The 10 Best Credit Cards for Authorized Users [2021]

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Adding someone you know as an authorized user can be one of the best things that can happen to them financially.

Between the ability to pass on positive credit history, massively boost credit scores, accumulate points for someone else’s spending, and share benefits without paying another annual fee, there are lots of reasons why you would want to consider adding someone as an authorized user.

So whether you’re doing so for a family member or a significant other, you should know that not all authorized user arrangements are the same.

Many credit cards actually don’t provide the same benefits to authorized users as they do to the primary cardholder. But if you’ve ever tried to read through the legalese of these agreements, it can get very confusing very quickly.

We’ve compiled all of the criteria you’re probably looking for in a credit card for authorized users and we’ve ranked our top picks in this guide.

Pros & Cons of Adding an Authorized User

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Deciding whether you add someone as an authorized user is a loaded decision. The main drawback of doing so is that you’ll be 100% financially responsible for the balances and payments of the authorized user. This shouldn’t matter that much if it’s a direct family member like a teenager or college student, but it’s still a consideration.

Adding someone as an authorized user is ideally suited for those who are just starting out with building credit or need help accessing credit. If you have a child whose credit history is relatively new, they may either get low credit limits or have a low credit score from a thin credit file.

If you end up adding someone as an authorized user, that person will inherit your credit card’s history, for better or worse.

If you have a perfect payment history, then it’ll absolutely boost your authorized user’s credit health.

On the flip side, if you add your authorized user to a credit card with delinquencies, late payments, and other negative items, it will probably end up lowering your authorized user’s credit score.

Just keep all of these factors in mind when deciding whether or not to add someone as an authorized user to a credit card.

What To Look for in a Credit Card for Authorized Users

If you’re looking for a superb credit card for authorized users, you’ll probably want a card that confers lots of benefits to your authorized user, even though the card is under your name.

Ideally, you’ll focus on a card that not only transfers a lot of benefits to your authorized user but also earns points and/or cash-back as well.

After all, it would be a shame to miss out on bonus points for spending that your authorized user would have to make anyway.

So in our ranking list, we’ll identify the cards that offer the most outsized value to authorized users.

Some of these cards will have fees to add authorized users, but you’ll notice that the incremental value you’d get from these cards far and away exceeds the marginal fee of adding an authorized user.

Lounge access, bonus categories, and travel insurance are all different reasons that might drive which credit card is the best fit for you and your authorized users.

You’ll also want to be able to track and manage an authorized user’s spending, whether that means setting spending limits or separating your primary cardholder expenses from the authorized user’s expenses.

Hot Tip: Looking for the best business credit cards for additional users? Instead of authorized users, the terminology for business credit cards is employee cards. Semantics aside, check out our guide to the best credit cards for multiple employees!

The 10 Best Credit Cards for Authorized Users

Without further ado, here is the definitive list of the best credit cards for authorized users.

1. The Platinum Card® from American Express

Our #1 choice for the best cards for authorized users is the Amex Platinum card. Known as the best card for luxury travel benefits, this is absolutely one of the most comprehensive travel rewards cards out there.

You’ll earn 5x points per $1 spent on flights purchased directly with the airline or with American Express Travel (up to $500,000 per calendar year) and 5x points per $1 spent on prepaid hotels booked with American Express Travel.

Also, the Amex Platinum card comes with the following benefits for the primary cardmember only:

Although authorized users will not get their own Uber, Saks Fifth Avenue, and airline fee, both primary cardmembers and authorized users will get an astonishing suite of benefits, including luxury travel perks:

Note that some benefits require enrollment through your American Express account, so don’t miss out on getting the most out of your card.

Benefits for Authorized Users

When you add an authorized user, you have 3 options:

The long list of perks above applies only to authorized user Amex Platinum cards — if you have the complimentary Amex Gold card, you’ll get a Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee credit, access to The Hotel Collection, access to bonus categories, and access to Amex Offers.

The authorized user Amex Green card doesn’t present any benefit over the authorized user Amex Gold card; you should probably avoid it as a general rule.

Hot Tip: We have a guide that can specifically walk you through all of the benefits of adding an authorized user to your Amex Platinum card, along with an explanation of the limitations of adding an Amex Gold Card.

Why We Like Earning Amex Membership Rewards Points

Our most valuable type of rewards points is Amex Membership Rewards points. By our valuations, your points would be worth 2.2 cents apiece, which is a significant amount!

That means if you earn 5x or 10x points, you can get an 11% or 22% return on spend — even higher in some cases!

We value these points so highly because you can utilize the long list of Amex transfer partners to book business and first class flights, as well as luxury hotels. This is the best way to get outsized value from your points.

If you are interested in redeeming your Amex points in other ways, you can use them for cash-back, statement credits, Pay With Points travel bookings made through Amex Travel, charitable donations, gift cards, and much more.

However, we generally recommend reserving your points for transfer partner redemptions.

Bottom Line: The Amex Platinum card is one of the few cards that confers a huge collection of travel perks to authorized users. Sure, authorized user cards aren’t free, but considering how you can get way more value than the annual fee for an authorized user, it’s simply a no-brainer that the Amex Platinum card is our top choice for authorized users.

2. Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card

One of Chase’s ultra-premium credit cards, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the most impressive with plenty of ultra-practical benefits.

Both the primary cardmember and authorized user will accrue points according to this structure:

  • 10x points per $1 on Lyft purchases
  • 3x points per $1 on all travel and dining purchases
  • 3x points per $1 on up to $1,000 in grocery store purchases
  • 1x point per $1 on all other purchases

One of the best, easy-to-use benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is the $300 annual travel credit every anniversary year that can also be used towards grocery store and gas station purchases (through December 31, 2021).

Other amazing perks include a Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee credit, a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership (activation required), a complimentary Lyft Pink membership (including Grubhub+ and Seamless+), a $120 Peloton Digital and All Access Membership statement credit through December 31, 2021, a $60 DoorDash statement credit and DashPass subscription, and access to The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection.

One of the biggest selling points of this card is the amazing travel insurance and coverage you get, such as primary rental car coverage, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, trip delay reimbursement, lost luggage coverage, baggage delay, roadside assistance, emergency evacuation and transportation, emergency medical and dental coverage, travel accident insurance, and travel and emergency assistance.

Benefits for Authorized Users

Authorized users do not get an additional $300 travel credit, nor do they get an additional Global Entry/TSA PreCheck reimbursement.

However, here’s what authorized users can get:

  • The ability to earn Ultimate Rewards points on all purchases with no caps, including bonus categories
  • A complimentary Priority Pass Select membership
  • The full gamut of Chase Sapphire Reserve’s travel protections
  • Car rental elite status (via Visa Infinite)
  • Extended warranty
  • Purchase protection
  • Return protection
  • Zero liability fraud protection
  • Access to the Luxury Hotel Collection

Each authorized user is charged an annual fee of $75.

Why We Like Earning Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

We believe Chase Ultimate Rewards points are one of the most valuable rewards points available, worth around 2 cents each.

You can redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for cash-back/statement credits, Amazon purchases, gift cards, Pay Yourself Back, and travel booked through the Chase travel portal.

Just like with Amex Membership Rewards, the best way (in our opinion) to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points is to transfer them to travel partners for 5-star hotel stays or for flights like Lufthansa first class!

3. American Express® Gold Card

The Amex Gold card is one of the best cards for everyday purchases, and this card just makes a ton of sense for most people in the U.S.

Even though this is a fantastic everyday card, the rewards you earn can be used for exotic vacations for an incredible value!

What’s truly special is the points earning structure:

  • 4x points per $1 at restaurants, including takeout and delivery
  • 4x points per $1 at U.S. supermarkets, up to $25,000 in purchases per calendar year (1x points after that)
  • 3x points per $1 on flights purchased directly with the airline or at Amex Travel
  • 1x points per $1 everywhere else

That means on common purchases like eating out and groceries, you could potentially earn up to 8.8% back on your spending, with a valuation of 2.2 cents per Amex point.

It doesn’t end there because the primary cardmember will get up to $120 per year in dining statement credits at participating restaurants, including Boxed, GrubHub, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, and participating Shake Shack locations (enrollment is required).

Other essential Amex Gold card benefits include access to the American Express Hotel Collection, secondary car rental coverage, baggage insurance, a complimentary ShopRunner membership, purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, no present spending limit, no foreign transaction fees, and access to Amex Offers.

Benefits for Authorized Users

So what benefits are included for authorized users? Here are the included benefits:

  • The ability to earn Amex points on your purchases, including up to 4x points at U.S. supermarkets and restaurants (normal restrictions apply)
  • All travel insurance and coverage offered to the primary cardmember
  • Complimentary ShopRunner membership
  • Access to Amex Offers
  • No foreign transaction fees

You can add up to 5 additional cards for no annual fee — after that, you’ll pay $35 for each additional card (see rates and fees).

4. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

We’ve always thought of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card as the best beginner rewards credit card you can get. It just offers some of the most well-thought-out benefits that most cardholders out there will find useful.

Its rewards aren’t terribly complicated, its fees are very mild, and it consistently delivers outsized value to customers.

Also, this credit card earns:

  • 5x points per $1 on Lyft purchases through March 2022
  • 5x points on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 3x points on dining
  • 2x points on all other travel purchases
  • 1x points per $1 everywhere else

Incredibly, your spending would return you 2%, 4%, or 10%, based on a valuation of 2 cents per point!

You’ll get a complimentary DoorDash DashPass subscription and a $60 statement credit through December 31, 2021, on a Peloton Digital or All Access Membership.

This credit card is famous for its second-to-none travel coverage for a mid-tier premium credit card — the highlights are primary car rental insurance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, trip delay coverage, baggage delay insurance, lost luggage insurance, travel accident coverage, and much more.

Non-travel-related benefits that’ll come in handy are zero fraud liability, purchase protection, and extended warranty coverage. The annual fee for the primary cardholder is $95.

Benefits for Authorized Users

Authorized users of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card can access all the benefits except any statement credits.

So, authorized users will get the full accouterment of travel coverage benefits, the bonus categories to earn Ultimate Rewards points, and a complimentary DoorDash DashPass subscription through December 31, 2021, all without any additional fees!

5. Citi Prestige® Card

Hot Tip: At this time, the Citi Prestige card is no longer available for new applicants. 

Citi’s ultra-premium travel rewards credit card is known as the Citi Prestige card. Even though this spectacular card has been devalued numerous times over the years, there’s still a ton of value to be had here.

This card is one of the rare cards that earns up to 5x transferable rewards points on select spending categories:

  • 5x points per $1 spent on purchases on air travel
  • 5x points per $1 spent on restaurants (including cafes, bars, lounges, and fast food restaurants)
  • 3x points per $1 spent on purchases at hotels
  • 3x points per $1 spent on purchases at cruise lines
  • 1x points per $1 spent on all other purchases

The Citi Prestige card also includes a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership that includes either 2 guests or your entire immediate family!

In addition, this is the only credit card that offers the fourth-night free perk, whereby you’ll receive a credit for the average of the nightly rate when you book 4 consecutive nights or more through eligible hotels via (up to twice per year).

For an annual fee of $495, primary cardmembers also get a suite of benefits like a $250 travel credit, a Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit, no foreign transaction fees, cell phone protection, purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, Citi Prestige Concierge access, Citi Dining, and Citi Entertainment perks.

Benefits for Authorized Users

Here’s what authorized users get access to:

  • The ability to earn ThankYou Points on your purchases, including up to 5x points on restaurants, airlines, and travel agencies
  • Complimentary Priority Pass Select membership
  • Cell phone protection
  • Purchase protection
  • Extended warranty
  • No foreign transaction fees

Each additional user is $75.

Hot Tip: If you’re a Citigold member, you can qualify for a Banking Relationship Annual Credit whereby you’ll get a $145 statement credit towards the $495 annual fee and a $25 statement credit towards the $75 authorized user fee!

Why We Like Earning Citi ThankYou Rewards Points

Citi ThankYou Points are valuable transferable points worth around 1.6 cents each. That means earning 5x points is equal to an approximate return on spend of 8%.

With the Citi Prestige card, you can transfer your points to travel partners and redeem them for the most incredible flight experiences such as Etihad Airways first class or Singapore Airlines first class!

Other ways to redeem your points that won’t necessarily get you great value is for travel booked via the Citi ThankYou Travel Portal, transfer to Sears Shop Your Way, gift cards, cash-back, charity, and even payments towards your mortgage or student loans.

6. Citi®/AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®

The AAdvantage Executive World Elite card is marketed as the only travel credit card with Admirals Club membership, so it seems pretty clear who this card’s target market is. 

Appealing to those looking for a complimentary Admirals Club membership and American Airlines-related benefits, the AAdvantage Executive World Elite card offers the most elite card for loyal American Airlines customers

As far as spending categories go, you can earn:

  • 2x miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases
  • 1x miles per $1 spent on other purchases

As you can probably tell, the spending categories aren’t all that great — it’s the other benefits that matter the most.

To start, you will enjoy:

  • A complimentary Admirals Club membership (valued at around $650 alone)
  • 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles after you spend $40,000 in purchases within the first year
  • A Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee credit of up to $100 every 5 years
  • Your first checked bag free on domestic American Airlines itineraries for yourself and up to 8 travel companions
  • Priority boarding on American Airlines flights
  • Priority check-in and priority airport screening (where available for you and up to 8 travel companions)
  • 25% savings on in-flight food and beverage purchases on American Airlines flights

Other benefits include zero fraud liability, access to Citi Entertainment, and the ability to up to 10 authorized users with no extra fees.

Benefits for Authorized Users

One of the most incredible benefits of this card is that authorized users get access to their own Admirals Club membership with the same privileges as the primary cardholder!

This benefit can be extended for up to 10 authorized users with no extra fees, which potentially means that the value of this perk is $6,500 ($650 value per authorized user for up to 10 authorized users).

Again, you’d only want to consider doing this if your main goal is to share Admirals Club membership. You’ll get the following authorized user benefits also:

  • The ability to earn up to 2x AAdvantage miles on your purchases
  • Zero fraud liability
  • Access to Citi Entertainment

You can probably see that the list of authorized user benefits is lean — the most valuable benefit is Admirals Club membership.

Why We Like Earning American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

In general, we value American Airlines AAdvantage miles at 1.5 cents per mile. However, it’s pretty easy to get outsized value if you can redeem them for international business and first class travel.

Unfortunately, these miles aren’t as flexible as, say, Chase Ultimate Rewards points because they can only be used for flights, upgrades, Five Star Service, newspapers, donations, car rentals, hotel stays, or vacation itineraries.

For the vast majority of redemptions, you’ll get poor value for your miles — it’s a sign that you should probably keep your miles for those high-value redemptions internationally!

7. Capital One Venture Rewards Card

As one of the flagship Capital One credit cards, the CapOne Venture card focuses on offering the flexibility of cash-back rewards while still having some great transfer partnerships with airlines and hotels.

This “best-of-both-world” approach, combined with its simple earning categories, is one of the reasons why we like the CapOne Venture card a lot!

As one of the most rewarding credit cards for everyday spending, this card will enable you to earn bonus points on every purchase you make. Specifically, you’ll earn an unlimited 2x Capital One miles on all purchases with no caps!

The primary cardmember will get a $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee credit, as well as other important travel coverages like secondary car rental insurance, travel accident insurance, lost luggage coverage, roadside dispatch, and travel assistance services.

Just like most credit cards out there, you’ll have purchase security, extended warranty, zero fraud liability, and access to Capital One Miles.

You won’t pay for any foreign transaction fees and the annual fee is $95.

Benefits for Authorized Users

There are also no fees for adding authorized users, who get these perks:

  • The ability to earn Capital One miles on all purchases with no caps
  • Travel insurance benefits
  • Purchase security
  • Extended warranty
  • Zero fraud liability
  • No foreign transaction fees

Essentially, the major exclusion is the $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee reimbursement — everything else is included!

Why We Like Earning Capital One Miles

Capital One miles are one of the top flexible rewards points out there, worth 1.3 cents per mile. That means earning 2x miles is worth around a 2.6% return on spending.

We think that the best way to redeem Capital One miles is for luxury airfare and hotels such as American Airlines first class or ANA business class via transfer partners.

The main difference between Capital One miles and other points systems like Chase Ultimate Rewards or Amex Membership Rewards is that the transfer ratios aren’t as favorable overall — as some Capital One miles partners transfer at a 2:1.5 ratio, while others transfer at a 1:1 ratio. Still, these miles are very valuable and are worth earning.

8. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

The Amex Blue Cash Preferred card is an amazing card for the right consumer.

If you generally don’t eat out at restaurants, consume lots of digital media, and spend a significant chunk on your commute, the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card is literally the best cash-back card in the world for you.

This card earns some incredible cash-back:

  • 6% cash-back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 per calendar year in purchases (then 1%)
  • 6% cash-back on select U.S. streaming subscriptions
  • 3% cash-back at U.S. gas stations
  • 3% cash-back on transit (including taxes, rideshares, parking, tolls, trains, buses, and more)
  • 1% cash-back on all other purchases

Being able to get up to 6% cash-back on purchases is a good enough reason alone to get the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card because all of your authorized users will be able to help you save big on your purchases, too.

One other benefit you might find useful is the 0% introductory APR period, which is exceedingly rare for an annual fee credit card. Regular APR, as shown in the table above, applies after the introductory period.

But in addition to this benefit, you are entitled to benefits such as secondary rental car insurance, return protection, and fraud protection.

The introductory annual fee is $0 for the first year, then $95 annually, with no additional fees for authorized users (see rates and fees).

Benefits for Authorized Users

Authorized users get access to pretty much all of the same perks as the primary cardholder does.

However, while authorized users can participate in the 0% introductory APR period, the period applies to the primary cardholder’s card opening date only.

9. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

A step down from the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card, the Amex Blue Cash Everyday card offers headache-free rewards with no fees and useful bonus categories.

As the name suggests, you’ll earn some great cash-back rewards by using this product:

  • 3% cash-back at U.S. supermarkets
  • 2% cash-back on U.S. gas stations
  • 2% cash-back at select U.S. department stores
  • 1% cash-back on everything else

This is a great card for those who typically shop the most at these common destinations — but it doesn’t end there!

You’ll also get access to one of the best 0% introductory APR promotions out there. Regular APR, as shown in the table above, applies after the introductory period.

Since this isn’t a travel rewards credit card, the travel-related benefits aren’t as plentiful; in any case, you’ll get a few perks including secondary car rental insurance, purchase protection, fraud protection, access to the Global Assist hotline, and the ability to book American Express Experiences.

There’s no annual fee for this card, and there’s also no fee for adding authorized users (see rates and fees).

Benefits for Authorized Users

Authorized users get access to all of the primary card member’s perks above, save for an additional 0% introductory APR. The introductory APR is applicable only for the primary cardholder after the new card opening, not for authorized users.

10. Citi Premier® Card

Our last entrant in our list of the best credit cards for authorized users is the Citi Premier card.

As you’ll find out shortly, the Citi Premier card is an exceptional travel rewards credit card for those focused most on rewards over travel benefits.

You’ll earn according to this structure:

  • 3x points per $1 spent on airfare
  • 3x points per $1 spent on hotels
  • 3x points per $1 spent on dining
  • 3x points per $1 spent on supermarkets
  • 3x points per $1 spent on gas
  • 1x points per $1 spent everywhere else

This credit card is massively loaded on its bonus categories, and that’s the main appeal of this card.

Another great perk is the $100 annual hotel savings benefit, which allows you to enjoy $100 off of a single hotel stay of $500 or more, excluding taxes and fees, when booked through or 800-THANKYOU (once per calendar year).

You can still make use of the recreation, entertainment, and other travel-related benefits such as the Citi Concierge, Citi Entertainment, and World Elite Mastercard benefits.

It also has a few shopping protections, like purchase protection, extended warranty, and zero fraud liability.

There are no foreign transaction fees and no authorized user fees with this $95 annual fee card.

Benefits for Authorized Users

All authorized users get access to the bonus spending categories, shopping protections, and benefits above except for the $100 annual hotel savings benefit.

The $100 hotel savings benefit is applicable for the entire card account, which means that while both the primary cardholder and authorized user can utilize it, members will only get access to a combined $100 for everyone under the card.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best credit cards for authorized users, you have a lot of options.

In many cases, the best cards for authorized users have an annual fee for authorized users; even so, the benefits that authorized users get far outweigh the relatively low cost of adding these authorized users.

Many great credit cards don’t charge additional fees for authorized users, so don’t worry, we compiled those best choices for your convenience, too.

Be sure to consider your personal situation such as where your authorized users will be transacting the most or what benefits your authorized users will need before identifying the best card to open!

The information regarding the Citi Prestige® Card, Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card, and Citi Premier℠ Card was independently collected by Upgraded Points and not provided nor reviewed by the issuer. 

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Frequently asked questions

Which credit cards help authorized users build credit?

How much a credit card will build an authorized user’s credit is more dependent on how long the credit card has been open and the payment history associated with it. If a primary cardholder has had a very long credit history with a perfect payment record on a credit card, it will give a huge boost to an authorized user’s credit. However, if a primary cardholder has a very short credit history with a spotty payment record on a credit card, it might actually hurt the authorized user’s credit.

Can I build my credit by being an authorized user on a credit card?

Yes, you can, in some instances. Your credit will only be boosted if the credit card you’re being added onto has a good history. For example, if there’s a delinquency, unpaid debt balance, and short history, then it might hurt your credit. You should try to get added as an authorized user to very old credit cards with perfect payment records.

What are the best credit cards for authorized users?

Our top credit cards for authorized users are the Amex Platinum card, Chase Sapphire Reserve card, Amex Gold card, and Chase Sapphire Preferred card due to the different benefits that these cards confer to authorized users. Other great choices include the Citi Prestige card, AAdvantage Executive World Elite card, CapOne Venture card, Amex Blue Cash Preferred card, Amex Blue Cash Everyday card, and Citi Premier card.

What should I look for in a credit card for authorized users?

You should look for a credit card that allows you to provide as many benefits as possible to your authorized users. In addition, you should look for a credit card that earns the most rewards on bonus categories that your authorized user will be utilizing the most.

What are the best credit cards without authorized user fees?

The best credit cards without authorized user fees are the Amex Gold card, Chase Sapphire Preferred card, CapOne Venture card, Amex Blue Cash Preferred card, Amex Blue Cash Everyday card, and Citi Premier card.

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    Also what about the Ritz Carlton Reserve with Priority Passes for free unlimited authorized users which is still available to those who convert from the Bonvoy Boundless?

    I know that this post didn’t include any business cards, but is there another post of yours that does?
    Among business cards, there are the 100x free authorized users on the Amex business platinum that don’t get the lounge access like paid authorized users but still get the TSA Pre/ Global Entry credit?

    Also for business cards, there’s the 8x on Hotels by Wyndham and gas and 5x for marketing,
    advertising and utilities available for free authorized users on the Wyndham Rewards® EarnerSM Business Card.

    With Amex personal cards and most business cards they often provide the option to differentiate between primary cardholder and authorized user expenses (and with business cards, often the option to set a lower credit limit than the primary cardholder), which is really annoyingly absent for cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve.


    • Hi Adam,

      Thanks for pointing out the error with regards to the Capital One transfers – just fixed that!

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