Business Platinum card. Unfortunately, the new Amex Military Lending Act (MLA) terms no longer cover business cards.

However, if you have previously opened the Amex Business Platinum card (or any other cards) before December 20, 2019, and qualified under the old Amex Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) policy, your cards will be grandfathered and your fees will still be waived.

9. What Downgrade Options Do I Have With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Amex Business Gold
Image Credit: American Express

Currently, you can downgrade your Amex Business Platinum card to either the American Express® Business Gold Card or the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express.

There are no options without an annual fee available, but these 2 cards are bound to offer you tremendous value.

10. How Long Does It Take to Receive the Amex Business Platinum Card in the Mail?

The Amex Business Platinum card is usually shipped via UPS Next Day Air shipping and should arrive within 1 or 2 business days. However, this will ultimately depend on your location.

As a rule of thumb, this is the same for virtually every ultra-premium Amex card with an annual fee of $450 or more.

Rates & Fees

11. What’s the Annual Fee for the Amex Business Platinum Card?

The annual fee for the Amex Business Platinum card is $595.

The annual fee for new cardmembers is charged on your first billing statement, and any annual fees after that will be charged on the billing statement after your first cardmember anniversary.

12. What Happens When My Amex Business Platinum Card Is Past Due?

One of the other biggest differences is that you must pay your bills in full every month in order to avoid late/penalty fees. No interest is charged since you pay your balance in full every month.

For this reason, if your Amex Business Platinum card is past due, you will be assessed a late fee. This card is perfect for a business with consistent cash flow and bills that can be paid in full every month.

If you absolutely need the ability to split up your payments and carry a balance, you can use Amex’s Pay Over Time on eligible charges of $100 or more to pay with interest.

13. How Much Is an Additional Card Holder for the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Each additional employee’s Amex Business Platinum card is assessed an annual fee of $300.

For example, if you have an Amex Business Platinum card and want to add 2 employee cards, you will pay $595 + $300 + $300 every year, for a total of $1,195.

Additional employee cardholders will enjoy access to The Global Lounge Collection, Fine Hotels & Resorts, hotel and rental car benefits including complimentary Hilton Honors Gold status, an additional Global Entry/TSA PreCheck statement credit, and purchase protection that covers accidental damage, theft, or loss within 90 days of purchase.

If you just need an employee card for the purpose of spending, it’s much better to add employee Amex Business Gold cards for $50 for the first card and no fees for up to 99 additional cards OR employee Amex Business Green cards for $0 in annual fees.

If you add employee Amex Business Gold cards or Amex Business Green cards, you won’t enjoy the same perks as employee Amex Business Platinum cardholders do.

Amex Business Platinum Benefits

American Express Centurion Lounge IAH Bar
Access to the network of Centurion Lounges is an elite benefit for Amex Business Platinum cardholders. Image Credit: American Express

14. Is the Amex Business Platinum Card Worth It?

The Amex Business Platinum card is worth it for the right person, just like any other financial product in the world.

If you make the most of the Amex Business Platinum card’s benefits, you could get thousands of dollars in value every single year!

At the top of the most valuable benefits is the ability to access incredible airport lounges (including Centurion Lounges), the ability to earn an industry-leading 5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent on flights and hotels booked through Amex Travel, and all the incredible Amex statement credits you can access.

15. Does the Amex Business Platinum Card Get Uber Credit?

No, the Amex Business Platinum card does not get the Uber credit. This benefit is generally reserved as an exclusive benefit of the Amex Platinum card.

Instead, you will get up to $200 in statement credits every calendar year via 2 $100 credits given semi-annually for U.S. purchases with Dell.

16. How Much Dell Credit Do I Get With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

You get a total of $200 in Dell credits every calendar year.

The $200 amount is split into 2 equal $100 credits given semi-annually for U.S. purchases with Dell. The first credit is valid from January through June and the second credit is valid from July to December.

This benefit requires enrollment/activation on your Amex Business Platinum card’s Benefits page after logging into your online Amex account. Terms apply.

After that, shop on, pay with your Amex Business Platinum card, and you’ll get the credit back in 8 to 12 weeks. It usually posts much earlier, but it may take a bit longer.

17. Does the Amex Business Platinum Card Come With Travel Insurance?

There are tons of different types of travel insurance. Here’s what the Amex Business Platinum card currently comes with:

18. What Airport Lounges Can I Access With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Amex Business Platinum cardholders can access thousands of airport lounges around the world. Its huge network of lounges is called the American Express Global Lounge Collection, and it has partnerships with the following airport lounges:

Remember, the rules to access these lounges will vary depending on the specific lounge you’re interested in, the airline you’re flying on, and also the number of guests you want to bring into the lounge.

Bottom Line: The Amex Business Platinum card, along with the Amex Platinum card, offers the best lounge access of any card out there. Check out the best lounges you can access with the Amex Platinum and Amex Business Platinum cards!

19. Do I Get Any Gogo Wi-Fi Passes With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Unfortunately, Amex ended its relationship with Gogo in 2020, and the complimentary Gogo inflight internet passes are now a thing of the past.

So if you have the Amex Business Platinum card, this is no longer an available perk.

Similarly, the Boingo Preferred Plan was also cut in 2020.

20. What Hotel Status Benefits Do I Get With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

The Amex Business Platinum card offers complimentary Hilton Honors Gold and Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status for cardmembers.

These are both mid-tier elite statuses that confer awesome benefits, such as free continental breakfast at most full-service Hilton properties, space-available room upgrades (excluding suites), late check-out, and better points-earning structures.

Your Hilton and Marriott status must be activated for you to enjoy the perks. You can activate these by accessing your online Amex Business Platinum card account and visiting the Benefits page.

If your travel destination doesn’t have any Hilton or Marriott properties you like, you can also access the exceptional Fine Hotels & Resorts program that oftentimes confers even better benefits than what you’d get with elite status.

When you book through Amex Travel’s Fine Hotels & Resorts, you’ll be entitled to these benefits:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Daily breakfast for 2 guests
  • Guaranteed 4 p.m. late checkout
  • Noon check-in, subject to availability
  • Room upgrade upon arrival, subject to availability
  • Unique property amenity valued at $100 (such as a food and beverage credit)

21. Do I Get Priority Pass Access With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Yes, you do! The only thing that stands between you and your complimentary Priority Pass Select membership is enrollment/activation.

You can activate this benefit on the Benefits section of your Amex Business Platinum card online account. After this is activated, you’ll receive a welcome packet in the mail with your Priority Pass card.

22. What Roadside Assistance Benefits Do I Get With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Even though it was offered in the past, Amex’s premium roadside assistance perk was removed because it was underutilized by its cardholders.

Today, American Express cards can only offer roadside assistance by arranging services that you’d pay for yourself. It’s valuable if you want a reliable source of roadside assistance, but you won’t get anything complimentary.

23. Do I Get TSA PreCheck With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

You can! With the Amex Business Platinum card, you can get reimbursed for your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application and renewal fees.

This card offers a statement credit for Global Entry ($100) every 4 years or statement credit for TSA PreCheck ($85) every 4.5 years.

Remember, Global Entry includes TSA PreCheck, as long as you add your known traveler number (KTN) to your flight reservation!

24. Where Can I See Which Airline Was Chosen for the Amex Business Platinum Card Airline Fee Credit?

You can see which airline was chosen for your airline fee credit by visiting the Benefits section of your Amex Business Platinum card online account.

At the top of your screen, after you’ve logged in, you’ll see a ribbon underneath the American Express logo that says Home, Statements & Activity, Payments, Account Services, Employee Controls, and More.

Click on More, and you’ll see 2 more buttons: Rewards and Benefits. Click Benefits, and scroll down to find a box that says $200 Airline Fee Credit:

$200 Airline fee credit
Image Credit: American Express

If you’ve already selected an airline and just need to confirm which it is, you’ll see a line of text that says Airline Selected. That’s where you will find which airline you chose.

If you want to change the airline, just click the box that says Change Selected Airline to pick the new airline.

Points and Rewards

Image Credit: Dean Drobot via Shutterstock

25. What Are the Bonus Categories for the Amex Business Platinum Card?

The Amex Business Platinum card offers 5x Membership Rewards points on flights and prepaid hotels on Amex Travel.

26. How Can I Use My Amex Business Platinum Card Points?

The points you earn from the Amex Business Platinum card are super valuable. These points are called Membership Rewards points, and there are tons of ways you can redeem Amex points for phenomenal flights and hotels.

You can book posh first class flights or luxe 5-star hotels using your Amex points by transferring to partners.

You can also redeem your points for gift cards, statement credits, travel via Amex Travel, or merchandise. When you book select flights through Amex Travel, you can also take advantage of the 35% Pay with Points rebate!

To use your points, log into your online account and click on the button that says Rewards under More in the top ribbon of your Amex Business Platinum card account.

Then, you’ll see your points balance and a number of options to redeem your points, including Cover Your Card ChargesPay with Points at CheckoutRedeem for Gift Cards, Book or Upgrade Travel, Transfer Points, and Go Shopping.

27. Is There a 100,000 Welcome Bonus Offer With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Here’s what the current welcome bonus offer is for the Amex Business Platinum card:

28. Can I Get a Retention Bonus With the Amex Business Platinum Card?

You might. If you’ve already opened the Amex Business Platinum card and are considering making a product change to the card, you might be able to get a retention bonus for keeping your card open for 1 more year.

29. How Do I Refer Someone for the Amex Business Platinum Card?

Amex’s Refer-a-Friend program is super easy to use, and it’s one of the best ways to help you earn more Amex points!

Just log into your Amex account online, click the Refer Now button, and generate the referral link. After this link is created, just paste it and send it to your friends or family!

Final Thoughts

The Amex Business Platinum card is one of the world’s most valuable cards. And while it commands a high annual fee (as it should for an ultra-premium card), it comes jam-packed with tons of benefits that you can use.

Not all of the benefits are focused on travel, though. For example, the Dell credit is super useful for business owners who need to spend some money upgrading their offices and electronics.

Hopefully, you found this guide useful in walking you through some of the most important frequently asked questions about the Amex Business Platinum card!

For rates and fees of The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, click here.

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